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Everyone has a unique story and we're here to discover our friends stories and share them with you.




Episode 4: Fantastic Foursome – Matt Roper & Ethan Noto

Episode 4 the first part of our 4 hour long recording session! It was such a long episode with so much content we had to cut it up, so your about to listen to part one. We hit the road up to Auburn, CA for this "Fantastic Foursome" so we could talk Ronnie's brother Matt Roper and long time bro-friend Ethan Noto. We talked about growing up, scary driving stories, moms breastfeeding, how Ethan moved in, concussions, parties, art and design and passions. We loved reconnecting and hope you enjoy...

Duration: 01:13:14

Episode 3: Whale Oil Beef Hooked – Manuel Camacho

This episode's guest is Manuel Camacho (brother of GDIF Podcast host Dan). We uncover the tale of an argumentative and scrappy young lad finding his way into business & finance. Within his journey he battles surgery, a transformation, and a satanic kitten. Subscribe and leave us a rating on iTunes and Google Play. Thanks!

Duration: 01:54:15

Episode 2: Cat Respirators – Stephen Ferris

This episode's guest is Stephen Ferris. We talked about his youth, journey through being a standup comedian, cats, and more! Subscribe and leave us a rating on iTunes and Google Play. Your ears will thank you. Check out Stephen Ferris

Duration: 02:38:43

Episode 1: Lumpia Washington – David Lee

We're super excited about our first Getting Deep In Friends episode. Our first guest was David Lee. We learned about his time in the army, talked about motorcycles and discovered places David lived. Check out our first podcast and if you feel compelled to leave comments we'd love to hear them. Subscribe and leave us a rating on iTunes. Happy listening!

Duration: 02:01:45