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28. Receiving Compliments

Do you accept compliments easily or do you silently squirm inside when someone is telling you something great about you? Can you thank someone for them or are you uncomfortable accepting them? Why do we have a hard time taking compliments from others? Sometimes there is a lack of belief in ourselves or we don’t think we are worthy of receiving a compliment or affirmation. Is this a problem with ourselves having a difficult time accepting the gift that we are giving to others through our...

Duration: 00:08:29

27. If I Just Had More Time

How often do you find yourself wishing that you just had more time to get things done? Do you ever wish you could multiply your results with the same amount of time? What time decisions do you make from an emotional perspective? We all have the same of one thing…time. What are you doing to better multiply your impact with time? Each day it’s up to you to make the most out of your 1440 minutes. It’s important to figure out how you can best understand yourself and your style to make the...

Duration: 00:14:56

26. No Resolutions

Happy New Year! Wow...No resolutions? Doesn’t that feel great to not have any resolutions or do you feel like an underachiever? Setting resolutions and goals aren’t bad but when you go down the path of getting off track that’s when the guilt and beating yourself up comes into play. That’s not a good place for us to be. This year I want you to dig deeper into coming alive and thinking about how you think deeper about opening up yourself and daring to be alive as a human, learning to love...

Duration: 00:08:10

25. Use Your Words

Do you remember when you were younger and you were asked to use your words? Are there moments in your life when you wish your coworkers, family, or friends would just tell you what they’re thinking? Do you have times you should probably use your words and share what we are thinking or feeling? We always tell our children to use their words, yet there are times when as adults we need to use our words.In the past month, I have had a lot of interactions where employees aren’t working to...

Duration: 00:10:13

24. Human Capital Optimization

How can you best optimize your greatest asset, your people? In Get Your Mind On: Your People, I discuss what you can do to make the most of your people by better utlizing their talents. ******************** Visit to order the book! SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST: iTunes | Google Play OTHER PLACES TO LISTEN: TuneIn | Sticher SOCIAL: Gain more insight: Twitter: @getyourmindon Facebook:

Duration: 00:02:49

23. Planning for 2018

What specifically are you hoping to accomplish in 2018? What are your intentions for 2018? How can we best prepare now to set ourselves up for success? It’s busy around the holidays with many of us looking to get everything accomplished. Even amongst the chaos, it’s important to stay calm and peaceful knowing Today is based on the intentions you have already set. Now is the best time for us to prepare for a successful 2018. Preparing ourselves to act on the goals and intentions we...

Duration: 00:09:18

21. Your Year in Review

Have you accomplished everything you hoped you would in 2017? What are you doing to prepare for a successful 2018? What can you take from 2017 that will help you achieve higher success in the future? Around this time of year let’s take a moment to look back at what we've accomplished, whether it's through our reviewing our goals for the year or our personal development and growth. We all hope to spend more time with our kids, get that promotion at work, lose 20 pounds, or take more time...

Duration: 00:09:33

20. Do Your Clients Frustrate You?

Is it draining to deal with the monotonous details that your clients are expecting? What do you think you can do to better understand your client’s reasoning? Do you ever ask what their goals or expectations are? Clients are always important to us. They are the reason we can succeed as a company or an organization. People have numerous influences in their lives that most times we may not know about. Frequent changes and obstacles can often frustrate us in getting our work...

Duration: 00:07:39

19. Are You Still a Fit?

When was the last time you evaluated how you’re feeling in your role? Do the changes happening around you still fit with your values and expectations? Have you grown apart from your company or relationships? In past episodes, I’ve talked about making sure that you find the right fit in the work that you’re doing. Because our career is such a big part of our lives, it’s important for us to enjoy it. Sometimes companies or organizations will change and veer away from our expectation for...

Duration: 00:09:59

18. An Introverted People Person?

How do you build relationships? Do you get coined as an extrovert and classify yourself as an introvert? Do you know someone who you think is an extrovert because they really connect with people? We have a tendency to assume that if people are good at building relationships and have a lot of friends, that they should be an extrovert. Whether we classify ourselves as extroverts or introverts, the way each of us builds relationships may be different. That’s no secret, but when it comes...

