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Moms Linda Breneman and Nicole Tanner (plus non-mom Simone de Rochefort) talk and laugh about video games and kids. Tune in every week to learn what's new in family gaming. We're all avid gamers, and we write about the intersection between games and family life at The site is a resource for parents who want to learn more about kids' gaming, and figure out how games fit into their family. On the show we talk about the latest gaming news, chat with our special guests (including game developers, parents, journalists, the whole gamut!) and laugh a lot. And loudly (in Simone's case). We also answer your questions! Email them to and get a shout-out on the show.




Episode 111: Mario Has Nipples

Nintendo hit us with a ton of new announcements in their most recent Nintendo Direct. We thought the Nintendo 3DS was dying, but it's totally not. And we saw some more Super Mario Odyssey where, yes, we see what Mario looks like without a shirt. Outside of the Nintendo Direct we got some other announcement like the return of the NES Classic Edition and Nintendo swears there will be a lot more SNES Classics on the market when it's released later this year. Destiny 2 is getting a ton of...

Duration: 01:05:47

Episode 110: PAX West Roundup

PAX West was last weekend and there were a bunch of cool games there. Nicole made the indie rounds and found some creative and fun ideas. Destiny 2 is out now, and it seems to be everything everyone wanted. There's going to be game made about George Orwell's Animal Farm, and the gaming community once again shows its ugly side. For questions or comments email or tweet @gamingwithmoms

Duration: 01:03:53

Episode 109: You Can Slap Any Two Games Together

Nintendo put out a Nintendo Direct all about upcoming indie games for their platforms, also called Nindies. Gamescom wrapped up last week and there was a fair bit of news that came out of the show. Also wigs are apparently a big thing there. Final Fantasy XV is getting a weird crossover with Assassin's Creed Origins. Deathmatch has come to Overwatch, and the Miiverse is shutting down. Send any questions or feedback to or tweet @gamingwithmoms

Duration: 01:24:56

Episode 108: When Games Invade Your Dreams

We're entering into convention season. If you're a board game nerd you probably already know about Gencon. Next week Gamescom will be happening in Germany. We expect lots of news to come out of there. All the program information for PAX West is up on their site, so start planning now. In other news, Street Fighter is turning 30, and there are some new skins you can download for Street Fighter V. You can a new free Pokemon for Sun and Moon by going to GameStop, and We Happy Few has a...

Duration: 01:26:50

Episode 107: Dad Jokes in Overwatch

It's summer time. And although we lost Regina to the beach, we've soldiered on. Summer time means one thing to Blizzard - crazy Overwatch skins. In other news, Valve is working on a card game, the Nintendo World Championships are back, No Man's Sky is getting an update with a story. Microsoft is offering game development classes in their store, and Minecon is going digital. And Stephen lets Nicole have a short Game of Thrones geek out. For questions and feedback, send at email to...

Duration: 01:06:51

Episode 106: Don't Let Jerks Steal Your Money

The first live event for Pokemon Go happened over the weekend and it didn't go so well. It was plagued with connection issues, but that doesn't mean some good didn't come out of it. In other news sales of the Nintendo Switch are going just fine. Ninteno projects they will sell 10 million units by this time next year. If you fly a lot, you're going to have to use a lot more bins thanks to some new TSA rules. Atari and Sega are jumping on the retro console bandwagon and The Sims 4 is coming...

Duration: 01:20:40

Episode 105: What Do You Have Against Miss Piggy?

The D23 Expo just happened. This is the place Disney announced everything related to Disney. We've got the details on the big news. Comic Con is this weekend. There will be lots of everything there. We've got the scoop on what to look forward to. Atari is making a new console of some sort. The Nintendo Switch online app is available now, but there's not much to do with it. Plus Hearthstone is getting an expansion and a new character has appeared in Overwatch. Send questions and feedback to...

Duration: 01:22:26

Episode 104: Special Game of Thrones Episode

The seventh season of Game of Thrones debuts this Sunday and we can't wait. Well, Stephen can, but that's a whole other issue. We recap what happened at the end of last season and comment on the trailers. Of course, this wouldn't be a proper show without predictions. We make quite a few, including major plot points, love, and, of course, who will die. Questions and feedback can be sent to or tweet @gamingwithmoms

Duration: 01:32:00

Episode 103: What World Are We In?

No one is surprised, but in case you didn't heare, Nintendo is releasing a SNES Classic Edition this fall. We've got all the details and thoughts about the reasons behind the release. The E3 Game Critics Awards winners have been announced. A guy whose name starts with an M dominated. Speaking of said guy, the crazy Mario + Rabbids game is a rip-off of XCOM, but the makers of XCOM are thrilled about it. BioWare said "something" is happening with Dragon Age. And the makers of Rocket League...

