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The most brutal video game podcast on the 'net.

The most brutal video game podcast on the 'net.
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The most brutal video game podcast on the 'net.




Episode 200, Part 2 - Attack of the B Squad

Our 200th Episode celebation continues with visits from B Squad members Kyle Gaddo, Jenny Rychter, Michelle Worthley, and Dan Hlotke, and finally culminates in a little number we like to call ”Nookie All-Star Kiss From a Rose” by G is for George-head. A magical evening, to be sure. We don’t know if or when we will return, but we hope you’ve enjoyed our adventures over the years. Thanks for listening! “Nookie All-Star Kiss From a Rose” by G is for George-head Video Version:

Duration: 01:13:28

Episode 200, Part 1 - The Return of Viking Jesus

4 years later to the day, Gamerhead Radio returns to Cairo Ale House for their 200th and “final” show, and even welcome back founder Mike “Viking Jesus” Niemietz to send them off. Expect a whole lot of sillyness as your hosts drink, joke, and reminisce about the last 4 years. All this and more in this episode of Gamerhead Radio! Video Version:

Duration: 01:20:50

Episode 199 - 2016 Wrap Up/ 2017 Predictions

This we tally up the points! We see what we got right and what we got wrong in 2016, and predict the future of 2017. In news…. nothing! we don’t even do news. Bonus, what we played is record breaking in length. VIDEO VERSION:

Duration: 02:16:29

Episode 198 - LIVE at Con+Alt+Delete 2016!

Gamerhead Radio invades Con+Alt+Delete for our last live recording of 2016! Join us as we cover new stories, talk with our audience, and end the show with a special announcement regarding the future of Gamerhead Radio. Video version:

Duration: 00:49:46

Episode 197 - Just Decking Around

This week we have Ricky Keller as a 2 time B squad host, while Charlie checks in from the road (literally). We talk about the unpopular opinion games and everyone whips out their decks… Video Version:

Duration: 01:52:37

Pretty Sweet Vegas Rocket (PSVR) Review

This week the boys are all off the road and back to business. We breakdown Jon’s PSVR experience and see if it’s worth the money. In news, a grandma plays Skyrim and has a ton of people watching her Youtube channel, the voice actors strike has some results, Diablo 3 is getting some retro content, and much more! Video Version:

Duration: 02:14:06

Episode 186 - Wyatt Derp and Interplay Titles

This week your hosts take a look at Interplay’s library of games and thinks about which developers should buy up which games to make sequels of. PLUS: PC gamers get the shaft yet again, a Steam developer throws a temper tantrum, and you can now change your Blizzard id… for a fee. All this and more on this week’s episode of Gamerhead Radio!

Duration: 01:56:11

Episode 185 - Rrrrrradio Gamerhead Plays the Games They Hate to Love

This week your hosts discuss the countless hours that they sunk into certain games and just aren’t sure why. PLUS: Pokemon GO is still setting records, Super Mario Run is expected to break records, and Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans finally sees the light of day. All this and more in this week’s episode of Gamerhead Radio! Video version:

Duration: 02:01:36

Episode 183 - Grizzly Bear Teabagging

This week things get wild! We talk about how gaming journalism has changed from print to digital and how it effects us. In news VR robo-hands, No Man’s refunds, and more! Video Version:

Duration: 02:20:33

Episode 181 - No Man’s Sky Players Are Babies

Back to the normal three this week as Goat returns from LA. We talk silent protagonists, should they talk? what would they say? Also a super sized what we played segment this week (yay!) Topping news, Elder Scrolls 6 is mum, Witcher at the Olympics, and much more!

Duration: 02:08:32

Episode 180 - Games That Make You Go #GodDammitGoat

On this week’s episode we bring resident Batman expert Nick “Mr. Agitator” Santiago on to discuss the first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series PLUS: Every episode of Nintendo Po [...]

Duration: 02:22:06

Episode 178 - Pokemon GO: Tooter Peeps!

This week we wind down the Pokemon GO coverage (you’re welcome) and check in with the rest of the video game world. There is still some Pokemon Go talk (you’ve been warned) to button up though. News this week only has one Pokemon Go story (you’re welcome again), we talk about a moron who threatened Blizzard, a prize pool of $300k for playing Overwatch competitively, Final Fantasy movie, and more not Pokemon Go. Video Version:

Duration: 01:48:20

Episode 177 - Pokemon Go: A Wild Charliezard Appears!

With it taking the world by storm, we go deeper into the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, by dedicating an entire show to it. Video Version:

Duration: 01:57:35

Episode 176 - Pokemon: Go(at)

This week, to the surprise of no one, we talk Pokemon: GO! To the surprise of everyone, we talk about human blood being sold for DLC, dead bodies, more Pokemon: GO, and have an interview with a pachinko machine owner. All this and more on this capturing episode of Gamerhead Radio!

Duration: 02:07:40

Episode 175 - Bonerhead Radio, Jesus Waffles, and EVOwatch

This week we talk do the seasons effect your gaming habits. We cover VR porn numbers, EVO coming to ESPN2, Overwatch memorializing a fan, and more! All while under fire from explosives. Video Version:

Duration: 01:32:27

Episode 174 - Diff’rent Strokes for Diff’rent Goats

In this episode Charlie played a list of video games! (Spoiler Alert) and we talk advertising versus final prodocts, Goat reviews Mighty Number 9, and Jon cries a lot… We talk one developers questionable DLC idea, Counter Strikes illegal gambling, Oculus stops blocking Vive users, we get a little political and more! Video Version:

Duration: 02:16:59

Episode 173- E3 Part 3: Everyone Was Kung Few Fighting

In the last Super Sized Episode of our E3 coverage, we bring our thoughts about it to the table and figure out who “won” E3. Video Version:

Duration: 02:32:08

Episode 172- E3 News!

Part 2 of our 3 piece E3 coverage! In this super sized episode we cover ALL the E3 news… and nothing else. Video Version:

Duration: 02:44:33

Episode 171- E3=2MCS (E3 Predictions)

Better late than never, we predict E3! Also Crash is back, though not as you were expecting, E-Sports has some insane numbers, and Fallout 4 was free for a minute. All this and more on this predictable episode of Gamerhead Radio! Video Version:

Duration: 01:28:02

Episode 170- Quest For The Bearded Heart

We are back at full strength to talk puzzle games, and figure out what the Bearded Heart is… Also we chat about forward thinking from one developer, an idiot at Combo Breaker, crazy sales numbers, something disheartening, and much more on this weeks episode of Gamerhead Radio! Video Version:

Duration: 01:11:32

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