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Emmanuel Kelly brings Dr. Marissa to tears

What do you call someone who is born in war-torn Iraq witnessing the worst in human-unkind, left in a box, taken to a Mother Teresa orphanage with no way to walk, only hop...brought to Australia for 11 rehabilitative surgeries surgeries in eight years, adopted by an angel and then follows his desire to be a pop star and goes on X-Factor to standing ovations and a half billion views. His name is Emmanuel Kelly and his journey has a dream to sing his heart in and out continues to inspire and...


Healing from Sexual Trauma with Wendy Darling and Dr. Marissa

If you’re suffering from the Weinstein Effect and are ready for Healing from Sexual Trauma, this Sexual Healing with Dr. Marissa series invites Wendy Darling, transformational results expert to share hope and advice with listeners in studio. Putting the moose on the table, Dr. Marissa’s Canadian version of elephant in the room, the duo address the role of respect and the positive changes now occurring with #metoo in society. Episode sponsored by and...


City Gala Founder Ryan Long and Beneficiaries Dale Godboldo and Lisa Lewolt chat with Dr. Marissa

Calling in from Minnesota, Founder of City Gala/City Summit Ryan Long re-visits my show with this year’s amazing event on Oscar weekend with billionaire speakers where proceeds fund the star studded City Gala after Oscar party...and help seed non-profit beneficiaries like Project Now and Fire Light Foundation founded by Dale Godboldo and Lisa Lewolt respectively who are guests in studio. With a lot of laughter and heart, all agree in promoting the new paradigm where helping others is not a...


Dr. Pat Allen celebrates Dr. Marissa’s 300th show and Valentines!

On her annual visit for Valentines otherwise known as SAD Single Awareness Day Dr. Pat Allen explains why strong women are still unmarried and why men who are attracted to strong women are wusses. In her characteristic no nonsense way, Dr. Pat uses science to support the biology in relationships between the feminine and the masculine Yang Yang energy and how feminism has upset that balance. She explains why kids parents and society are now in trouble because of the loss in valuing stay at...


Quintangled a game of life with Karen Stuth and Dr. Marissa

A new game that captures the shift from Monopoly’s focus on material things acquiring property and staying out of jail is replaced by Quintangled: a game of strategy chance and destiny. Karen, my editor for my upcoming book 8 Ways to Happiness explains how this game incorporate the lessons and wisdom from the ups and downs of life as well as the help that we can have with our destiny with spirit animals and mentors. The eight archetypes parallel Joseph Campbell work in the Heroes journey...


Jocko Marcellino of ShaNaNa and Cathy Richardson of Jefferson Starship talk Woodstock with Dr. Marissa

Jocko Marcellino the 'Na' in the iconic group ShaNaNa tells Dr. Marissa the inside story of how the group was helped by Jimi Hendrix get on stage at Woodstock way back when and trades stories with Cathy Richardson lead singer of Jefferson Starship. Dr. Marissa met Jocko on the Red Carpet at the Grove last year at the Salvation Army Kettle Kick-off Fundraiser. Sha Na Na, as fellow college students at Columbia University in New York in 1969 combined their love for the classics of Rock & Roll...


Relief from PTSD with Dr. Eugene Lipov and Dr. Marissa

Are you experiencing pain from past trauma? Dr. Eugene G. Lipov is a board certified pain specialist. After completing his M.D. at Northwestern University in 1984, he went on to complete advanced pain management training. He is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Illinois, and a Chief Science Officer at GPTSIF focusing on treating PTSD. Dr Lipov has lectured internationally on his innovations and authored over 40 scholarly articles. PLEASE WELCOMEEpisode sponsored...


Santana Andy Vargas and Hug Alliance Rick Morrison help Dr. Marissa bring in the New Year

January 21 2018 is the 32nd National Hug Day and the Hug Alliance will be celebrating it with a huge event at the Agape International Spiritual Center...including breaking three Guinness World Records! The event will include a virtual hug from outer space, the largest hug with the most nationalities, and the longest hug for 21 seconds. Andy Vargas who is involved thanks to Rick Morrison’s longtime association from his RCA days will be performing with his group Souleros and has fun with Dr....


4Authenticity Coach Rainey Highley helps Dr. Marissa bring in the New Year

Rainey Highley talks about her journey to find her own authentic self and how she uses what she’s learned to help others do the same. Bringing in the new year with the wholeness of who you are and the understanding that you don’t have to live your life in the mode of “shoulds”. Giving appreciation to Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Dr. Marissa, Rainey balances out the head and the heart, science and woo woo! Episode sponsored by and


Manhattan Transfer Erin Dickins Sings to Dr. Marissa’s Choir about Positive Thinking

Erin Dickins, Award-winning jazz vocalist and founding member of Manhattan Transfer surprises Dr. Marissa with like-minds on passion music and positive thinking. Erin reminisces on her early roots in music, the genius of Tim Hauser and the changing landscape of music. Episode sponsored by and


Powerhouse Diva Mijan joins Dr. Marissa for annual Holiday Singalong

Dr. Marissa and Mijan Owens also known as the Powerhouse Diva singing away the holiday blues with their favorite Season of Joy songs and talk about music in between sets. Born in the Bronx NY, grew up in the foster system, Mijan started singing at an early age and continues to be a vocal healer. She's shared the stage with Patti Labelle, Stevie Wonder and Snoop Dog to name a few and has had her singles hit various #1 charts here and in the UK. Her newest single From Within came out of her...