Duration: 00:07:01

17. Communication is Understanding

Have you dealt with communication issues in your organization? How do you best communicate? What steps can we do to create clarity in communicating? It seems like many people in our organizations feel communication is a challenge. Sometimes we have great ideas to create a newsletter or have more meetings to better communicate, but how can we do this without cluttering our lives more? In order for each of our teams and organizations to thrive, it’s important to create an understanding of...

Duration: 00:07:12

16. Appreciative vs. Apologetic

Do you ever find yourself apologizing for circumstances because you are overwhelmed or overcommitted? Do these actions make you feel guilty or ashamed when you can’t meet expectations? How can we frame our words for in an appreciative way vs apologizing for our actions? Many times in our lives we have certain things that we do that we are not aware of. Some of us may find ourselves apologizing because we are overwhelmed and overworked and always late. Or needing to apologize for...

Duration: 00:05:56

15. Launching get your mind on...Your People!

This is an exciting week for us. It is the launch of Lori’s first book, Get Your Mind On…Your People: Becoming the Organization Everyone Wants to Work For Are you good at setting business strategy but continually struggle to get consistent results? Do you get frustrated by all of the “people stuff” in your organization? How do you know the best time to add new employees to your team? Whether you are leading an organization or managing people day-to-day, this book will help guide...

Duration: 00:10:15

14. Creating White Space

Does your life feel constricted and jam-packed? At what point does it overwhelm you, wishing you could give it all up? How could you benefit from creating white space in your day? It seems like a constant struggle in many of our lives where we just don’t have enough time in our day. What if I told you this could change by cutting out some of that clutter and building in time to breathe and build white space in your life? I’m sure many of you can’t imagine the benefits of making time to...

Duration: 00:09:09

13. The Power of Influence

In your life, how much do you have to influence others? How can you use your passion and perseverance to influence others? What positives do you see from influencing others? We have the opportunity to provide a perspective and help others to see a different way of doing things. When you showcase what you’re really good at, it's easier to naturally influence others around you. Some influence through their enthusiasm or desire to meet goals. Others influence through relationships or a...

Duration: 00:07:30

12. Moving from Judgment to Understanding

Think about how much you judge others. Do you move to judgment when you just don’t understand someone’s intentions? Have you ever thought deeper to see if you are really judging yourself? In our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to judge people. How would it feel if we just took some time to understand people? Sometimes we compare ourselves to others to make us feel better about our own life. Our culture has stigmatized us to judge others especially from the outside versus really taking time...

Duration: 00:06:30

11. Before You Jump

Do you feel like you need a change in your life? What around you suggests that it's time to do something different? Have you noticed any patterns in your behavior when you are feeling it’s time to jump? For some people, jumping into an opportunity is a way to explore new possibilities. For other people, they may jump to run away from a difficult situation. It is definitely alright for you to look to different opportunities around you if something in your life does not...

Duration: 00:06:15

10. I Can Do It But...

What parts of your role do you thrive in? Do you ever say, "I can do it but..."? Do you have team members who are not performing at a consistently high level? Our world is struggling with good quality consistent service. With so many people disengaged at work, wouldn't it make sense to have someone doing the work that energizes and can be done well by them? We all have aspects of our job that we love and some that are more difficult for us to accomplish. It might be worth your time to...

Duration: 00:05:03

9. Leading with Humility

As a leader, is it about "me" or "we"? Do you know how to lead with confidence yet with humility? How does humility manifest itself in a successful leader? When you think of world-class leadership what behaviors come to mind...flashy, loud and pushy or strong values, solid, consistent, and honest? Leaders may be different in their demeanor; however, some of the most successful leaders are ones that lead with humility. This does not mean that they don't assert their opinions and...

Duration: 00:05:26

8. Self-Awareness as a Leader

How would you describe self-awareness? Are people following you because, at the core, you are conscious of your character and intentions? What can you do to become more self-aware to better yourself and your culture? At the core of a world-class leader is a high level of self-awareness. Therefore, becoming more self-aware helps to improve your effectiveness as a leader and a person. What are you proud of, and what do you wish you could do better? How can you incorporate our talents,...

Duration: 00:06:15

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