Duration: 01:12:19

Episode 102: E3 2017 Aftermath

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo happened last week. Stephen and Regina made the trek to E3 while Nicole stayed home and watched press conferences in her pajamas. A lot of news came out of the show and we got to play some great games. We got details on the new Xbox One X, Anthem (the latest game from BioWare), the new God of War, Spider-Man, and Super Mario Odyssey. For questions or feedback on the show, send an email to or tweet @gamingwithmoms

Duration: 01:28:16

Episode 101: E3 2017 Predictions

Once a year the gaming industry gets together to talk about the big things they have planned for the future. We give our predictions for all the big platfrom makers and publishers, including Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft and Bethesda. Then after the show, we'll let you know how right or wrong we were. Questions and feedback can be sent to or tweeted to @gamingwithmoms.

Duration: 01:13:20

Episode 100: Celebrating Gaming with Our Kids

We did it! We made it all the way to 100. Some of our listeners shared some great gaming a kids stories that make us all warm and fuzzy. But we don't forget about the news. We talk about the Mario-Rabbids crossover game and another Assassin's Creed related leak. We also talk about Far Cry 5, which we all think sounds very interesting. Take Two gives some tidbits on they've been up to. But before it all, we talk about the Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer that dropped last week. Any...

Duration: 01:29:41

Episode 99: Loving Some Cup Noodles

Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct that was all about Arms. We've got the details in case you missed Overwatch is getting ready to celebrate its first anniversay with a big event. Squirtle is coming to Build-A-Bear and we all want one. Speaking of Pokemon, a fossil event is happening in Pokemon GO. More rock type pokemon will be common throughout the event and PokeStops will drop more loot. Ubisoft has confirmed details about its E3 press conference and a new Lego Marvel Super Heroes game is...

Duration: 01:19:11

Episode 98: Assassinate a Crocodile

The latest trailer for the Wonder Woman film was released this week and boy is it awesome. BioWare Montreal is becoming a "support studio" for other projects. This leaves the future of Mass Effect a little cloudy. An image from the new Assassin's Creed was leaked. The game is supposedly called Assassin's Creed Origins and will be set in Ancient Egypt. NBA 2K18 has been announced as has the latest DLC character for Street Fighter 5. Questions can be sent to or...

Duration: 01:14:40

Episode 97: That Tingle Outfit

Nintendo has revealed the details of the first DLC for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. It's called the Master Trials and it will include lots of new content like a hard mode and a tingle outfit. Blizzard has announced that Hearthstone has hit 70 million players and they're giving out free stuff to celebrate. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch is the fastest selling Mario Kart game in history, having sold about 500,000 on launch day alone. You can find some fan designed Nintendo...

Duration: 01:15:33

Episode 96: Fanboyish Stuff to Spew

This year's annual Call of Duty game will be out November 3. This time around the game is set during WWII. It promises to not sugarcoat the realities of that time in history, so we're excited to see how it turns out. 343 Industries has confirmed that Master Chief will be the main and only playable character in Halo 6. Mario toys are now available in Happy Meals. The first characters for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite have been revealed. Someone has "completed" Animal Crossing in less that 24...

Duration: 01:11:23

Episode 94: When Nintendo Makes Fanboys Sad

Nintendo gave us lots of details on upcoming games, inlcuding Arms and Splatoon 2, and also gave Kirby some love for his 25th anniversary. But if there's one thing Nintendo does well, it's making its fans sad and that's because the NES Classic Edition is no more. But it's not all about Nintendo. Microsoft has started distributing Project Scorpio dev kits, and is making promises to developers that it won't be any more work to develop for than the Xbox One. There's also a huge spring sale...

Duration: 01:03:37

Episode 93: Flying Cars with Monster Truck Wheels

The Switch is facing some problems. Turns out if yours breaks, you're likely to lose any save data for games. Lesson: try not to break your Switch. Final Fantasy XV's DLC is getting interesting by taking some of the key characters in a different direction. In other news that is not really news. Destiny 2 has been announced. Blizzard is also launching a high-end collectible store. Tetris can help with PTSD and finally there's going to be a My Little Pony tabletop role-playing game. No,...

Duration: 01:15:16

Episode 90: Nintendo Switchmas

We've all been waiting for it, but the time has finally arrived. The Nintendo Switch has been released. But there's more news besides the console itself. Amazon dropped the ball on delivering the consoles big time. Nintendo is touting sales of the Switch being larger than sales of Wii. And then there are the games. We talk about Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1,2 Switch. In other non-Switch related news. Sony has thrown their sponsorship to Girls Make Games. Finally we take detour...

Duration: 01:15:39

Episode 89: Hadoukens from Kids

It's the week of the launch of the Nintendo Switch. Need we say more? Turns out we do have a lot to say. Besides all of the new relating to the Switch, we also give another first party a little love. The Game Developers' Confrerence happened this week and Microsoft made a couple announcements . One is that pretty much anybody is going to be able to make a game for the Xbox One, the other is about a new service that will give you access to a ton of games for monthly fee. Finally, the latest...

Duration: 01:18:16

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