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Geeks with Kids is a weekly podcast where geeky parents at different stages of parenthood talk about all things in the realms of nerdiness and parenting.

Geeks with Kids is a weekly podcast where geeky parents at different stages of parenthood talk about all things in the realms of nerdiness and parenting.
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Geeks with Kids is a weekly podcast where geeky parents at different stages of parenthood talk about all things in the realms of nerdiness and parenting.




Episode 78: Absentia

Mark and Erik are back, this time with a returning Steve, to talk about Showcase's latest thriller "Absentia." Produced by and starring former Castle actress Stana Katic, "Absentia" tells the story of FBI agent Emily Byrne (Katic) who reappears after 6 years. Were they hooked? Did it suck? Find out with Geeks with Kids.


Episode 77: The Last Jedi's Stretchy Face

The geeks are back with their yearly look at Star Wars' newest addition to the saga. Join Erik, Mark and Szpirs as they look at this divisive film in fandom. Do they like it? Do they hate it? What’s with Szpirs’ stretchy face? Find out with Geeks with Kids.


Bonus Episode 76: #Happy! Happy? Happy...

Mark and Erik are back this week for a bonus episode. This time around they look at SyFy's take on author Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson's HAPPY! Have either of them even read the comic? Should that matter? Does Showcase have another hit on their hands? Find out with Geeks with Kids.


Episode 74: Wonder Woman or Wait a minute, DC made a good film?

This week, Erik is joined by Mallory and Lauren as they take on DC's newest film "Wonder Woman." Join us as we discuss ladies in film, parenting (sorta) and thighs in superhero landings. Find out more at


Episode 64: Buffy turns 20

Join Erik, Michael and Steph as they look back on 20 years of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Which episodes do they think are the best? Will Michael remember any of the song titles from "Once More with Feeling"? Is David Boreanez sick of talking about Angel? Find out with


Episode 63: Geek vs. Fake Awards

Aaron returns for another solo mission as he flies off the handle about the Oscars, Suicide Squad and how Mark Hamill is next in line for an Oscar. Will Aaron's future award predictions pan out, or will they be left standing on the red carpet? Is Aaron afraid of bringing in the other Geeks to podcast, or is a lack of sleep catching up to him? Tune in this week for another stellar episode of Geeks with Kids!


Episode 61: Geeks vs. F@#$%&?! Kevin Smith

Join Geeks Aaron, Mark and James this week as they curse a blue streak in honour of Kevin Smith's news of a new Jay and Silent Bob flick set to tackle the hot topic of Hollywood reboots. Will Mark feel comfortable enough to swear on headset by the end of the Podcast? Will James share some food recipes to make your mouth water...and your heart stop? Will Aaron find a way to bring Bill and Ted into the View Askiew-niverse? Find out on this week's episode of Geeks with Kids!


Episode 60: Geeks LX vs Superbowl LI

Join Geeks Aaron, Mark and an exhausted Erik, as they discuss some "sportsball-thing" called the Superbowl, complain about the Trump, and ponder what a superhero baseball team might look like. Also, they dive into what sports they see their kids participating in in the future, the best geeky Superbowl foods money can buy and what their favourite fictional sport might be. Will Erik be awake enough to chow down on some delicious wings? Are Mark's picks for the best Superhero baseball team,...


Episode 57: Geeks vs The Nintendo Switch

The Geeks are back for year 3 and they're trying new things. Join Erik, Craig, Danielle and Mike as they discuss the Nintendo Switch January presentation. Did I saw discuss? I meant they're doing a commentary. Will the Switch be a Day 1 purchase? Does Erik screw up the audio and video? Find out with


Episode 56: Geeks vs Gilmore Girls

Join Erik and a returning Mallory as they share their love-hate relationship with the "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" mini-series. Love-hate? Or is it more hate-hate? Can Erik convince Mallory to stop banging her head against the table because of the show? Will Erik remember what actually happened in the mini-series? Find out with


Episode 55: Christmas vs Hanukkah

Join Erik and Mallory for their spectacular Christmas episode... or is it their Hanukkah episode? Does Mallory get the story of Hanukkah striaght? Can Erik convince Mal to play BeanBoozled with him? Will the One-Of-A-Kind craftshow finally sponsor this podcast? Find out with


Episode 54:Geeks and the Furious Fate of the Baywatch Spidey Assassin Homecoming!

