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GHC: Episode 55: GHC's Excellent Adventure

This week the gang sits down to talk up some Geeking Hard's, Books, TV Shows, movies and used car purchasing! We also discuss this week's movie of the week!! Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and then pick a movie that the our amazing fans suggested! KOGO!!

Duration: 01:43:10

GHC: Episode 54: Geeking Tall

Hey All! This week we GEEK HARD this week we do some serious chatting about everything and anything! We also sit down and talk about our Movie of the Week: Walking Tall! KOGO Everyone!

Duration: 02:24:57

GHC: Episode 53: Mean Rebirth

Hey All We are back with a some more great geeking hards, books, movies, TV Shows and even a new segment, which we are asking all our fans to watch along with us! Each week we will now sit down as a community and watch a show suggested by us or by YOU! So reach out to us on @Geekinghardcast on Twitter, or on our Facebook, Geekinghardpodcast! KOGO!!

Duration: 02:16:19

GHC: Episode 52: G.o.T. Big John

To our amazing fans thank you for listening to us each week, we love you and love the fact that so many of you let us spill our crazy podcast into your ear holes each week. IF not for our fans and the love of the GEEK Culture none of this would be possible. So thank you! ITS BEEN A YEAR!! This week the crew celebrates one year of podcasting, with a SPECIAL GUEST BIG JOHN! A good friend of the show and a deep knowledge of All things GAME OF THRONES!! WE also talk Defenders and THE TICK!...

Duration: 02:20:47

GHC: Episode 51: Total Eclispse of my dragon

The Gang is back, and we dive deep this week into New Phones, Meal Prep, and books! WE also GEEK HARD on the New Defenders Show, as well as the most Recent Game of Thrones Episode! KOGO!!!

Duration: 03:09:28

GHC: Episode 49: Burning with Desire

This Week the gang sits down to talk about doing a vacation; who is more foolish, the fool, or the fool that gives drunk Allen more drinks. We also dive into some older movies we have been watching of late, as well as geek HARD on the latest GAME OF THRONES episode! KOGO everyone!!

Duration: 02:04:51

GHC: Episode 48: Tyrell Mic Drop!

This week is a rough one for the crew, Past Allen get Present Allen a life lesson, Rachel is running and meditating on life, and Jason is just geeking hard on movies and comic books. Not only do we have a very honest discussion on Valarian, we has get crazy with the mic is dropped by Madam Tyrell! KOGO!

Duration: 02:48:24


THIS WEEK the GEEK CUP RUNNETH OVER, with San Diego Comic Con in full swing the amazing trailers, announcements, and crazy mic dropping moments have blow our geeking minds out the back of our heads! WE talk about all the heavy hitting moments, from a leaked Infinity War.. to the Holy Grail of Pop Culture trailers gets us excited for more! Also.. we talk some GAME OF THRONES!! KOGO!!!

Duration: 02:30:19

GHC: Episode 46: Winter has come!

Man this week things get dark, but in a good way.. Prepare yourselves as the GEEK flows from Allen, Rachel and Jason as we sit down to talk about Volleyball, TV Shows, like The Defiant Ones and finally.. some GAME OF THRONES!!! Season 7, along with so much amazing NEWS!! KOGO!!

Duration: 02:51:20

GHC: Episode 45: Spidey TIme!

This week the gang sits down to chat about all the geeking hard we have done! From finishing that one book that just wont die, to talking about Death needing to take time out for himself. Also we talk about Spider Man Homecoming...spoilers! KOGO!

Duration: 02:18:56

GHC: Episode 44: Rock & Roll Dreams

Happy 4th of July!! The Gang sits down to talk about geeking hard, the Soundtracks to our lives and Allen almost kills a KFC Manager! THIS AND SO MUCH MORE!!! This week on the GEEKING HARD PODCAST!!! #KOGO!!

Duration: 07:13:50

GHC: Episode 43: The OG Never Remixed!

RACHEL RETURNS this week with some conversations about TV shows, Candies, Movies that have helped shape our movie tastes and more! KOGO!

Duration: 01:51:30

GHC: Episode 42: Don't Panic

This Week Allen and Jason do their best to keep the train rolling hard with some movie reviews, audio book narration conversations and even some DC Movie's we would love to see on the silver screen! As they say.. when Rachel is away the boys will play! KOGO!

Duration: 02:21:54

GHC: Episode 41: Hot & Sweaty Podcasting

Its a hot one this week as the gang sweats to the geeking hard topics of the week, including Iron Man V Wonder Women, Teen Titans, and Summer Time in Michigan! We also talk about some of our favorite dystopian futures, and even give some love to a fallen Dark Knight. KOGO!

Duration: 01:59:47

GHC: Episode 40: Wonderful Woman

THIS WEEK the crew of the Geeking Hard Cast reviews Wonder Women, and warning SPOILERS! This week Jason eats a lot of crow, Rachel tries to eat cookie dough, and Allen just shakes his head. ALL THIS AND MORE!! KOGO!!!

Duration: 02:02:20

GHC: Episode 39: Accidental Misclicks

This week the gang gets long winded with our ramblings, chatting about movies, TV Shows and some Game of Thrones action. Don't forget to tip your waitresses! #KOGO!

Duration: 02:22:36

GHC: Episode 38: La Familia

ALLEN AND RACHEL RETURN!!! This week we catch up with our missing hosts, talk about what we all have been geeking hard about, we talk about our geek blind sides, and finally we talk NEWS!! KOGO!!!

Duration: 01:39:21

GHC: Episode 37: RDADS II: Electric Boogaloo

SURPRISE!! Jason called on some fans from the RDAD community to come and be on the show, as we talk about TV shows, comic books, and all things #GeekingHARD! Thanks to Matt and Brent for joining me this week!

Duration: 02:00:32

GHC: Episode 26: That's a P3N15!

Welcome back to another amazing episode of Geeking Hard Cast! This we sit around and geek about everything from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, books, movies, shows.. and even some weird American Gods moments.. KOGO everyone!

Duration: 02:17:15

GHC: Episode 35: You're the Obi Wan in my heart

Theme Music, Soundtracks and… Cannolis..? This week Rachel, Jason and Allen discuss their favorite theme songs, Rachel’s question for Obi Wan cannoli, and how they strongly disagree with google! KOGO

Duration: 01:53:16

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