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Episode 9- Future of DCEU, The Walking Dead Crossover

This episode i am joined by Nerdaholics host Mark and new guest Dustin. We talk a lot about the difference between the MCU and the DCEU and what needs to be done to turn the DCEU around. I finally have a group of The Walking Dead fans so we give our opinions on the crossover character to Fear The Walking Dead.

Duration: 02:02:36

Episode 8- Justice League Spoiler Review

This week on GeekMode Zak, Dalton and myself give a spoiler filled review of the newly released Justice League movie.

Duration: 01:42:14

Episode 7- Justice League and The Punisher Early Reviews

This week on GeekMode Zak, Jose and I talk a lot of DC. We give our thoughts on Rian Johnson getting to direct the next Star Wars Trilogy and what we think the story could possibly be. We also talk about early reactions to The Punisher and, of course, Justice League, witch comes out this upcoming weekend.

Duration: 02:33:29

Episode 6- Thor Ragnarok Spoiler Review, MCU top 10 countdown

In this weeks episode I am joined by Jose and Dalton. We give a detailed discussion on our thoughts on Thor Ragnarok. Then to finish out the episode we give a countdown of each of our top 10 MCU movies.

Duration: 03:04:13

Episode 5- Stranger Things Spoiler Free Review, Justice League Flashpoint, Thor Ragnarok Overseas Open

In this episode of GeekMode I am joined by Dalton and Nerdaholics podcast host Mark. We discuss the DC movie Flashpoint and how what happens in the movie will depend a lot on the success of the upcoming Justice League movie. Thor Ragnarok opened overseas and we give our opinions on what we think it will do domestic and international. Finally our last main topic of the night is of course the new season of Stranger Things. We try to keep our reviews to season two as spoiler free as we possible.

Duration: 01:35:02

Episode 4- Ragnarok Rotten Tomatoes, Last Jedi Box Office Predictions, Netflix Debt

In this episode of GeekMode I have Jose joining me. We discuss Thor Ragnaroks excellent Rotten Tomatoes score, The Last Jedi and its box office projections, and the news of Netflix going in even more debt in order to distribute more original content.

Duration: 02:32:22

Episode 3- The Last Jedi Trailer, Blade Runner 2049, Black Panther Trailer

In this episode of GeekMode we do a super crappy job of breaking down The Last Jedi trailer. Along with the new Star Wars trailer we talk about our opinions on the Black Panther, New Mutants and Stranger Things 2 trailers.

Duration: 02:30:59

Episode 2: Justice League Trailer, Rain Johnson Trailer comments, Netflix

In this episode I am joined for a second week by Jose. Also joining me are fellow podcasters, from Nerdaholics, Mark Buesking, and from Something Something Nostalgia, Daniel Hoeppner. We talk about the new trailers from Justice League and Pacific Rim: Uprising. We also discuss Rian Johnsons comments warning viewers that the new Star Wars Last Jedi trailer could be too spoiler filled for some.

Duration: 02:01:59

Episode 1- Thor Ragnarok news, upcoming Star Wars trailer, Punisher Trailer

Welcome to the first episode of GeekMode! In this episode we talk about Thor Ragnarok images and what we may expect from the movie. Also we discuss the rumor of the new Star Wars trailer coming. We also cover other topics in Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.

Duration: 02:22:34

Intro Episode

Welcome to GeekMode! This is basically just a quick talk about what to expect from future episodes.

Duration: 00:08:08