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Episode 19 - Interview with Heather Stevens

Heather Stevens is a climate change expert and accomplished investor. She bought her first property at 24 and continues to expand her portfolio. We discuss the impacts of climate change on the property market and the implications for investors. It’s a fascinating listen.


Episode 18 - Interview with Peter Mastroianni

Peter Mastroianni is a property finance expert, author and host of his own (in all honesty, much better) podcast ‘The Rentvesting Podcast.’ He also runs Loans Only, which is a mortgage broking business. We chat to Peter about his investing, rentvesting as a strategy and more.


Episode 17 - Interview with Darren Hunter

Darren Hunter of, is an international property management trainer, speaker and consultant. If your property manager has ever done some professional development training, chances are he was standing at the front of the room. Darren spends his life teaching PM’s how to kick bottom and deliver an awesome service. We delve deeply into the property management industry and uncover some gems on how to develop a great relationship with your PM, and how to find the best person and...


Episode 16 - Interview with Luke Harris

Luke Harris is the CEO of The Property Mentors, a business specialising in educating property investors and assisting them to grow their portfolio. Luke bought is first property at 20 and has done everything from buying in mining towns to subdivisions and developments.


Episode 15 - Interview with kayleigh kilgore

Kayleigh Kilgore is the licensee and Director of the Good Property Company. We chat about the whole property management spectrum from start to finish and Kayleigh shares some great tips on how to develop a solid relationship with both your tenant and property manager.


Episode 14 - Interview with Charles Tarbey

Charles Tarbey is one of the godfathers of Australian real estate. Not so much the tommy gun in the violin case type but certainly the head of a huge and powerful organisation. Charles is the chairman and owner of Century 21 real estate Australasia. Need I say more?


Episode 13 - Interview with Tom Momsen

Tom Momsen is to chinos and check shirts what a toaster is to bread in the morning. Fashion aside, Tom is a gun financial planner. We chat about income protection, goal setting, nasty direct debits and how to retire early.


Episode 12- Interview with Dimitri Taylor

Dimitri Taylor is a big picture guy. Sure, he’s an investment property specialist but finance goals come first and the actual properties come a very distant second. Dimitri Taylor is the owner and operator at Investment Property Specialist and has been involved in the property industry for over 18 years. Dimitri has had a successful career working for multinational companies including Morgan Stanley, Enron and Constellation Energy. Now Dimitri focuses on residential property strategies as...


Episode 11- Interview with Brett Warren

Brett Warren is the only property expert we know that can do a handstand push up. That’s impressive enough but as chief property strategist at Metropole Brisbane, he’s an expert in investment property selection and portfolio building. He’s also a numbers nerd, so he’ll fit in well. Brett has recently written a smashing article about the fundamentals behind the previous property boom in Brisbane back in 2008. We take a detailed look at what the statistics were telling us at the time...


Episode 9 - Interview with James Freuidggman

James Freudigmann is a co-founder and director of PMC Property Buyers. We chat to James about his background as a valuer and how that helps him source well priced property for his clients. We chat about off market transactions, Brisbane growth areas and how he got his start as an investor.


Episode 8 - Interview with Hamish Geddes

Hamish Geddes is a senior associate with Nexus Lawyers. Yes, he's a lawyer, but before you start throwing tomatoes, he's a surfing lawyer so give him a chance, he's cut from a different mould! In all seriousness this is a cracking listen for anyone considering building an investment property or undertaking renovations. Hamish specialises in construction law and walks us through the dispute process, common complaints and best of all how to avoid a building dispute in the first place by...


Episode 7 - Interview with Pat Mears

Pat is the founder and owner of Rubix Realty, a business which focusses purely on property management. Pat runs through the duties and responsibilities of property managers and chats about his successful landlord clients and what they do differently.


Episode 6 - Interview with Chris Gray

Chris Gray is a property investing expert and host of Your Property Empire on Sky Business. Chris is a regular media commentator and keynote speaker on everything property investing. Chris reveals how his mother giving him a curfew at the local pub launched his property investing career. We chat about how he effectively retired at age 31 and how he funds his lifestyle which includes a Lamborghini, a 1.5m boat and multiple business class trips overseas each year. Don't worry, it's not...


Episode 5 - Interview with David Ferguson

What David doesn't know about Strata, isn't worth knowing. He's been in the game since 1995 and was a Director of the Strata Community of Australia NSW (2006-2014) serving as President (2008-2013). He was also recently appointed as a Fellow of SCA NSW by the State Board. As the Managing Director of Strata Plus, David is responsible for over 500 strata schemes and has seen it all. We chat about the new-ish NSW Strata Laws, investing in strata titled property and everything you need to...


Episode 4 - Interview with Simon Pressley

Simon is the founder of Propertyology, and has been awarded buyers agent of the year on multiple occasions. Simon is a media darling, famous for his sharp suits and even sharper research. We discuss property economics fundamentals and why affordability is the number one driver of property prices. We discuss the property market in Hobart which he tipped to his clients prior to the price boom, why property is essentially just shelter and how important it is to consider property investing as...


Episode 3 - Interview with Christine Williams

Christine Williams is the principal of Smarter Property Investing and assists her clients to create wealth through strategy, guidance and the selection of residential investment properties. Christine herself is a property investor, buying her first property at the age of 18. She has extensive background in marketing, accounting, finance broking and real estate. Christine humbly shares her mistakes, mindset shifts and successes along her property investing journey. We talk about becoming...


Episode 2 - Interview with Paul Sonntag

Paul Sonntag is a clever bugger, coming equipped with an MBA and everything. He also has great hair, which is beside the point, but worth mentioning given episode one featured Pete Wargent, who also has great hair. Getting to the serious stuff, Paul is a buyers agent and founder of Aquus Property Buyers. Paul is a consummate property professional, boasting 15 years experience across many spheres of the industry. Property sales and project marketing have been his major areas of focus,...


Introduction by Host Mike Mortlock

A quick introduction to the Geared for Growth Property Investing Podcast by host Mike Mortlock. Listen to hear what this whole thing is about and what you can expect!


Episode 1 - Interview with Pete Wargent

Pete Wargent, Co-founder of Allen Wargent Property Advisory and renouned finance and real estate author, talks about how he came to be one of Australia's leading financial and real estate commentators and shares his philosophy of wealth creation. We talk about the power of compound interest, diversification, asset selection and more. Pete is the author of the No.1 best-selling 2012 book ‘Get a Financial Grip: a simple plan for financial freedom’ and is widely acclaimed having achieved his...