Join Geek Aaron, Mark (The other, other Mark) and returning co-host, James, as they discuss the passing of Alan Thicke, and what they thought of thenew round of trailers released this week. Who was pleasantly surprised by Assassins Creed? Who thought that Baywatch was all that and a bag of chips? Are the Geeks stoked for Spidey, or is this relaunch doomed to be snared in a DC-esque web of woe? Find out this week on Geeks with Kids!


Episode 53: Invasion of the Sidekick Bottle Episode! (Sort of...)

This week, Geek Marty steps up as host with his sidekick, James, and late fill in, Aaron, as they discuss their favourite sidekicks, and the new trailers for the Mummy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. What did they think of these trailers? Who has a soft spot for Robin as a sidekick? Is Arthur from The Tick the best sidekick ever? What the heck is a bottle episode? Is this a bottle episode? How does this connect back to Hawkeye, Aaron Sorkin and Community? Tune in this week to find out...


Episode 52: Christmas with the Geeks

This week, Join Geek Aaron, Marc fromDance Robot Dance, and everybody's favourite former Lando turned Wookie, James, as they celebrate Ron Glass, discuss Kev Smith's departure fromBuckaroo Bonzaiand how they are preparing for Christmas times! Will the Geeks unanimously agreeDie Hardis the best Christmas movie of all time? Will James sing us a Kinks Chirstmas carol? Will Aaron get the Wookie a Christmas gift, or will he get him a Chirstmas gift card? Find out on Geeks with Kids!


Episode 51: GWK with a Side of DRD

This week, join geeks Szpirs and Aaron, as they welcome back special guests, Kristi and Marc from Dance Robot Dance! Listen in as Marc and Kristi face off against Szpirs' Geek Compass test and discuss the debacle that is Hamilton-Gate! Will the Geeks steal any more DRD material and jokes? Is Star Trek Generations really that bad? Will Kristi eat some ice cream on mic? Find out, today on Geeks with Kids!


Episode 50: Now You're Playing with Power

Join Erik and special guests Kristi and Marc as they discuss the recently released Nintendo NES Classic. Is the mini-console everything they dreamt it would be or does it fall a little short? Find out at


Once More With Geeking....

Join geeks Szpirs and Aaron and their guests Crystal and AJ as they talk Simpsons longevity, amd discuss the best and worst that Buffy the Vampire Slayer has to offer. Will the machines win, yet again? Is Szpirs a demigod of editing and holding off the robopocalypse? Will Aaron be faced with the curse of the deadly time delay? Will their guests weigh in on Halloween and other geeky topics? Find out this week on Geeks with Kids!


Episode 48: Geeks vs Remakes

What's that? The geeks prime return to discuss the passing of Steve Dillon, Star Trek: Discovery and our love and hate of remakes. Check out for more content and rate us on iTunes, Stitcher and the Google Play Store.


Episode 47: Game-o-ween!

The Geeks prepare for Halloween in a star-studded (possibly) extravaganza! We talk about spooky video games like Red Dead Redemption 2 (zombies?), Resident Evil and Journey (not actually spooky....or a band from the 80's). Also, geekly Halloween traditions, some new Marvel trailers, Star Wars casting news, and heaping helping on what's going on in the Arrow-verse. Join Geeks Aaron, Erik, and Szpirs with James and Marty - all with 50% new jokes. Hit upwww.geekswithkids.cafor bonus content and...


Episode 46: Geeks vs Bad and Good Finales

Join the original geeks, Szpirs, Erik and Aaron, and their table-flipping discussion about the best and worst season and series finales they have ever experienced. The geeks also circle around to discuss Supergirl's moniker, the Witcher card game, and new trailer reactions. Which geek had screamed obscenities at the end of Battlestar Galactica? Which geek still has not listened to Hamilton the musical in its entirety? Which geek has a bone to pick with Miley Cyrus? What is not the Onion?...


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