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Get Notified with Ryan Foland

Interviews with Social Media Experts.

Interviews with Social Media Experts.

Interviews with Social Media Experts.
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Irvine, CA


Interviews with Social Media Experts.




Ryan Foland with Mitch Russo: How to Hold Yourself Accountable (Online and Offline)

Mitch Russo has been there and done that. From being in a rock band, to working with Tony Robbins! In all of his experiences, he has found the most power in creating relationships with people who hep keep him accountable. Our conversation was a blast. We talked about how accountability partners can increase your output, giving specific examples that you can use today. (Check out www. We learned how Mitch uses LinkedIn to grow a strong network that turns into...


Ryan Foland with Tiffany Tay and Levi Eastwood: UCI Giving Day, How to Mobilize the Masses Around A Digital Campaign.

This high energy and fun podcast shares best practices for your next digital campaign. UCI raised 1.4 million dollars last year in 24 hours, and this year the goal is 2,400 gifts in 24 hours. I talk with Tiffany and Levi who are the boots on the ground at UCI, developing and marketing this massive campaign in the second year. We talk strategy that can apply to a variety of online efforts that need participation from various communities. Using metaphor we break down the process in terms that...


Ryan Foland with Daniel Gefen: A Self Help Addict’s Approach to Social Media

In my talk with Daniel, we discussed how self doubt, procrastination and indecision can keep you from your own greatness. A self identified “Self Help Addict,” Daniel shares insights from his new book. He shares how you can make your fears your friend and achieve anything your heart desires. When it comes to social media, we covered the art of taking action, because without action nothing gets done. Are you putting off creating content? Are you making excused for posting regularly? If so,...


Ryan Foland with Michelle Tillis Lederman - Connecting Your Way To What You Want

Are you a connector? Find out what connecting means and how you can get better at it. In today's show, I talk with Michelle Tillis Lederman. She is named one of Forbes Top 25 Networking Experts, is the author of three books including The 11 Laws of Likability and her latest Nail the Interview, Land the Job. Michelle is the CEO of Executive Essentials which provides custom communication and leadership training and coaching programs. Michelle has appeared on NBC, CBS, Fox, Gayle King, and...


Ryan Foland and Michelle Marr: Building Your Social Media Foundation From Ground Zero

Michelle Marr is celebrating her 1 year anniversary at UCI Pharmacy Sciences, and she reflects on how she has built their social media from ground zero. After learning Michelle's backstory, we unpack the power of storytelling when it comes to sharing on social media. This fun interview is full of tips, tricks and it will leave you motivated to tap into your inner storyteller. Tune in and "Get Notified!"


Ryan Foland and Bubba B The MC: How the World Changed in 2007 and Why it Matters

Do you know what happened in 2007 that permanently changed the world's future? It was the introduction of the iPhone. It turned phones from communication devices to entertainment devices. Meet Bubba B The MC, he is an inspirational speaker and musician who raps lyrics that are kid-friendly, while helping adults remember that they are kids at heart. This show was full of inspiration, insight, and good ole fashion conversation. And of course, with two MC's on the radio waves, there is some...


Ryan Foland with Adi Abili and David Gimenez: AngelHack and Social Media for Startups

In this episode, we talk about hackathons and meet the winning startup team of AngerHack's Global Demo Day, They are helping millennials save more money! The conversation was around how startups can leverage social media. Adi, expert startup mentor shares her thoughts on platforms, content, market and most importantly, how to use your voice in sharing online. Learn more about AngelHack at Tune in and "Get Notified!"


Ryan Foland with Vice Provost Doug Haynes - Confronting Extremism

In this interview Ryan talks with Doug Haynes, Vice Provost of the Office of Inclusive Excellence at UCI. The conversation covers what UCI is doing to promote diversity and tolerance on campus, as well as a larger conversation about confronting extremism. Namely those who deny science and human rights. Tune in and "Get Notified."


Ryan Foland with Sachin Narode and Marva Allen: Successful Marketing Campaigns Gone Viral

Feeling lost at sea in big marketing conferences? Almost as if your team didn’t get the attention or audience you paid to pitch for? Maybe it’s time to do more than survive… it’s time to thrive with the smaller Survive and Thrive (@survivethrive17) startup boot camp. If you want to hear the Ginger MC himself Ryan Foland talk about his 3-1-3 program in person (and maybe get a little mentorship in), book your spot today at Get Notified guests are the CEOs and...


Ryan Foland with Chai Forest: Facebook Fun with LightsCamera.FUND

Lights, Camera, Action… or maybe just a microphone and a GingerMC. Get ready for Get Notified with Chai Forest (@ChaiForest), a Los Angeles filmmaker who’s making a splash on social media. Find out how to use Facebook Live to stream your creative process, inviting fans into the process to ensure your product has an audience. Chai’s digital campaign #hugaclerk made waves in the Twitter world, but it was inspired by the real life tragedy that inspired his first feature documentary Killing...


