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Geektown Radio 130: 'OJ: Made In America' Composer Gary Lionelli, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

Geektown Radio returns for another week of tv news, film chat, and all the latest UK premiere date info you could need. Plus we have an exclusive interview with 'O.J.: Made In America' Composer Gary Lionelli. 3 times Emmy-winning composer Gary Lionelli has had a fairly diverse career. He started out working on cartoons such as 'Tom & Jerry', and 'Dexter's Laboratory' before a major gear shift into scoring documentaries. His most notable recent work was the groundbreaking documentary ‘O.J.:...

Duration: 01:11:50

Geektown Radio 129: 'Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams' Michael Dinner & Ronald D. Moore, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

On this week's Geektown Radio, we have all the latest TV news and UK air date info, plus we're all about Channel 4's amazing new show 'Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams', which airs on Sunday, 17th September 2017. Co-host Bex and I got to see two episodes of the series, so you can hear us discuss with *no spoilers* what we thought, plus we got to interview two of the men behind this epic project - Michael Dinner & Ronald D. Moore! Michael Dinner is an Emmy winning writer/director/producer...

Duration: 00:59:07

Geektown Radio 128: 'The Defenders' Makeup Department Head Sarit Klein, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

In a very special show this week, we not only bring you all the latest tv news and UK air date information, but we also have a brand new co-host, and an interview with Sarit Klein, the brilliant makeup designer behind the Marvel/Netflix superhero shows! Sarit is a New York based makeup artist who has worked in tv & films such as 'Nurse Jackie', 'Necessary Roughness', 'The Smurfs' and 'Unforgettable'. However, over the last few years, her work has mainly consisted of making the stars of the...

Duration: 01:23:10

Geektown Radio 127: 'London’s Finest' Director Chris Bouchard, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Bank Holiday Weekend! Now we're all heading back to work (and school), why not pop on some Geektown Radio to help sooth those commuting blues! This week we have all the usual tv, gaming and film chat, plus an interview with film director Chris Bouchard! Chris Bouchard is a British film director based in London. He’s currently promoting the US release of the movie ‘London’s Finest’ (known as ‘Hackney’s Finest’ on its UK release). Sirus is a Hackney courier...

Duration: 00:54:20

Geektown Radio 126: Composer Dominic Lewis, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

Once again, we return for another week of chat about tv shows, films and UK tv air date updates, as Ross joins me for episode 126 of Geektown Radio. This week's guest is the composer of Amazon's excellent series ‘The Man in the High Castle’, which see's Nazi's taking over America... Like that would ever happen... British-born composer Dominic Lewis has been working in the US since 2009, and is based at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control studios in LA. He first started working with film composer...

Duration: 01:08:43

Geektown Radio 125: Costume Designer Elisabeth Vastola, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

On this week's Geektown Radio, we delve into all the latest tv news, including the 'Orphan Black' finale, 'Atypical', and 'Rick & Morty', we take a look at the latest UK air date information, plus we have an exclusive interview with costume designer Elisabeth Vastola. Elisabeth is a New York based costume designer who has worked in film, opera, theatre, television, and print. She has also been a Guest Lecturer at School of Visual Arts in New York and the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in...

Duration: 01:02:17

Geektown Radio 124: Production Designer Gary Kordan, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

After a few weeks off, we're back with our regular show to catch you up on all the latest TV news and air date info, plus an exclusive interview with the brilliant production designer, Gary Kordan! We first spoke to Gary around a year ago over Skype, but this time we actually got to speak in person at his lovely creative studio space ‘Muse’ in Studio City, LA. He’s the man behind the scenes for Amazon’s hugely popular kid's drama 'Just Add Magic', the brilliantly funny ‘Teachers’, which...

Duration: 01:38:37

Geektown Radio Special: 'Midnight, Texas' Actor, Peter Mensah

I may be away on holiday this week, but that hasn't stopped me working to bring you a special Geektown Radio podcast, featuring the brilliant actor, Peter Mensah, talking about his new show 'Midnight, Texas'. Peter has been a familiar face on TV and film for a number of years. His impressive list of film credits include 'The Incredible Hulk', '300' and 'Avatar', but he has also featured in some stand out TV performances. On 'Spartacus' he played Doctore/Oenomaus, he appeared in 'True...

Duration: 00:21:00

Geektown Radio 123: Cinematographer Mathias Herndl, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

As we head further into a glorious Summer, we are back this week with co-host Andrew, to talk about all the latest tv & film news, and a brand new interview with the brilliant Cinematographer, Mathias Herndl. Having started as a child actor, it seems Mathias has always been destined to work in film, but it was stumbling across an old Bolex 16mm camera in his father’s basement at the age of 5 which really set his imagination alight. Ever since those early days, it seems a camera has never...

Duration: 01:11:10

Geektown Radio 122: Composer Bryce Jacobs, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

On this week's show, our very own Batman, Ross returns to the co-host chair, to chat about all the latest tv, film and gaming news, and we have a great interview for you with the brilliant composer Bryce Jacobs. Bryce is an Australian-born composer, and it would be fair to say, he’s an eclectic musician! He's worked across all sorts of genres in tv, film and gaming, including comedies, documentary and drama. He’s composed songs, written scores & orchestration, and worked as a session and...

