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Creating Wealth and Real Estate Investing

Creating Wealth and Real Estate Investing
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Creating Wealth and Real Estate Investing






171: How To Attract Great Tenants, How To Profit From Inflation

Your tenant is your customer. I discuss how to attract and retain great tenants. You must think about how your tenant thinks. The quality of the asset you buy affects the quality of the tenant that you will attract. Six qualities tenants want are: 1) safety 2) move-in-ready condition 3) short commute distance 4) upgrades 5) neighborhood amenities 6) rent amount. It’s not about what you would want in a rental unit, it’s about what your tenant wants. Next, I tell you how to profit from...

Duration: 00:35:35

170: How To Enrich Yourself And Leave A Rich Legacy with Rachel Jensen

You can live a rich life and leave a rich legacy at the same time. Guest Rachel Jensen and I discuss how. Timber is a hard asset that physically grows in size, and often grows in value at the same time. Your real estate, gold, or stock share might increase in value - but it doesn’t increase in size at the same time like timber does. Among timber varieties, you’ve probably heard of teak wood but might not know much about it. It has great value due to its durability. Teak’s natural oils...

Duration: 00:41:38

169: State Of The Real Estate Market, Property Management | GRE Listener Jacob Ayers

If you want profit, your real estate’s rent income-to-purchase price ratio matters most. I reveal the top five cities for this vital ratio. I discuss how the media often gets real estate investing wrong. I talk about how to handle your relationship with your Property Manager. Renters have conventionally been young, single, less educated, and low to middle income. You’ll learn about how quickly this is changing. When did renters get so old? Of all product types, more renters are...

Duration: 00:41:04

168: Permanent Tax Reduction For Real Estate Investors with Tom Wheelwright

Reduce your taxes by 10-40% in just three months. Rich Dad Tax Advisor Tom Wheelwright is back again to tell us how. Tom and I discuss the IRS’ coveted Real Estate Professional designation - the benefits, what you must do, and what you must not do. If you outsource property management, will that prevent you from the RE Professional designation? Some U.S. states have annoyingly high transfer taxes. We discuss a strategy to avoid paying it. Want more wealth? 1) Grab my free E-book and...

Duration: 00:34:50

167: The Infinite Banking Concept with M.C. Laubscher, the Cashflow Ninja

Want to own your own bank? Today’s guest, M.C. Laubscher, tells you how and why. The “Infinite Banking Concept” provides you with liquidity, tax-free growth, and your own control outside the banking system. Many real estate investors utilize the Infinite Banking Concept, aka “Cashflow Banking” to increase their rates of return. Today’s guest also hosts the Cashflow Ninja podcast. First, I tell you how you are giving more to others than you think. You are already more generous than you...

Duration: 00:38:18

166: Your Biggest Tax Change in Decades with Rich Dad Advisor Tom Wheelwright

Changes to the 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange, 27.5 year tax depreciation, the Estate Tax and more are coming. It will affect you as an investor. Rich Dad Advisor Tom Wheelwright is back with us. He details the winners and losers expected from the most sweeping tax reform that the U.S. is set to experience since 1986. First, Keith discusses 6.2% national real estate appreciation, and different ways to think about real estate diversification. Individual tax benefits are going away. Business...

Duration: 00:36:29

165: Quitting Your Job and Time vs. Money with GRE’s Marcus Whelan

Overcome the fear of quitting your job and replacing it with passive income from real estate investing. Avoid these mistakes before you quit your job. I discuss some mindsets that you should adopt before you quit (if you even want to). I open up to you and tell you how I felt and what I thought about quitting my job. Time vs. money - which one is more important? I give a clear answer. People fear future poverty. That’s one reason why most choose money over time. We discuss which one...

Duration: 00:37:10

164: Rich Dad Advisor Darren Weeks Tells You How To Raise Capital For Deals

It doesn’t take money to make money - not your money anyway. Rich Dad Advisor Darren Weeks is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and is an expert at raising capital from others in order to fund real estate deals. He gives us the exact script that he uses for raising money from others. A confused mind won’t buy. People only buy from you if they trust you and like you. He tells us how to quickly build this trust with strangers. Darren finds people for funding real estate deals at...

Duration: 00:51:14

163: Home Equity: Why Financially Free Beats Debt Free

Financially-Free Beats Debt-Free. You hear me say it all the time. Home equity is a terrible investment - it is unsafe, illiquid, has zero ROI, makes your foreclosure risk greater, and it can leave your assets exposed to lawsuits. Some have called today’s material shocking - a revelation. What you thought was black is white. What you thought was dark is light. Home equity can never go up in value, but might go down value. You must embrace mortgages. I collect mortgages every bit as much...

Duration: 00:46:52

162: Understanding Leverage Ratio, Your Financial Freedom Number and Investing In Real Estate with Clayton Morris

Learn about leverage ratios, how leverage can grow your wealth using other people’s money, and how to be protected from leverage risk. Keith provides the most important takeaways from the New Orleans Investment Conference. Next, Clayton Morris, former news anchor on the number one cable news show in the world, and host of the podcast Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris, talks to us about his wealth building realization. His website is Clayton explains what the...

