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Getting Into The Swing Of Things With Steak And Tequila

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Episode No. 11 - Our First Threesome With A Single Guy

After four months of waiting for the stars to align to meet the right single guy, we finally met up with someone we clicked with. People talk about how finding a single guy in the lifestyle is easy. It is not! Unless you don't have standards.

Duration: 00:46:49

Episode No. 10 - You Don't Have To Be Perfect, As Long As You're Having Fucking Fun

After meeting new fun people at a meet and greet, we exchange numbers with some and end up having a super fun full swap a couple of days later. Best lesson from this experience, you don't have to be perfect as long as you're learning and having fucking fun.

Duration: 00:50:55

Episode No. 9 - Wild Times On Our Second Visit at The Swingers Club

With little sleep, we recorded this episode from the hotel bed to share our story of EDM dancing, exhibitionist sex, excessive squirting, giving single guys rando BJ's, dealing with non-consent in the club, and how Mrs. Tequila has more fun with the ladies.

Duration: 00:53:39

Episode No. 8 - Learning Not To Take It Personally

In episode no. 7 we discussed how the lifestyle is making us realize there are different flavors of disappointment, and Mrs. Tequila has an epiphany about taking rejection personally, remembering lessons from the book The Four Agreements.

Duration: 01:03:36

Episode No. 5 - The Hypocrisy of Communication in The Lifestyle

After our first swap-gone-wrong, we get back on the horse and start looking for a single guy for a MFM threesome party. We thought this would be easy to organize. Shockingly, it is not! We talk about online dating struggles and the inherent nature of The Lifestyle being full of flakes.

Duration: 01:00:24

Episode No. 4 - Analyzing Complicated Feelings and the Emotional Roller Coaster After a First Swap

Things get deep and introspective in this episode as we process all of the feelings that Mrs. Tequila began to sort through after our first full swap. It got messy. We peel back the layers to understanding complicated feelings and how to get through the emotional roller coaster.

Duration: 00:48:16