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Episode 33 - Kyle Brost

“…I should have asked WAY more questions up front that I didn’t ask because I felt like they were stupid. I felt like, if I asked, then the client would think, ‘Why are you asking that?’” Kyle Brost kind of fell into entrepreneurship. Got there by accident. He wasn’t a good employee, so he ended up working for himself. He started with a cleaning company and grew to a business strategy company. Now, he asks his client key question, “If you hit your financial targets, how is anybody’s life...


Episode 32 - Kim Monaghan

“Be true to who you are and believe in yourself. There are so many people out there that need you for your gifts and talents…” - Kim Monaghan Kim Monaghan is a career coach who believes mentors help push their clients/mentees outside of their comfort zone so that they can grow. To see that happen first-hand has an empowering effect. She also believes that asking for help is necessary, not only to a successful professional life, but a successful personal life as well. "When you’re...


Episode 31 - Joe Pulizzi

“If you’re not happy with (your job) and you feel you could do more, it’s your responsibility as a human being to do something about it.” When people think about Joe Pulizzi, 2 things come to mind: 1) Content Marketing 2) The color orange. He is commonly known as "the Godfather of Content Marketing." Joe helped take an industry that's been around for several years and define it to the point that several marketing professionals have built successful careers out of it, and there's a...


Episode 30 - Andy Crestodina

“We should all be guiding our lives, designing our lives, to do the things we want to do, to be with the people we want to be with and to be in the places we want to be. It’s choice! Change is actually right around the corner if you just decide to do it.” Andy Crestodina is the type of professional everyone wants to meet. He's smart, charismatic, and very good at what he does. What makes him the type of professional everyone wants to meet it, he's genuinely interested in helping...


Episode 29 - Alison Stratten

"It takes a lot of work to look this relaxed..." Alison Stratten is a pro at getting shit done. She holds 2 degrees, started her own lingerie business, published multiple books, and hosts a podcast that's been going on for 4 years! Her and her husband, Scott Stratten, form the brand UnMarketing. What they do best is highlight awesome businesses being awesome and bad businesses being bad. They embody the human persona, and not just from a consumer standpoint, but as a regular person. They...


Episode 28 - Michael Brenner

"Empathy is the counter-intuitive secret to success." Who do you know that has held 53 (yes, fifty three, that is NOT a typo) jobs and still ended up successful? Michael Brenner, that's who! Who is he? After his 53 jobs, he's become a speaker at global events (he's been named a top business keynote speaker by Huffington Post), author, and CEO of his own company. He's also been named a top CMO Influencer by Forbes! He believes that marketing has a marketing problem -> “It’s really hard...


Episode 27 - Michael Dermer

"Information is everywhere, but perspective is rare." Michael Dermer is "The Lonely Entrepreneur." Through a discussion with a friend, he came to the realization that the journey of an entrepreneur is a very lonely one: no one is there to help you, or show you the path (since there is no "correct" path) to success, until you apply the *unsexy* processes of getting shit done. We hear often that passion and grit are what it takes to be successful running a business on your own. But did you...


Episode 26 - Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy is what's commonly known as an "entrepreneur." She started her own content writing company, Express Writers, 7 years ago and she has grown it to a very successful company with several employees. Although most would call her successful, Julia's success didn't come without some MAJOR road blocks. But she was able to work through the hard times, she was transparent and honest with her clients when shit hit the fan, and got shit done. The best part? Her company continues to set...


Episode 25 - Karen Solt

I believe, to this date, this is my LONGEST episode, and rightfully so! Karen is as genuine as the come. She's a holistic coach who cares deeply about helping others and leaving her mark on the universe. She is kind, she is caring, and most of all, understanding which (at times) feels like a rarity. Her dog, Paco, is her source of peace and happiness as he keeps her centered. You may have also seen Karen on fellow GSD-er JP Sears' "Purposeful Pointlessness" live videos on Facebook where...


Episode 24 - Ayelet Baron

Ayelet Baron is a rare gem. She understand people AND business. She's one of those who's looking out for others above herself. Having been through the corporate ringer, she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to expecting and getting the best from your teams. It's all about passion and respect! Her book, "Our Journey To Corporate Sanity," she talks with several successful business-people about logical sense in business which, sadly, feels like a relative term at this point. So many...


