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2.14 Trailers and Reboots

Hello! Thank you for joining us for our season 2 finale! The fall is usually for shows to premier. We will be gone for a couple of weeks but don't fret because we will be back. This episode we talk about some reboots coming this fall and of course some of the movies coming out in the next month of two. Please let us know if you'll be watching any of these tv shows or movies. We are open to ideas for upcoming episodes. Please like, share, comment and or subscribe. Don't forget to visit our...


2.13 This Is...How We Cried

This Is Us had us crying. Spoiler alert!! Please make sure you've watched the first 2 seasons of This is Us before you listen to this episode. LOTS and LOTS of spoilers. Please join us as we discuss characters, relationships, family and addiction. What are your hopes for season 3? Please like, share, subscribe and or comment. See you next week. You can read our blog on our website


2.12 Semper Paratus

Semper Paratus! It's Sharknado week! I know what you're all thinking!! Do not pass on this episode. It was the only way Adriana would watch the movie! Help us out here, people. This movie deserves an award, dammit! It was so bad it was awesome. Please laugh with us as we laugh through this whole episode. Let us know if you've watched it and how much you liked it :) Everyone needs to see this movie. Don't forget to like, subscribe, share and or comment. See you all again next week!


2.11 Paranoid AF

Oh sh!t people! We didn't mean to get political. This episode is on the anniversary on 9/11 and it got us talking about conspiracies. We talk about movies like Snowden, The Net, The DaVinci Code, Shooter and mention shows like House of Cards and Scandal. We rambled on and might have gotten a little too political but it's all in fun. Do you think Hitler committed suicide or that Tupac is alive? Please feel free to comment, like, share or subscribe.


2.10 Game On!

Hello, everyone! We are back! We had fun recording this episode because we really liked this movie! Have you watched TAG? If not, please stop and go watch. Then, come right back to listen to us ramble on about this movie. We love that it was inspired by real friends who still play TAG! Please let us know how YOU stay in touch with your friends or how you stay young. Don't forget to like, share, comment and or review. You can also find us on


2.09 It's Crazy B!tch

This week is a little different. We watched Evil Genius on Netflix and had too many thoughts. We usually like to talk about entertaining things like movies, books, tv shows, comics etc and this was not in those categories but still ended up catching our attention. Please feel free to comment to let us know if you like it or not. As always, share, subscribe and or like. Don't forget to check out our website


2.08 The Super Duper Episode

Welcome back for another episode! We hope you've watched Deadpool 2 because if you haven't there are serious spoilers ahead. We might actually go over every bit of this movie. At least that's what it feels like because we discuss characters, favorite moments, story line and everything in between. Please remember to like, share, subscribe and or comment. Thank you all for listening. Please head over to our website


2.07 Love, Simon and the Geeks

We finally watched Love, Simon and we LOVED it! Please join us as we discuss characters, story lines, and our likes and dislikes. This coming of age movie was great. We should have more stories like this told. Please let us know if you agree/disagree with us on these points. And as always please like, subscribe, share and or comment. Don't forget you can catch us on our website


2.04 The Incredible Geeks 2

We finally watched The Incredibles 2! Lots of spoilers ahead. But please join us as we discuss what we liked and didn't like about this movie. We talk about story line, how it did as a sequal and the new characters. As always, don't forget to like, share and or comment. You can see our blog at


2.03 Ant-Man the Wasp and the Geeks

Welcome back to another episode of Geekly Distraction. On this episode, we discuss and review the latest Marvel film. We are huge Marvel fans and could not pass up this movie. Spoilers ahead. If you haven't watched the movie, hold off on listening to this episode. Or if you like spoilers and want to know if it's worth watching, go ahead an listen. Please like, share and or comment on our episodes. Catch us on our website


2.02 Tape Two Side B: 13 Reasons Why Review

NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE Call 1-800-273-8255 OR text REASON to 741741 This week we review season 2 of 13 reasons why. very serious topic but we all believe it was important to talk about. We have to be able to discuss these topics in order to begin to change as a society.


2.01 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Review

We're back with our first movie review of this season. We all enjoyed it but surprisingly didn't agree with a lot of what was happening with the dinosaurs in the movie. We know this is a work of fiction but we had a hearty/meaty debate about these animals. We hope you enjoy. Please like, share and or comment. Don't forget to check us out on our or follow us on Facebook and Instagram geeklydistraction


2.00 Season 2 Summer Edition Intro

We're back! We took a little break and we are excited to start a new season. Please enjoy. Most of this season will be reviewing the summer movies. :) Like, share, and or comment.


1.22 Avengers: Infinity War Theories

Hi everyone! Welcome to part 2 of our Avengers: Infinity War episode. In this part, we will be discussing theories. As a reminder, please do not listen if you have not watched the movie yet. This episode is filled with spoilers and you don't want to ruin the movie by listening to this. As always, please like, share, subscribe and or comment.


1.21 Avengers: Infinity War Review

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE MOVIE! We review Avengers: Infinity War. Duh. As Marvel fans, we loved this movie. We laughed, we cried and then we talked about it. Please feel free to correct us, agree or disagree us. Listen, share, subscribe and or comment. Excuse us as we go re watch this movie for the hundredth time. :)


1.20 Geekly Distraction: The Musical

At long last out Musicals episode is out. We hope you enjoy our newest episode. In this episode we talk about our favorite songs, how we fell in love with this genre and what we believe are the saddest songs. As always, please like, share, comment and or subscribe.


1.19 Selena

We took a moment to move away from movies and tv to discuss one of our favorite singers and one of our first role models. She was an icon. She is a legend. Join us this week as we talk about Selena. We discuss her music, her movie, her death and how we grew up listening to her. We have nothing but love for Selena. She will forever live on in our hearts and in her music.


1.18 The Power of Three (Happy Siblings' Day)

*UPDATED We're celebrating Siblings Day with our favorite siblings. Please join us as we discuss what we like and what we may not agree with. And don't forget to check out our website We are also on instagram and facebook. Like, share, comment and or subscribe. See you again next week. Sorry about the technical errors everybody. Episode should be in full now.


1.17 April Fools

In honor of April Fools, we talk about our favorite jokesters or pranksters in movies and books. We hope you had an awesome April Fools and Easter. Please let us know if we missed any or we hit the nail on the head. Be sure to like, share, comment or subscribe. :)


1.16 Wait for it...How I Met Your Mother Rant

Hi everyone. Welcome back to another episode. This week we discuss How I Met Your Mother. We talk about what we loved, about what we hated and everything in between. Don't get us wrong, we loved this show but we weren't fans of the end. Please let us know if you agree, disagree or just to tell us what else we should discuss in the future. Like, share, comment, and or subscribe. :)