Duration: 01:02:31

Geektown Radio 121: Actress Mhairi Calvey, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

This week sees the triumphant return of Mike to the co-host chair, to chat about all the latest tv, film and gaming news, plus we have an interview with the lovely actress, Mhairi Calvey! Scottish actress Mhairi made her debut at the tender age of 5 years old in Mel Gibson’s ‘Braveheart’ playing the role of 'Young Murron', which gave her the acting bug. Since graduating drama school she’s worked in film, theatre and tv, most recently starring as 'Crystal', the lead in sci-fi thriller...

Duration: 01:13:49

Geektown Radio 120: 'Dear White People' Composer Kris Bowers, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

On this week's Geektown Radio we not only have all the usual TV & Film news but also an interview with Emmy-winning composer, recording artist, and general musical genius, Kris Bowers! Kris has been described as "one of the freshest voices in jazz", and started learning piano almost as soon as he could reach the keys! He attended to famed music school Juilliard gaining undergraduate and Master's degrees, making a name for himself as an incredible jazz musician in NYC, which led to him...

Duration: 01:11:25

Geektown Radio 119: E3 Special, Plus UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

Hope you're all enjoying the blistering sunshine out there in the UK. Pull up a sun lounger and put on this week's Geektown Radio, as we have an E3 Special for your enjoyment! There has been so much E3 news out there, we thought it would be a good idea for Matt and Dave to sift through it all for you, and highlight the best and most interesting games coming out of the massive gaming expo. We sift through our top picks of new gaming announcements, including new 'Assasins Creed', 'Farcry',...

Duration: 01:03:03

Geektown Radio 118: 'Wonder Woman' Review, Laurence Bennett, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

On the show this week, all the latest TV & film news, plus Ross and I delve into our thoughts on DC's latest offering, 'Wonder Woman', and we're joined by veteran Hollywood Production Designer, Laurence Bennett! Laurence Bennett is a veteran of Hollywood production design. He’s worked on Carl Sagan's original 'Cosmos' series, and on films such as 'The Artist' & 'Crash'. He's worked on tv series such as the brilliant 'Sneaky Pete', 'Grey's Anatomy' and most recently he worked on 'The Wizard...

Duration: 01:14:05

Geektown Radio 117: 'Dark Matter' Co-Creator Joseph Mallozzi, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

Normal service is resumed on the show this week, as we have the return of our TV Editor Andrew to the co-host chair and a very timely interview with Joseph Mallozzi, writer and co-creator of the brilliant Syfy show 'Dark Matter'! Returning to Syfy UK for its Season 3 with a double bill on Monday the 12th June at 8pm, we rejoin the crew of the Raza who had been left in a somewhat precarious situation! Since they awoke on the derelict spaceship with no memory of who they were or how they got...

Duration: 01:10:11

Geektown Radio 116: KJ Apa, Manu Bennett, Victor Garber, Echo Kellum, Eric Christian Olsen & Daniela Ruah!

This week, we have a slight change to our normal scheduling, to bring you a host of awesome interviews recorded at MCM Comic Con London this weekend! Rather than our normal show, this one is PACKED to the brim with guest stars including KJ Apa aka Archie from 'Riverdale', Manu Bennett & Echo Kellum from 'Arrow', Victor Garber from 'Legends of Tomorrow', and Eric Christian Olsen & Daniela Ruah from 'NCIS:LA'! We had great fun chatting with all of the special guests at the show this weekend....

Duration: 01:25:07

Geektown Radio 115: Composer Nathan Barr, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

After last week's US Upfronts craziness, things return somewhat back to normal, as we bring you the latest in TV, film and gaming news, plus an interview with 'The Americans' and 'Sneaky Pete' composer Nathan Barr! Emmy-nominated composer Nathan Barr has received critical acclaim for his unmatched versatility, incorporating eclectic instruments from music cultures across the world. He is currently scoring the 5th season of award-winning series 'The Americans' starring Keri Russell and...

Duration: 01:20:51

Geektown Radio 114: Bumper US Upfronts Edition, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

Get ready for a monster edition of the show this week as we run through all the renewals, cancellations, and new shows announced so far from the US Upfronts, plus as always, we have an interview, this week with Paul Franklin, Visual Effects Supervisor on films such as Captain America: Civil War, Inception and The Dark Knight! Paul is best known for his Academy Award & BAFTA winning work as Visual Effects Supervisor on films such as Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Interstellar, & The Dark...

Duration: 01:44:30

Geektown Radio 113: Composer Fil Eisler, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

Spring has finally arrived, the sun is shining, and we have a brand new Geektown Radio for you, packed with all the latest film & tv news, plus the return of our old friend, composer Fil Eisler. Fil is back for his 5th time on the show, to update us on all his current tv & film work, and his upcoming projects. For those of you that haven’t heard the other 4 times he’s been on the show, Fil started out as a songwriter and guitar player with Robbie Williams, before moving into composing for...

Duration: 01:05:50

Geektown Radio 112: Jim Howick, Samuel Anderson, Jonny Sweet, & Nick Helm From Channel 4's Loaded, UK TV News & UK TV Air Date Info!

On this week's episode of Geektown Radio, we don't just have one guest, we have four! Nick Helm, Jim Howick, Samuel Anderson & Jonny Sweet, otherwise known as the cast of Channel 4's brand new comedy drama 'LOADED', which airs from Monday the 8th May 2017 at 10pm. LOADED centres around the lives of tech entrepreneurs and friends Josh, Leon, Watto and Ewan, who have just sold their start up videogame company for hundreds of millions of pounds. Amid a raging hurricane of money, excess and...

Duration: 01:11:59

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