Manhattan Transfer Erin Dickins Sings to Dr. Marissa’s Choir about Positive Thinking

Erin Dickins, Award-winning jazz vocalist and founding member of Manhattan Transfer surprises Dr. Marissa with like-minds on passion music and positive thinking. Erin reminisces on her early roots in music, the genius of Tim Hauser and the changing landscape of music. Episode sponsored by and


3 Callers get advice on Improving their sex life from Dr. Marissa and guest Wendy Dibner gives advice on Improving Impact

Dr. Marissa works her BS-calling with 3 callers at the same time...their joint question: how to improve their sex life?! The importance of making time because it is about loving yourself, and dropping all the BS belief systems that get in the way of loving yourself in the realm of romantic relationships. Dr. Marissa puts the moose on the table and Callers admit to some stinkin thinkin and take the balance pledge to start new habits! International best-selling author Wendy Lipton-Dibner...


A Cure for Malaria with Oz Schaefer and Dr. Marissa

Oz Schaefer, President the National Center for Brain Health and inventor of the BrainReader, comes to the studio again to talk about a cure for Malaria. Malaria is one of the most severe public health problems worldwide. 3.2 billion people (half the world’s population) live in areas at risk of malaria transmission in 106 countries and territoriesIn 2012, malaria caused an estimated 207 million clinical episodes, and 627,000 deaths. An estimated 91% of deaths in 2010 were in the African...


Saving Children with Clean Water with Heshie Segal and Dr. Marissa

Dr. Marissa has a wonderful chat with Heshie Segal, speaker, best selling author, coach, consultant, trainer and children’s advocate and founder of Kids Better World, Inc. Her mission is to counteract the deaths of 5000 children per day, as a result of drinking contaminated water.The solution is a special water bottle filtration system that takes out 99.9999% of impurities including bacteria, protozoa, giardia, heavy metals, drug-related chemicals, fire retardants, chlorine, and far more....


Dr. Davina Kotulski shares the story behind Behind Barbed Eyes with Dr. Marissa

Dr. Davina Kotulski is a licensed clinical psychologist, life coach, spiritual counselor, best-selling and Nautilus Gold award-winning author and speaker, and nationally known LGBT rights leader. She is passionate about helping people overcome obstacles to make their dreams come true and spent 13 years working as a psychologist in a federal prison. As a respected leader in the LGBT equality movement, Davina Kotulski has appeared in dozens of documentaries, Newsweek magazine, USA Today,...


Conscious Bedtime Stories with Andrew Newman and Dr. Marissa

Colorado-based author Andrew Newman has published a growing series of children’s books called Conscious Bedtime Stories Club® is already garnering public notice and industry accolades, including four Mom’s Choice Awards® for Excellence Gold Medals for The Boy Who Searched for Silence, The Hug That Got Stuck, The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe, and The Laughing Witch, awarded in May, 2017. Dr. Marissa reads her favorite one about the hug and talk to Andrew about the opportunity that we have...


Cancer Thrivers Fran Drescher and Charlotte Rae inspire Dr. Marissa

It’s cancer awareness and prevention month and Fran Drescher comes on for her second time on the show to talk about the shift in mindset that cancer needs to have… that we all need to understand that we can prevent cancer if we are mindful about what we are putting in and on our bodies. A delightful new guest on the air was Charlotte Rae from Facts of Life who is 91 years young attitude and presence is inspirational and admirable. She’s going through her third round of cancer treatment and...


Akuyoe Graham, Actor, Writer, Social Activist introduces Dr. Marissa to Spirit Awakening

Born in Ghana, Akuyoe Graham is the founder of Spirit Awakening Foundation, an arts organization that mentors incarcerated children, at-risk, foster and runaway youth. Akuyoe tours nationally with her critically acclaimed one-woman play "Spirit Awakening" and can be seen in numerous commercials, independent films and television shows. She is the author of “The Little Book of Transformation/” and the play "Spirit Awakening." The next production is October 28th and is honoring Dr. Michael...


Dr. Monika Singh Awakening in Womb with Dr. Marissa

Dr. Monica Singh is an Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, Speaker and runs a Multi-speciality Hospital alongside her pediatrician husband, in rural India after a his near death experience during his successful practice Delhi. She has delivered over 10,000 babies and developed a keen interest in how mental conditionings & belief systems of the parents and families effect the outcome of pregnancy and condition of the new born. Her newest book Awakening in Womb captures the importance of the...


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