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SoulFlow Mini-Podcast: Resolutions, Intentions and Goals

Let's talk about how we can truly connect with our new goals and intentions so that we can assure that they are in alignment with our highest good! Winter and New Year Blessings, Mira

Duration: 00:08:07

Abundance and Blessings for 2018

Sending Winter & New Year Blessings of Abundance and Prosperity to everyone. May we all pierce through the illusions of the world and remember that at the core of our beings we are the emobdiemnt of Abundance, Prosperity and that we are all truly Blessed. Blessings, Mira

Duration: 00:23:11

Soul Flow Mini-Podcat: You are Peace

Love and Blessings, Just a simple reminder that Peace is within you-- not in what you are doing and material things. The price tag is small and the rewards are great when surrender to Peace. Blessings & Peace, Mira

Duration: 00:17:41

Competition and Aspects of Mastering Vibrations

Don't Compete...Evolve No other Being is your Competition and this includes Yourself. Happy Evolving, Mira

Duration: 00:06:23

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Bless Yourself [Episode 25]

Stop waiting for someone else to give you something that you have the Divine Power and Divine Inner Authority within to give yourself. Blessings and Joy--Mira

Duration: 00:05:30

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Sacred Partnership [Episode 24]

The medicine of Sacred Partnership teaches us how to be the Witness for ourselves so that we may more fully serve as the Witness for the Evolution of our Beloved Ones. Light & Love, Mira

Duration: 00:07:49

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Healing Powers of Water [Episode 23]

Let's talk about the magic of "Water" and the important role it plays in balancing our channels physiologically and spiritually. When we take into account that we are composed primarily of water and that water carries vibrations/energy signatures we can see how water is such a potent tool for healing. Be Blessed, Mira video links on Dr Masaru Emoto:

Duration: 00:07:21

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Gifts [Episode 22]

Because we all have gifts and part of the work here on Earth is to explore these gifts and use them to inform our journey in this lifetime. Using tools of discernment and boundaries enable us to work these gifts and not be worked by them. Blessings, Mira

Duration: 00:12:07

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Slow Down and Be Present [Episode 21]

Let's talk about the Truth of where the Higher Self lives and two of the most powerful illusions of this world. [Hint]- These illusions constantly keep our wheels spinning in order to keep up with the "world".

Duration: 00:03:51

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast:Balancing Energies [Episode 020]

It's time to stop nurturing our imbalances and turn our attention on living in balance with creation energies.

Duration: 00:04:43

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast- Your Relationship to Self [Episode 19]

Helllllllloooo Dear Ones, I have just one question this week... How solid is your relationship with yourself and do you know what baggage you bring to your relationships ? -Mira In the word of E. Badu -"Pack Light...."

Duration: 00:04:46

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast-Holding space for kids aka Parenting [Episode 18]

Blessings All, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the lessons/reminders that I have learned while holding space for my kiddos. We have a wonderful tool in our parenting pratice that we use regularly to encourage our little ones to practice stillness and to helps us uphold boundaries. Whether you are parent, guardian or family member, this tool is going to be super useful. Many thanks to my mother-in-law for sharing this tool with our little family. If you want to hear more head...

Duration: 00:10:49

When Love Isn't Enough

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to share some wisdom that I have learned over the years in my relationships involving Love. Here are two of my favorite nutrients that Love requires to grow and thrive in any relationship. Cuffers beware...I know that Cuffing Season has started so ya might want to assess if you are really going to be sustained and nourished long-term in whatever relationships you start this Fall. Until we meet again may you all have health in the body and peace in the mind.

Duration: 00:06:44

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Root of Our Expectations [Episode 16]

Blessings All Have you ever wondered what your expectations reflect about your healing process? If so grab, your journal and tune in; you might be surprised what you find. Love and Light, Mira

Duration: 00:06:22

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast:Giving and Receiving

Often times our energies and beliefs towards givings show up in what we receive and manifest. Lets dig deep, grab your journal and sit with the questions: 1) "What is my relationship towards giving and receiving?" 2)"How do my energies and beliefs that surround giving show up in what I receive or manifest in my life?" 3) "Is there a pattern or strong correlation?" 4) "How do the energies and beliefs around giving feel in my body and where do I feel them in my body?" Be Blessed

Duration: 00:03:03

3 Tools for Resetting Boundaries

As we approach the Autumn Equinox I wanted to share my three favorite tools for resetting boundaries. As we begin to slow down and integrate all of our summer growth and energies, it's a great time to start turning inward and working on our boundaries. Fall is my favorite to time to do boundary work so that I can go deep into rest and internal soul reflection during the winter months. Enjoy Theme music by Polish Ambassador ft Rashaan Amad

Duration: 00:07:01

Meditation for Parents, Caregivers and Guardians

Hey All, I'm so honored to share with you all this compassionate meditation and affirmation for parents, guardian and caregivers. School is starting back full swing so take a moment to listen to this gentle reminder and fill your cup. Much love and gratitude to you all, Mira

Duration: 00:14:24

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: How Do You Relate to The Divine Masculine

Do you know how you connect to the Divine Masculine? How do you nurture or block that connection in your life?

Duration: 00:04:03

Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Are You a Practitioner or Prisoner of Your Rituals

Blessings Fellow Co-Creators, This week I am coming to you in a mini-podcast format that I am calling "Soul Flow" to ask us all to examine our roles and the energy that we bring to our ritual practices. Does you ritual practice stunt your growth or nurture you expansion? Are you a Practitioner or a Prisoner of your Rituals?

Duration: 00:10:42

The Sacred Grief of Motherhood

In this episode we examine the Sacred Grief of Motherhood and what it means to identify and work to release this grief. As we continue on the path of Motherhood, the grief morphs and changes. As we become better at identifying and holding space for this grief, the more adept we become at handling grief on all levels and tapping into the strength, compassion and resilience we are gifted in this process. Looking back, for me personally, what was lumped into postpartum depression was layers...

Duration: 00:25:47

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