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Wholly Geek, Holy Geeks




Episode 107: Cody and The Central Time Boys

Disney/Lucasfilm weigh in on Battlefront Controversy Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for all current gen consoles Fantastic Beast 2 gets title/release date New Deadpool 2 teaser

Duration: 00:42:40

Episode 106: The Podcast Origin Story

Noctis coming to Tekken 7 6000 games have been released on Steam this year Battlefront 2’s Loot Box prices revealed EA lowers the credit cost of highter tier hereos in Battlefront...

Duration: 00:58:18

Episode 105: The Fox and the Disney

Overwatch announced new character Hearthstones new expansion Trophies can earn you PSN credit Disney talks to buy out 21st century Fox movie industry?? [...]

Duration: 00:36:53

Episode 104: Podcaster Things

New Last of Us Part II trailer Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC Revealed PUBG Test Servers Get Vaulting and Climbing This Week PUBG Might get booted from...

Duration: 00:56:41

Episode 103: L.J. Chats with Yacht Club Games

NeoGAF Shuts Down After Sexual Misconduct Allogations Battlefront 2 Campaign Length Revealed Master Chief Collection getting fixed Shazam Confirmed For 2019 Release

Duration: 00:48:41

Episode 102: Seeking Christ in College and Midterms

Our Extra Life page: Joe’s Extra Life page: Doom gets release date on Switch Phil Spencer unsure if crossplay with PS4 will ever...

Duration: 00:42:02

Episode 101: Class is in Session

The SNES classic has been hacked, TV and Movie trailers out of NYCC, and television crossovers becoming a trend? We will be teaching you about all of this news in episode 101. SNES Classic Already Hacked Arms is getting more length with a new update New stage and weapon for Splatoon 2...

Duration: 00:41:23

Episode 100: Hitting The Triple Digits! (LIVE Recording 9/29/17)

We hit the triple digits! This is a recording our our live episode we did on Facebook and Twitch on the 29th for those who missed out. Our hosts will be back next week for episode 101. Represent the Podcast with the official shirt! For more Geeks Under...

Duration: 01:50:12

Episode 099: What is Your Life Verse?

This week we have a twitter question about life verses along with more news on PUBG, the new Maze Runner trailer, and that awesome Punisher trailer. DLC already announced for Fire Emblem Wariors Fortnite’s new patch and Free to Play Battle Royale mode PUBG crosses 1.5 million...

Duration: 01:18:13

Episode 098: The Joe Has Returned

This week we discuss the internet’s outrage over Mario in swim trunks, the new Tomb Raider movie, and a new television series based on a George RR Martin property. Cliff Bleszinski aims to “keep LawBreakers alive.” First details of CoD WWII’s zombie mode emerge Mario in swim trunks...

Duration: 01:08:41

Episode 097: What Video Games Would Jesus Play?

Star Wars 9 Director Fired For Being Difficult IT Beats Record Weekend Box Office For Horror Jenkins Officially Directing Wonder Woman 2 [...]

Duration: 01:24:39

Episode 096: PAX WEST 2017 SPECIAL!

This week is a very special episode for you listeners, L.J. and Shelley share their experience attending PAX West 2017 over this past weekend. No show notes day folks, enjoy the episode. Represent the Podcast with the official shirt! For more Geeks Under...

Duration: 00:58:40

Episode 095: Eight Feet of Podcast

Westboro Baptist Church Movie In The Works Gotham By Gaslight First Look Avatar Sequels In Full Tilt production http://screenrant.c [...]

Duration: 01:01:16

Episode 093: Podcast-Craft Remastered

This week we talk about Mewtwo heading to Pokemon GO, Karl Urban playing Judge Dredd in a TV Show, and a new Miyazaki film. Those are only a few things we are geeking out about this week, theres a whole lot packed into this episode. Justice League Reshoots Adjust Cyborg Character Deadpool 2 Stuntwoman Dies on Set Sony’s Silver and Black Releases 2019 [...]

Duration: 00:45:07

Episode 092: Cable and a Purple Barney?

Nightwing Doesn’t Have Release Date Because They Don’t Want to Rush It Flashpoint Set For 2020 Cable Photos [Pretend There Is A Link Here] Star Wars Fan Film Worth Mentioning

Duration: 00:53:51

Episode 091: God’s Place in the Final Fronteir

Cody is out this week, but that doesn’t stop your favorite news from hitting the airwaves. Joe hosts this week along with L.J. handling TV news, enjoy the show! Ant-Man and the Wasp begins Filming Cable and Domino actors revealed for Deadpool 2

Duration: 00:36:05

Episode 090: All the Trailers out of San Diego Comic Con

All San Diego Comic Con Trailers (movies and TV) Shelob the giant spider in Shadow of War Pokemon Go has a Legendary event going on Starfire gameplay for Injustice 2

Duration: 01:00:53

Episode 089: And There Were Four!

This week we are trying something new, we are bringing L.J. onto the show. Things could get chaotic, in a very good way. Shazam To Start Production In 2018 Robotech Live Action To Be Helmed By IT Director Disney Princesses Want Avengers Style Team Up

Duration: 01:18:29

Spider-Men and Vampires? Halloween Came Early This Year

This week the big topics of discussion are Spider-Man Homecoming and the new Castlevania anime, and Joe is back! Pokemon I Choose You To Not Have Misty or Brock Director of Fast And Furious Finds Space To Be Possible For The Franchise Jurrassic World 2 Wraps F [...]

Duration: 01:12:27

Episode 087: The Geeks Under Grace Podcast Corps

Hot topics of this weeks episode are news on the Green Lantern Corps movie, Nintendo making anime, and Playstation’s photoshopped Anthem trailer. Enjoy the show! Green Lantern Corps Details Released Avatar The Last Airbender 2?? Futurama Kind of coming back [...]

Duration: 00:48:33

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