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GYMH 56 The Importance of Pushing & Provoking People Out of Their Comfort Zone

It takes courage to be candid, to be called an agitator, a contrarian. If you are, it probably means you’re pushing people outside of their comfort zone. They don’t always appreciate that. Michael and his guest Jody Maberry talk about how you should ‘own’ who you are even if it makes people uncomfortable. You might help someone with a breakthrough that could change their life. What it means to provoke Jody and Michael talk about Michael’s keynote speech at Mike Kin’s Influence and Impact...


GYMH 55 How to Think Big in Your Business

One of the best ways we can extend our thinking is to talk to people who see things differently. They ask different questions and can inspire you to think differently. Sometimes we think our goal is simply networking – trying to meet as many people as possible. But how do you go deeper to make real connections and develop your thinking? One of the pathways to thinking bigger about your business is by talking to people at a deeper level, and Michael discusses how to make it happen. Are you...


GYMH 54 Overcoming The Barriers to Purpose with Kevin Monroe

On our paths to purpose, we all meet with barriers that make us wonder if we'll ever find what we are meant to do or how we will do it. Not too long ago Dr. Michael Hudson was interviewed for the Higher Purpose Podcast by his good friend, Kevin Monroe, about many types of barriers and how they both have overcome them. They also share the things they learned and how you can apply it in your everyday life. Do you need permission to follow your purpose? Permission, clarity, and self-doubt...


GYMH 53 Attending and Hosting a Live Event

Live events are a hassle. You’ve got to quit your daily routines, take time off from busy lives, pay for travel, lodging, and the event itself. But here’s the truth. If you’re a thought leader, you probably aren’t attending, or holding, enough live events. What are the pros and cons, and how can you get the most out of live events? Attending Live Events The biggest mistake people make when they attend live events is to go into ‘student mode.’ You want to make every class, take all the...


GYMH 52 How to Create Amazing Content as a Speaker and Consultant

Last week we talked about was how to share your content. This week, we dig into something deeper, more subjective. Is your content truly ready to share? Have you allowed it to gestate and grow? Michael talks about how to create amazing content, and more importantly, when it will be ready to share. Everyone has a deep content idea. What is that? It’s the heart of your message, a piece of content that will provide incredible value to your audience. Maybe you haven’t been able to translate...


GYMH 51 Fix Your Consulting Strategy and Increase Your Reach

We all hit a point in our careers and dreams when we realize we need to adjust our strategy. Sometimes it’s a sudden realization, sometimes it’s because of failure, and other times, it’s because we sat down and talked with other people. Is it time for you to take stock of what you’re doing and consider a pivot of your own? Sometimes when you set the bar too high, you never start. A great example is creating content for your audience or tools for prospective clients. There’s nothing wrong...


GYMH 50 The Unexpected Benefits of Podcasting

Podcasts are hot right now. There are so many people wondering whether they should podcast, especially when it’s an excellent platform to reach your audience in a different way. But is podcasting right for you? Today, Michael talks through the pros and cons of podcasting and asks some very specific questions to help you decide. A podcast is a great way to get clarity on what matters to you. One of the benefits of podcasting is something few people consider. Talking about your topic, your...


GYMH 49 How to Be a Successful Purpose Consultant with Kevin Monroe

Michael welcomes his dear friend, Kevin Monroe, and they engage in a revealing conversation about how they both have transitioned from six-figure consulting gigs to full time purpose consultants. Each brings a unique insight into how they're making it work, and how you can, too. Are you ready to make the same leap? Don’t burn the boat. Kevin and Michael both have infused their lives with purpose and a mission, but that doesn’t mean they quit doing what made them successful in the first...


GYMH 48 The 5 Mistakes That Drive Clients Away

You might be your own worst enemy when it comes to getting and keeping clients. Chances are if you're doing one of these 5 things, you probably don't even realize it, so you'll repeat the mistakes over and over again. It's a provocative thing to suggest. You might even be offended, but it's time to ask some hard questions about why you're not getting, or keeping, clients. We'll also talk about how to address those problems. Talking too much When you meet with a prospective client, or...


GYMH 47 5 Reasons to Focus on Long-Term Engagements

Do you ever feel disconnected, like you're getting too little from the energy you pour into your work? Maybe you're approaching freelancing the wrong way. If you've listened to the podcast, you know by now that we aren't fans of 'drive-by impact' and chasing customers, living gig to gig. If you want another way to use your creativity and have stability and deep meaning in your work, this episode is for you. It creates a more sustainable business where you spend your time doing what you do...