Ryan Foland with Derek Michael Johnston: Beads, Beanies and Britney Spears

Make money from your quirky art hobby as we talk Twitter with a celebrity beaded hat artist. Several celebrities have received and retweeted these beanies so our host the GingerMC himself Ryan Foland dives into some of Derek Johnston’s Twitter tips -- and gives some advice of his own! Twitter can be an excellent platform for insider marketing as we learn how to connect with fans to get a following and get noticed here with Get Notified. The beanie wizard himself Derek Michael Johnston...


Ryan Foland with David Baird: Launching Gigmore a Live Music Marketplace

Rock out to this episode of Get Notified made for all entrepreneurs, musicians included! Gigmore (@gigmore) is a live music marketplace with a new website that just launched, trying to connect independent music with the right venue. Learn how to market your new project with your host Ryan Foland as we treat musicians as entrepreneurs and bands as small businesses. Our guest this week is Gigmore’s founder and CEO David Baird (@davidwbaird), a musician himself and the former head of AOL’s...


Ryan Foland with Tucker and Janna Parris: A Knife Maker who is Forging his Way in Social Media

Cutting his way through Instagram with his hand forged knives, our guest this week is a master blacksmith who works here at UCI with his wife, a marketing specialist. Get Notified gets the inside scoop on instagram stories, where anyone can hashtag their way to a niche following. Learn how to balance personal and professional in one account -- after all, promoting your small business sure looks better with a filter! Tucker and Janna Parris are a UCI power couple. Tucker (@tapforge) is a...


Ryan Foland with Mark Hylander and Lawrence Schau: Building a Brand for You and a Band

“If art fills space, music fills time,” and nothing fills up an hour like an episode of “Get Notified.” Your host Ryan Foland harnesses the power of twitter to bring together Veris (@weareveris), a hot new band, and a branding expert for an episode you won’t want to miss. Music sometimes speaks the truth better than words could, but for professionals, it’s just a different form of creative content to market. Engaging content that crosses social media platforms to tell a comprehensive story...


Ryan Foland with Rob Lubow: Finding the Music in Your Writing

Are you fighting with your writing? Bed ridden with writers’ block? Writings rhythm remaining hidden? Reframe your thinking and give the art of composition a try, as our guest on “Get Notified” Rob Lubow uses his music degree to copy write. Here to talk about creating engaging content in all its forms, we also have our very own communication expert, the Ginger MC himself Ryan Foland. Rob Lubow has worked at several major agencies as a copywriter, creative director, and startup founder. He...


Ryan Foland with Dennis Brown: Polishing Your Profile - The Social Media Essentials

Bemused by the ins and outs of social selling? We’re unpacking the mystery of B2B and B2C marketing -- giving you easy to digest content, so you seem smarter without working harder. As always, we promise practical take aways with maximum impact as we learn how to hit hard in our LinkedIn headlines and keep all our profiles polished for short online attention spans. This week “Get Notified” brings you along for the ride on an in depth audit of a real LinkedIn profile. Our guest Dennis Brown...


Ryan Foland with Swarochish Goswami (AKA Swish): Social Selling in a Swish

Do you feel locked out of the LinkedIn network? Confused or bemused by your competitor’s kick ass content? Unsure whether LinkedIn is even the right fit for your personal branding needs? Well, look no further as this week on “Get Notified” we separate fact from fiction, and dive deep into the art of selling through social storytelling. Our guest this week has become known as the LinkedIn pro since growing his following to over 26,000 people in under 6 months. Find out how 20-year-old...


Ryan Foland with Sia Yaghobi: Future Social Media Trends with the Oracle of OC

This week go all in as we take a sneak peek into the future of content marketing with @TheOracleOfOC and the Ginger MC, coming at you with exclusive insight found only on “Get Notified.” As our guest Sia Yaghobi says “if you’re interested you’ll do what’s convenient, but if you’re committed you’ll do what it takes” -- so tune in and find out what it takes to make your startup successful, find your niche market, and what to do next when you take a risk that doesn’t pay off. Focussed on...


Ryan Foland with Dr. Rick Van Etten, Lana Clay and Carlin Motley: Fighting for the Anti-Cancer Challenge with Social Media

Today’s episode features three unbelievably inspiring stories, as we talk to a cancer doctor, a cancer survivor, and the person in charge of planning the first ever UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge event! Tune into the break down what it takes to plan a fundraising event online, and how to make peer-to-peer fundraising work for you. “Get Notified” to hear first hand an incredible story of survival, and find out ways to support the event through social media. Whether it’s a Facebook group, or a...


Ryan Foland with Daniel Lacalle: Get Notified Goes Global by Branding for a Diverse Audience

In this episode, we are joined by author and international speaker Daniel Lacalle. Together, we’ll be discussing how to use social media to distil complex messages into practical take-aways that people can understand. We dive into how Daniel has used social media to create an international brand and some of his strategies for unifying your message across many borders. Daniel Lacalle has written three best-selling books, Life In The Financial Markets, The Energy World Is Flat and Escape...


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