Duration: 00:49:33

161: Common Asset Protection Mistakes, and LLC Updates featuring Garrett Sutton

What makes you weird makes you successful. Embrace what makes you “abnormal”. Why? Because being wealthy isn’t normal. Inflation transfers wealth from lenders to borrowers. Therefore, be a smart borrower. Next, Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton joins us with updates to protect yourself and your real estate with Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). His website is We learn about common asset protection mistakes. Garrett tells us why flip properties and buy-and-hold...

Duration: 00:41:03

160: 19 Fatal Turnkey RE Investor Mistakes with Terry Kerr & Liz Nowlin

You want cash flow that is stable and durable. Today’s guests, Terry Kerr and Liz Nowlin from Mid South Home Buyers, tell us how both they and Memphis, TN delivers. We discuss the 19 due diligence questions that you need to ask when you’re vetting a turnkey real estate investing provider. When you purchase real estate “turnkey”, the property is already renovated and tenanted. That way, your provider maintains more risk before you purchase the property. Learn about the neighborhood...

Duration: 00:36:18

159: Real Estate Negotiation with the American Negotiation Institute's Founder, Kwame Christian

Negotiation is a substantial part of real estate and investing. We discuss exactly what you do when the tenant wants to pay the rent late. I tell you exactly how I negotiated the price and terms on the very home that I live in today! Then our guest, Kwame Christian, Founder of the American Negotiation Institute joins us. He defines negotiation as “A conversation where somebody wants something.” Three uses of negotiation: 1) Use offensively. 2) Use defensively. 3) Strengthening...

Duration: 00:50:08

158: Massive Cash Flow From Assisted Living Homes with Gene Guarino

Generate $5,000 to $15,000 monthly cash flow from one single-family home converted into an Assisted Living Home (ALH). The demographic trend is your friend. Every year 1.4 million Americans are turning age 85. To invest in ALHs, begin with the property’s location. We discuss exact numbers on how a Profit & Loss Statement differs from that of residential cash-flowing turnkey property. You optimize income by attracting “Private Pay” residents, not Medicare/Medicaid residents. We discuss...

Duration: 00:54:01

157: Cash Flow From Agricultural Real Estate with David Sewell

With steadier cash flows than residential real estate, 100% occupancy, zero chance of tenant damage to your property, appreciation potential, and a low cost of entry, anyone can own part of their own cacao (chocolate) farm in Latin America. Investors like you can own individually deeded ½ acre parcels of cacao trees, turnkey managed, and expect to yield cash flow on an annual basis from the harvest and sale of cacao, chocolate and its related products. David Sewell, Founder of the Belize...

Duration: 00:46:08

156: Meet Nick Bond: Age 22, College Graduate, Unemployable

Unemployable by choice, Nick Bond, age 22, is a recent college graduate that is building his own real estate business rather than getting a job. School grades aren’t any more predictive of success than rolling a pair of dice. I discuss Boston College research that supports this. Valedictorians don’t become billionaires. Millionaires have an average college GPA of 2.9. Is it worth it to go to college? College is more expensive in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world. Yet at the same...

Duration: 00:36:18

155: Savvy Real Estate Investing and Flipping with Real Estate Deal Talk’s Abhi Golhar

Do what Amazon does. That is what you are doing when you invest passively in income property. But it’s easier than building a business like Amazon. Like Amazon Prime, your RE portfolio has a recurring income stream. Amazon provides society with non-discretionary items like household goods; RE investors provide society the non-discretionary household itself. Today’s guest, Abhi Golhar of Real Estate Deal Talk, emphasizes why cash flow is king today. He is exiting many flips in order to...

Duration: 00:37:50

154: Specialty Mortgage Loan Products (After 10 Properties) with Ridge Lending Group’s Caeli Ridge

After you have 10 financed residential properties and you want more, we discuss your options. These Specialty Loan Products are exciting. Example: 25% down, 5.9% interest rate today, 30-year amortization. We learn this today from Ridge Lending Group President and CEO Caeli Ridge after she first reviews qualification criteria for the first 10. I also discuss a simple way for you to increase your Cash-On-Cash Return with no extra money out of your pocket. We discuss what’s changed with...

Duration: 00:36:12

153: State Of The Real Estate Market, Housing Affordability, Hurricanes

Where are real estate prices headed? I discuss this with Kathy Fettke of The Real Wealth Network. Demand still exceeds supply in many places. But in coastal areas, affordability problems could be a constraint on future appreciation. The latest Case-Shiller 20-City Index shows 5.7% year-over-year housing price growth. Though this surely an imperfect metric, it is a historically sustainable growth rate. It is also supported with responsible lending. Kathy & I have each invested through...

Duration: 00:48:09

152: Missouri Markets: St. Louis and Kansas City RE Investing with John Larson

I recently made a real estate market field trip to St. Louis, Missouri. As one of the 20 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, its job growth and diversity of business sectors support durable rental income streams for real estate investors. Typical price points are $1,100 rents and $110,000 purchase prices for single-family income property in St. Louis. St. Louis has city inspectors - upside: this supports neighborhood condition, downside: they must be complied with. Kansas City, Missouri is...

Duration: 00:38:59

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