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Episode 109: CASUAL FRIDAY: How many Chargers fans are from San Diego?

The Casual Friday guys get back together, with John G by phone, to talk about politics, sports, life and the usual stuff. Special Guests: Craig Elsten and John Browner.

Duration: 00:57:25

Episode casual-friday-san-diego-los-angeles: CASUAL FRIDAY: Why San Diego sports is the way it is

The Casual Friday crew tries (unsuccessfully) to keep politics out of it before talking about irresponsible dog owners, Los Angeles' sports scene vs. San Diego's, segregation in media coverage (and how it relates to Colin Kaepernick), and more. Special Guests: Craig Elsten and John Browner.

Duration: 01:15:25

Episode 108: The return of SoccerCity & the San Diego Chargers

John Gennaro talks about enjoying the "Thanks for the Memories" event at Del Mar celebrating the former San Diego Chargers players, the SoccerCity project in Mission Valley coming back to life, and all of the exciting basketball that is currently going under the radar.

Duration: 00:26:29

Episode 107: CASUAL FRIDAY: Money runs the world

The Casual Friday crew is back with a discussion about how money runs politics (and the media), racism in the McGregory-Mayweather press conferences, and a limit on bromances. Special Guests: Craig Elsten, John Browner.

Duration: 01:02:15

Episode 106: NBA Summer League is Amazing

John's back from the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas with stories to tell, including one about terrible beer, opinions on the MLB All-Star Weekend and a very quick AFC West Preview.

Duration: 00:19:21

Episode 105: Andy Green's shrinking reputation & NBA's trading season

John Gennaro talks about how San Diego Padres Manager Andy Green comes out looking terrible after his confrontation with Los Angeles Dodgers Dave Roberts, as well as how the NBA's free agency period has turned into trading season and why that's good news for the future of the league.

Duration: 00:18:53

Episode 104: Trea Turner is better than Wil Myers

John Gennaro opens with the story of Chris Paul leaving the Los Angeles Clippers with bitter feelings about Doc Rivers and Austin Rivers, compares Wil Myers and Nationals SS Trea Turner, and goes over some of the recent mistakes made by the San Diego Padres' front office.

Duration: 00:28:13

Episode 103: Rizzo's "cheap shot" and the NBA's crazy offseason

John Gennaro talks about Anthony Rizzo's "cheap shot" (and why he doesn't think it was all that bad) on Austin Hedges, tries to keep up with the rumors flying around the NBA before the Draft, and explains why it's too early to believe in the Chargers.

Duration: 00:18:55

Episode 102: How the Internet Changed Society for the Worse

The Casual Friday crew talks about how the internet has changed society for the worse, how that affects the decisions of parents and future parents, and what can be done to try and turn things back around. Special Guests: Craig Elsten, John Browner.

Duration: 00:59:16

Episode 100: CASUAL FRIDAY: "A legend in his own time."

The guys get together to talk about legends in their own time, the NBA Finals, ESPN's digital team taking a risk (and getting a big win), and James Comey's testimony. Special Guests: Craig Elsten, John Browner.

Duration: 01:07:06

Episode 96: A journalist loses his way

A local sports journalist from a local newspaper seems to have lost his credibility and hit an all-time low by invoking terrorism on behalf of SDSU in their fight against the FS Investors (SoccerCity) this morning. Also, Hunter Renfroe might actually be good!

Duration: 00:26:31

Episode 85: A Sports Fan’s Guide To Cutting The Cord

Jennifer Van Grove, a digital lifestyle reporter for The Union Tribune, joins Jordan Carruth and John Gennaro on Monday evening with a full, detailed guide on how sports fans in San Diego can “cut the cord”. Special Guest: Jordan Carruth.

Duration: 00:21:26

The Politics Episode

John Gennaro and John Browner talk about the fall-out of the 2016 President Election and what President Trump could mean for the future of the country.The Politics Episode

Duration: 00:31:11