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61. The Bone Collector

Emergency podcast mode activate! It took us longer than expected to get this week's episode in the can but we got to the podcast regardless. This week The Bone Collector is our film and let us say, it's terrible. Denzel decided that while making a boxing movie he could make a second movie where he lays down in a bed the whole time to recover from his boxing scenes. The results are about what you'd expect. Angelina Jolie also stars as the classic trope of the ex-supermodel turned cop who also...


60. The Snowman

This week on GTTP we're diving right into the 2017 MASTERPIECE The Snowman! Poor poor Michael Fassbender... you know not what you've done. Topics include: the curious case of Val Kilmer, the behind the scenes turmoil that lead to this disaster, and a frank discussion of the character's accents in the film. Time to buckle up and Get to the Podcast!!


59. The Matrix

Woah. This week GTTP revisits one of the most influential sci fi/action movies of all time: The Matrix. Did the sequels ruin their enjoyment of the original? Was Keanu Reeves' stiff as a board Neo personality a choice or was he just... a stiff? Is the movie's existence worth all the terrible knock offs it inspired? All that and much more in this week’s edition of Get to the Podcast.


58. The Fan

Get to the Podcast celebrates the great Robert De Niro this week with the overlooked gem that is 1996's The Fan. Baseball logic is seemingly tossed out the window in this tale of fame and obsession. Does the movie hold up twenty years later? Does Cali know good acting when he sees it? DOES THIS EPISODE CONTAIN THE GREATEST PIECE OF MOVIE TRIVIA OF ALL TIME?! Might as well get to the podcast and find out!


57. IT

We all float down here, in a podcast about the great/underwhelming smash hit of 2017, IT. This week is a tale of two halves of a movie, one half is a shitty horror movie that isn’t scary, and the other, a great story about friendship, growing up and overcoming fears. Also, there’s a clown that eats children. So strap in and get ready to Get to the Podcast.


56. Fear

It's a Mark Wahlberg f%$#fest this week on GTTP. This one hits close to home as we chart the rise and fall(?) of Boston's least beloved icon via discussing the 90's banger FEAR. Topics include: the most sloppy movie kissing of all time, Alyssa Milano's powers of seduction, and yet another example of movie police being completely inept. It's time to Get to the Podcast ked!


55. Bright

This week GTTP is diving into David Ayer's newest movie, Bright. Join us in a gritty cop movie set in South Central LA, no, not Training day, no, not Harsh Times, no, not End of Watch, no, not Street Kings, this is the one with Orcs. Bright is Netflix's first foray into the blockbuster genre and they spared no expense, except in using an original plot of course. Is this movie the victim of a movie studio funded smear campaign via critics? Is Will Smith back? Could they have possibly found...


54. End of Days

Mother. Of. God. Well this is the episode that will dictate who the true fans of the podcast are. There was a dog related delay, multiple stops relating to leaf blowers, and hands down the most out of control discussion topic we've ever covered on the show: Satan's "speed". We also talked about a movie too, End of Day, starring Arnold, tho for this episode that's a secondary topic. Happy New Year and Get to the Podcast!


53. Home Alone

Get to the Podcast celebrates the holidays in style with the 90s classic HOME ALONE. Operation Dumbo Drop, The Mighty Ducks...Home Alone. We know where our bread is buttered. The question of Kevin McCallister child abuse/neglect, the toll of being a child megastar, and the foul mouth of Joe Pesci the god all make an appearance on this one. Happy holidays everyone, now get to the motha f%$#in podcast!


52. Open Range (A Horse Movie)

This week on GTTP we're going back to that wonderful Kevin Costner well with the underrated 2003 western OPEN RANGE. It took 51 episodes, but Sir Cali Dillon finally admits his disdain of the genre is completely illogical and praises the slower elements of this great film...well that or he complains about horses and people buying candy in stores or something. Spoiler alert: we disagreed on this one. Whichever side you hang your hat on, it's time to Get to the god damn Podcast.


51. Virtuosity

My. God. This week GTTP goes into 1995 to try and figure out what the hell Denzel Washington was thinking when he took this role. A movie that features three Academy Award winners has never looked this bad. It's hard to choose between the Swiss cheese plot, the horrible overacting and absurd premises of this movie as to which ruined it most. A rip off of GTTP favorite, Demolition Man, this movie is somehow shameless in stealing and yet unable to do it properly, leaving us with a gem of a...


50. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Woah! 50th Episode! What better way to celebrate our podcasting journey than by reviewing Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure? This week we discuss such movie related topics as Eli Manning getting benched, and Jim Carrey. Also we discuss whether Keanu Reeves has been method acting his entire life and whether this movie is really a fake Westworld style universe (According to Ryan and Ryan only). Episode 5-0, thanks for the listens and as always Get To The Podcast!


49. Snatch

D'ya like dags?


48. The Might Ducks

This week we review a movie about a man who has been dealing with the death of his father, twenty years of depression, alcoholism, inadequacy and overcompensation; a movie about forgiving yourself and moving on with your life, that's right, we're doing The Mighty Ducks! This children's movie features the most evil man in movie history, multiple brain injuries, bounties on children's health, a child pimping out his own mother and the Flying V. Quack Quack and Get To The Podcast!


47. Death Proof

It's a tale of two movie halves on this week's Get to the Podcast. Up this week is Quentin Tarantino's magnum opus: DEATH PROOF. Jk it's awful...or is it? There's a little bit of disagreement on this one so get to the podcast and see where your allegiance lies!


46. Rambo

This week on GTTP method podcasting makes it’s return as Harnish fights through his ripped out throat with use of a cough drop to review Rambo. Listen in as these two discuss Sly’s attempt to use film to end genocide despite seemingly every person he meets disrespecting him along the way. Also a debate about if a hated character is a good character and how a priest is able to hire a team of mercenaries.


45. Top Five Horror Villains

Happy Halloween from GTTP! We decided to drop a bonus episode to celebrate one of film's most celebrated holidays by doing a rundown of our favorite horror villains of all time. Is your favorite villain on this list too? Possibly, if not let us know who we're missing, enjoy the extra episode and Get to the Podcast.


44. Freddy Vs. Jason

Happy Halloween from GTTP! For this years ep we’ve chosen to bring you possibly the greatest movie crossover film of all time: Freddy Vs. Jason. What you see is what you get with this one. There’s everything you could want from a slasher film, bad acting, nudity, gore, more gore, a virgin who survives. Get to the podcast and find out who wins this epic showdown (spoiler alert it's the audience).


43. The Bodyguard

This week on GTTP Whitney Houston's movie star charisma cannot be denied. On tap for ep 43: video camera assassination technique, supposed epic fails at the editing level of the movie, and the legacy of the greatest song usage in the history of cinema. Time to get to the podcast!


42. Jaws 2

One year in the books! Happy anniversary to GTTP. 42 eps and one year later we're getting to the one that started it all: Jaws 2. Another week another on set feud that almost brought the production down. Did Jaws 2 inadvertently set up Jaws the Revenge? Why was their a killer whale off the cost of Martha's Vineyard? WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THE SHARK BULLETS?! Happy anniversary now Get to the Podcast mo fo's.


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