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Florida Gators thoughts and analysis from David Waters. Featured on The Bill King Show and SEC Breakdown.

Florida Gators thoughts and analysis from David Waters. Featured on The Bill King Show and SEC Breakdown.
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Florida Gators thoughts and analysis from David Waters. Featured on The Bill King Show and SEC Breakdown.




Gators Breakdown EP 116 - Florida Meets With Chip Kelly

The Gators administration meets with Chip Kelly. No official word has come out about the meeting but hope remains high the Gators have found their next head coach. Gators Breakdown is brought to you by Morty. The newest and smartest way to get a home mortgage. Whether you’re a first time home-buyer, looking to refinance, or buying an investment property, head on over to try to get started today.

Duration: 00:55:43

Gators Breakdown EP 115 - Florida Interested in Chip Kelly?

Reports say Florida is interested in Chip Kelly. Would he be a good fit for the Gators?

Duration: 01:10:44

Gators Breakdown EP 114 - Florida vs South Carolina Preview. More Coach Talk

The Gators travel to Columbia, SC to take on South Carolina and try to avoid a five game losing streak. Will Gunter joins Gators Breakdown to help preview the Gamecocks.

Duration: 00:55:17

Gators Breakdown EP 113 - Florida Is Still A Great Job

The head coaching position at The University of Florida is a pressure cooker type of job, but it is still a great job. Bill King joins David Waters to discuss.

Duration: 00:27:49

Gators Breakdown EP 112 - Mizzou Pounds Florida -- Program Needs A Reset

After getting blasted by Mizzou, it's painfully obvious Gators football needs a reset. Not just a coaching change but a different mentality all together.

Duration: 00:23:08

Gators Breakdown EP 111 - Coaching Search And UF Vs Mizzou Preview

With the coaching search on going, what are some of the best traits for a coach to succeed? Previewing Florida vs Missouri

Duration: 00:55:32

Gators Breakdown EP 110 - Florida Moving on from McElwain

The Gators are moving on from Jim McElwain. What changes could we see in the Gators the rest of 2017? Plus, we look more into the coaching search to replace Jim McElwain.

Duration: 01:07:49

Gators Breakdown EP 109 - Florida Fires Jim McElwain

After a tumultuous two and a half seasons, Florida has fired Jim McElwain. Reaction, how it got this far, and what's next is discussed.

Duration: 01:16:00

Gators Breakdown EP 108 - Florida Tries to Rebound vs Georgia

Florida sits at 3-3 with a very good Georgia team coming up next. A win could springboard the Gators for the rest of the season while a loss could be devastating.

Duration: 00:46:35

Gators Breakdown EP 107 - Chris Doering Breaks Down Florida vs Georgia

Former Gators WR, Chris Doering, joins to break down Florida v Georgia and shares his memories of the game.

Duration: 00:25:34

Gators Breakdown EP 106 - Is On Field Performance Affecting the Gators in Recruiting?

The Gators coaching staff hit the recruiting trail last week during the bye week. What's the word on how these recruits feel about Florida after a 3-3 start to the 2017 season?

Duration: 00:41:53

Gators Breakdown EP 105 - More Questions Loom During Bye Week

As the Gators head into the bye week there still more questions than answers at this point in the season and this point in Jim McElwain's tenure.

Duration: 00:29:06

Gators Breakdown EP 104 - Still No Excuses. Initial Reaction: Texas A&M 19 Florida 17

Florida loses a second straight game, this time to Texas A&M 19-17.

Duration: 00:58:11

Gators Breakdown EP 103 - Florida Vs Texas A&M Preview. A Must Win Game

Preview of a must win game for the Gators as they take on Texas A&M.

Duration: 01:17:45

Gators Breakdown EP 102 - Is Progress Being Shown Under Jim McElwain?

It's year three under Jim McElwain and the Gators sit at 3-2 after a loss to LSU. The same problems on offense still exists, starting with the QB. Is progress being shown under Jim McElwain?

Duration: 01:07:41

Gators Breakdown EP 101 - The Day After: LSU 17 Florida 16

LSU defeats Florida 17-16. Recap of the game.

Duration: 00:38:15

Gators Breakdown EP 100 - Florida vs LSU Preview with SEC Network's Peter Burns

Peter Burns, from the SEC Network, joins Gators Breakdown to preview Florida vs LSU. Will the Tigers show up in Gainesville? What changes are being made?

Duration: 01:08:14

Gators Breakdown EP 099 - Florida Still Winning, But Still Much To Prove

The Gators are finding ways to win games behind a stable of running backs and and improving offensive line. Can the offensive improvement continue to be enough with a defense also finding it's way?

Duration: 00:54:18

Gators Breakdown EP 098 - Initial Reaction: Florida 38 Vanderbilt 24

Florida starts a three game home stretch with tough, physical offense in route to a 38-24 win over Vanderbilt.

Duration: 00:27:38

Gators Breakdown EP 097 - Big Home Stand Starts With Vandy - Opponent Chat: Vanderbilt

Florida returns home 2-1 with Vanderbilt coming to town. Can the Gators start a three game home stand with an important division win? Opponent Chat with Seth Luttrell

Duration: 01:04:16

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