GYMH 46 The 7 Cs to Make 2018 the Start of the Best Decade Ever

When you sit down to plan your resolutions for the new year, what's your mindset? Are you focused on a 'to-do' list of things to check off for the year, or are you planning with the intention of creating not just the best year of your life, but also the best decade? As you listen to this episode make sure you take notes of the 7 Cs Michael shares, but also, the action he recommends. Not only will you be crystal clear on the big picture, but staying in touch with it will help you make all...


GYMH 45 How To Book More Clients with The Ultimate Proposal Template

This template reflects a mindset and process shift that Michael experienced nearly twenty years ago when he was in a meeting with a CEO who was unable to think broadly about the impact he wanted and the problem he had. Michael realized that this person was trying to treat symptoms instead of fixing problems. He was thinking EVENTS instead of ENGAGEMENT. Learn what that really means. Get the FREE Ultimate Proposal Template Events vs. Engagement In event thinking, the client identifies...


GYMH 44 Communicating the Worth of Your Services with the Value Calculation

One major pain point for speakers and consultants is putting a real dollar value on their services. Businesses and business owners often want us to justify our fees so they, in turn, can justify paying them. The best way to approach this is to think about their problems in terms of time – their time – and use the Value Calculation to give them a concrete number of what it will cost NOT to solve the problem. What is the value of 10 minutes? How much is 10 minutes worth to your client? It...


GYMH 43 The 10 Most Important Things I Learned in 2017

Every year of our lives brings with it the opportunity to grow and change, often in small doses at a time. But when you take a moment and look at all of them together, you get a stunning insight on how those small lessons add up to something much bigger and more meaningful. Today, Michael discusses some of the small lessons he learned this year and why they mattered to him. Our hope is that you can relate to many of these lessons, and more importantly, use them to frame 2018 to be one of...


GYMH 42 How the 3D Framework Works for Consultants and to Speakers

The 3D Framework is a big concept that, so when it comes to implementing it on a granular level, where do you start? You start with a question: what's the outcome we want to design? Which brings us to the first D in the framework. Design The end game matters, and the very first question you should ask is whether you're the right person to solve the problem. It doesn't do a lot of good to chase jobs for the money, so if the answer is no, walk away. We should spend our time serving where...


GYMH 41 Design, Develop, and Deliver Transformation for Your Clients

Last week we talked about the Ask. Listen. Learn. Serve. Mantra. You ask because you want to learn. You listen to ensure you learn. You engage in conversation to prove that you understand. Then you bring your expertise to bear with what you've learned, and you've earned the right to serve them on a deeper level. That is what leads to a sale of your services. The challenge is that some people don't realize transformation is possible. Our work is to push them in a way that opens their eyes...


GYMH 40 - The Path to Impact is Ask, Listen, Learn, & Serve

But there’s a downside to isolation that limits our impact…spending too much time in our own heads can lead to overthinking and ultimately to misunderstanding the very people we seek to serve. The simple truth is that working on our own will never reveal what we most need to know about those we seek to attract—the words they use in their minds to describe the way they feel, the pain they are experiencing, the outcome they wish they had. The good news is that there is an easy process...


GYMH 39 - Are You Sharing Your Thanks and Gratitude Enough?

In honor of the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the US, this week’s episode is about gratitude and giving thanks. Too often we put the bar to high before we make the time to express our thanks and gratitude. Instead of capturing the moment and just letting others know how grateful we are, we look for a way to make a bigger splash in expressing our appreciation. The result: Often it never happens because we put an obstacle in our way. Or, worse yet, we completely forget to acknowledge the...


GYMH 38 - Strategic Partnerships: Waste of Time or Path to Impact?

Most of us who lead expertise-based businesses work alone. We focus our effort in a specific topic area. We serve a specific type of client or market niche. We solve a specific problem for those we serve. As our relationships with the clients we serve grow strong we become trusted advisors—people they turn to for help on a regular basis. But often the solutions to those other problems are not within our core areas of expertise and experience. Though it’s tempting to want to step up,...


GYMH 37 - What's Your Core Framework?

If you’re anything like me you love to create content. It’s a path to sharing your insights with others, and sometimes it’s the easiest way to clarify and focus your thinking on a topic. But you know what? There comes a time when you need to stop creating more content and leverage what you have created. To look at those files and piles of documents created from your ideas and look for a way to share them so you can create more impact for the audience you serve. For most of us the very...


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