Episode 23 - Winnie Sun

Winnie Sun is the epitome of doing good, looking out for others, working hard, and getting shit done. She is the Managing Director and Founding Partner of Sun Group Wealth Partners, a trusted financial fiduciary consulting firm providing financial planning services to small business owners, senior executives, celebrities, and established families throughout the West Coast. With more than 16 years of experience in the financial services industry, Winnie has been selected as Investment...


Episode 22 - Aaron Orendorff

Aaron Orendorff is a writer who is saving the world from bad content through his brand, iConiContent. Don't believe me? Just check out the laundry list of well respected websites & blogs that have featured his content: Mashable FastCompany LifeHacker Entrepreneur CopyBlogger Content Marketing Institute Social Media Examiner Marketing Profs The Huffington Post Aaron also carries about him a perspective and confidence that most others would envy with this hashtag...


Episode 21 - Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael is know for one word: Believe. He's an entrepreneur who's built a reputation on Getting Shit Done. He believes entrepreneurs will save the word, compared to governments and corporations; I'm inclined to agree as entrepreneurs see gaps in society and try to fill them. Evan is always looking to help people out, and it's evident on his YouTube Channel as he models the masters with his several videos on some of the most well known, popular, recognizable, and influential...


Episode 20 - Jay Baer

Jay Baer, master of the plaid sport coat, and one of the top content marketers in the field. If you look up social, digital, or content marketing, odd are you will run into Jay Baer. Jay has spent years educating brands and marketers alike on the best practices of regular and online marketing and advertising. When he's not bestowing his words of wisdom upon professionals, he can be seen as a judge at chili contests. It's okay to be envious of him, we are, too. We won't spill too much of...


Episode 19 - Leah Ingram

Leah's a fan of the mantra, "If you're not growing, you're dying." She's an avid goal setter and that has helped her publish FIFTEEN (yes, that 15) books in her lifetime. Her first article publication came when she was 17, for Seventeen magazine! Leah's is a product of her hard work and her success shows. Always the exception, but humble enough to not let it get to her head. She only writes about stuff she knows. She's a firm believer in having big goals, but creating small ones that lead...


Episode 18 - JP Sears

As funny as he is, JP Sears is one of the most genuinely authentic people you could come across. I was ecstatic to have JP on the GSDChat for obvious reasons: he’s a big public figure right now, his videos are amazing, and his sarcastically witty sense of humor perfectly aligns with mine. Going into this recording, I went into it thinking I’d get more of the JP “character” that we see in his videos, but what I got instead was a very genuine, honest, and down-to-earth human being. It was an...


Episode 17 - Pam Didner

The Queen of global marketing. Pam worked at Intel for several years. Started out as a CPA & moved all around the company, ending up in Global strategy. Her roles have always surrounded global. Favorite part of global marketing…understanding different cultures & environments. She believes that sometimes your preparedness doesn’t always produce the results you think it will. She also thinks being added to lists (such as one of the top Global Marketers) can be overrated. There’s nothing...


Episode 16 - Chip Eichelberger

What are the last 10 books you've read? That's a question Chip enjoys asking people he meets. How would you answer it? Can you remember even the last 5 that you've read? Chip Eichelberger is a guy who helps others Get Switched On. He travels 100 days a year to various companies and events giving presentations on how to better yourself and become the best you. Jim Rohn is a big influence in his professional career; Chip has worked with Tony Robbins for a handful of years as his international...


Episode 15 - Ben Rome

Ben is a multiple award-winning marketing manager. He enjoys being a jack of all trades, yet his passions lie in writing, including script writing. If you ask him, he'll tell you that he's living his dream, being able to write. He has freelanced for all kinds of industries and loves to mix things up to keep him on his toes. Ben is also an avid gamer, but is one those types that likes to take the road less traveled as opposed to playing the game the way it was meant to be played, he...


Episode 14 - Monina Wagner

*Fair Warning* The "F" bomb, in jest, is dropped towards the end of this episode as I ask Mo what her favorite swear word is. "Mo" is the community manager for the Content Marketing Institute and there isn't a more fitting person to lead the community that CMI has. Mo is very personable, empathetic, laid back, goofy, dorky, and downright awesome. Mo believes that teams in the workplace are great for moral support, especially in the times when things don't always go right. She's found...


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