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Putting the Spark back in Games!

Putting the Spark back in Games!
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Putting the Spark back in Games!




Star Wars Battlefront II, Will The Controversy Stop Gamers Buying A Great Game?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn It’s episode 110 of the Lost Spark Podcast. This week Steve and Antony wade into the hottest of hot topics; Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the controversy surrounding the game up to it’s launch. Antony gives share his thoughts after an extensive play-through of the both the campaign, which is really […]

Duration: 02:02:27

Xbox One, Is X Really Gonna Give It To Ya?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn On the show this week Antony (@ChessmanUK) is joined by two new Sparks; ‘Friend of the Show’ Manny (@Manuel_Garcia) and from D-pad Joy, Steve (@ste_carter91). This week we discuss the the newly released Xbox One X and give our hands on impressions of ‘the world’s most powerful console’, does the Xbox […]

Duration: 01:37:59

Super Mario Odyssey, Paris Games Week, and Animal Crossing

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn James (@BIGsheep) joins Antony (@ChessmanUK) for a bumper show packed with Super Mario Odyssey hands-on, Stardew Valley and Picross chatter, Also on the podcast this week we breakdown the latest gaming news including PlayStation’s press conference at Paris Games Week and the free games for November on both Xbox and PlayStation. […]

Duration: 02:16:02

Does the Loot Crate Invasion Need Regulation?

In this week’s collection of fun and hi-jinx from the gaming world, Antony and Darren discuss the games of the moment and the news and mood from across the bewildering bubble that is our games industry. A blind eye could not be turned any longer as Antony and Dazza discuss the hot topic of the […]

Duration: 02:30:54

The Gourmet Gaming Edition

Welcome to this weeks podcast as the guys get over excited about food to game with, gushing forth about pizza’s of both the savoury and sweet persuasion, using the sous vide style to make the best steak ever to feed you up before a gaming session and top it all of with a hearty swirl […]

Duration: 03:00:37

A Date With Destiny

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast the guys go hands on with the fantastic titles that have released over the last few weeks. Listen to full hands-over impressions of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battles, Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Destiny 2. Listen in to James and Antony as they return to the […]

Duration: 01:33:16

Nindies and Nidhoggs

Welcome to another episode of the Lost Spark podcast. This week we have a bumper packed show with a bevy of all the latest news from this week in gaming. With thoughts on the Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition selling out pretty much everywhere worldwide and Microsoft’s elation and commitment to fulfill demand, all […]

Duration: 02:16:41

Xbox One X, All Kit And No Caboodle

This weeks’ episode of The Lost Spark Podcast delves into Gamescom, the Microsoft conference and the gaps left in the foreseeable future for Xbox One X. With the 90 minute show managing to reveal almost nothing that wasn’t already known and attempting to whet our appetite’s with warmed up footage that’s been around since E3, […]

Duration: 02:23:35

Achievements Unlocked, And Set To Change

Welcome, come inside, take your shoes off, slip on your comfy indoor footwear of choice and settle yourself in for another adventure with the Lost Spark Podcast as special guest James Thomas (@BigSheep) joins Antony and Darren once again to discuss Pizza, Circus tricks, Cinema silence, oh and of course, the reason we are all […]

Duration: 02:44:27

PS Plus Hike – Adding Value Or Simply Revenue?

Welcome to episode 101 of the Gamers of the Lost Spark Podcast where you can bank on fun and frolics galore as the guys reflect upon the week that was in gaming. The news that set the European PS4 community to lament this week was the surprise announcement from Sony that their Playstation Network subscription […]

Duration: 02:30:51

Gamers of the Lost Sparks 100th Podcast EX Plus Ultra Evolved Edition

Welcome one and all; old listeners and new! Thank you all so much for joining us, make yourselves at home, get yourselves comfy, sort out your audio listening preferences and please jump in and join us on our 100th episode. It’s been a thrilling journey since going live on May 15th 2015 and as much […]

Duration: 02:47:11

We Got 99 Podcast’s And We Still Ain’t Done

In the penultimate episode until our crowning centenary, episode 99 of the Gamers of the Lost Spark podcast kicks off with the latest ripples from the world of gaming assisted by recurring special guest, James (@BIGsheep) Thomas. Antony presents us with a section that is so in beta phase that we have called it ‘Beta […]

Duration: 03:00:07

Crash Bandicoot Shows Again That Nostalgia Equals Cash

This week, Antony and Darren make the best they can out of the snippets of news flying around in a quiet week for the industry. There’s never a dull moment though as the most eye opening stories of the week get the Sparks’ unique analysis. Among the topics this time on the pod, is the […]

Duration: 02:17:55

SNES Mini – A Piece Of Gaming History But Is It Worth The Hassle?

This week in the vacuum that the behemoth that is E3 has left, Antony and Darren talk about the official announcement of the SNES Mini from Nintendo. A console that has been snapped up and out of stock from retailers even before the pre-orders became available – yes, that’s how massively popular this retro piece […]

Duration: 02:02:54

Should 4K Consoles Be Offering Increased Storage?

It’s Episode 96 of the Gamers of the Lost Spark Podcast and with E3 out of the way (just), Antony and Darren get together once again to discuss all the happenings after the dust has settled. Braving the blistering heat of their respective studio’s as the UK swelters beneath an intense heatwave, nothing as paltry […]

Duration: 01:55:34

The Return Of The Lost Spark E3 Podcast Extravaganza

Strap yourself in because it’s back! It’s the return of the Lost Sparks E3 extravaganza, Join Darren and Antony as they breakdown, analyse and get down-right excited about the E3 2017 Press Conferences: EA (00:10:44) Microsoft (00:50:13) Bethesda (02:53:29) UbiSoft (03:07:29) Sony (03:45:02) Nintendo (04:55:12) If you want more information on some of the items in […]

Duration: 05:32:17

Lost Spark E3 2017 Predictions

This week, as E3 grips the Sparks, James and Antony run-through the E3 press schedule timings and spend a moment to wildly speculate and try to predict what will be announced during the highlight of the gaming calendar, E3! Will we see Nintendo adding ‘Deluxe’ to all of the old Wii U titles and release […]

Duration: 02:09:51

Is Xbox Game Pass The Right Price For You?

After a fairly short trial period, Microsoft have announced that the ‘Xbox Game Pass’ is now live for all Xbox Live Gold members, starting with a free 14 day trial, Xbox Gold members can now access over 100 Xbox 360, ID @ Xbox and Xbox One titles for the requested coin of £7.99/$9.99 per month. […]

Duration: 02:58:54

No Halo at E3 – Disappointing or Refreshing?

It’s episode 92 of the podcast and in addition, this edition marks the 2nd anniversary of the dawn of the Gamers of the Lost Spark. Join the guys as they celebrate this milestone with their unique look at the gaming news of the last 7 days. In a week where Halo developers 343 Industries announced […]

Duration: 02:21:31

Halo 5’s Free DLC More Profitable Than It’s Paid DLC

Welcome to episode 91 of the Gamers of the Lost Spark podcast. Another delve into the underbelly of the gaming underworld’s news metaverse examining the stories, rumours and games of the last 7 days. This week an interesting argument put forward by Michael Pachter (Pachter Factor) makes the point that there is a shift in […]

Duration: 02:13:14

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