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06: Feels Like A Miracle Morning

This week on Geek Fit, Brian is joined by special guest Kimberly Revie. They talk about the Miracle Morning method, tips for new moms, inexpensive fitness trackers, sleep tracking, tech-y bras, and so much more! Links: Apple acquires sleep monitoring company Beddit Nike Breaking 2 News Misfit’s $60 Flare is a fitness tracker for people who just want a fitness tracker Fitness app Strava really, really wants to be the social network for athletes Sports bras make sense as fitness-tracking...

05: Running Past the Dairy Queen

This week on Geek Fit, Justin and Brian answer some of your questions from Facebook, talk about the latest Apple/Nike watch, and go over some of the hottest tech gadgets hitting the market this year. Also in this week’s spotlight segment the guys talk about mattresses and why they’re important, how to eat out without feeling like a loser, and Justin details how he started running again… Finally! Links: Joe Wick’s ‘The Body Coach’ 9 New Tech Gadgets for Fitness Buffs Amazon’s Top-Selling...

Duration: 01:38:55

04: Suck on Your Apple Watch

This week on Geek Fit the guys talk about various hurdles you can expect when starting a fitness journey, how much water you should drink during the day, some of the hottest fitness tech (according to Forbes) for 2017, and Justin shares a very special anniversary for him as a weight loss surgery patient. In the spotlight discussion, Justin and Brian both discuss how they workout, what music they listen to, and Justin talks about how he acts like a complete lunatic while listening to 80s/90s...

Duration: 01:21:22

03: The Goodie Drawer

This week on Geek Fit Justin and Brian break down how the past two weeks have been (just a hint: it’s been wild). Also they talk about the Fitbit Alta HR wearable, an all-new sanitizing device called Ellie, and they debate the Peloton cycling system. Also in this week’s spotlight discussion Justin goes deep into his mental health battles and talks openly about how he finally gained control over his physical health by admitting that he needed to work on his mental health first. Links: Nerd...

Duration: 01:34:28

02: The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

This week on Geek Fit Brian and Justin talk about their current struggles w/ eating, including dreaming about tacos and binging on grilled cheese. They also discuss new wearables that are hitting soon, and how to back up your iOS Health and Apple Watch data. In the spotlight discussion the guys talk about their fitness goals and how they plan to get there, including apps/plans they’re using, workout routines, and how they keep themselves motivated. Links: How to Save and Backup Your Health...

Duration: 01:23:29

01: You Can’t Outrun the Fork

Geek Fit is back! On this first episode Justin and Brian share their personal weight loss journeys. Justin talks about how some life-changing events spurred him into getting fit, and going from over 400lbs to less than 200lbs, and how he has since rebounded and attempted to get back on track. Brian shares how he has used his hobbies an side hustles to keep his mind off food, and how running how changed his life for the better, and gave him an outlet for his personal issues. Both guys share...

Duration: 01:12:27