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UK Election: Corbyn's revolution and the racist, sexist attacks on Diane Abbott

Just a few days after the UK General Election held on 8th June, we sing, laugh and punch the air about Jeremy Corbyn and The Labour Party. It was a defeat, but a bloody glorious one. Constructive ranting on what it has changed in UK politics (a lot). Also a focus on what the treatment of Diane Abbott, the first black woman elected to the UK parliament 30 years ago, says about racism and sexism in the UK today. Since we recorded, a few things have come to light. According to YouGov, a...

Duration: 00:46:32

Can feminists listen to trap?

Everyone is finally together again. Yay! ^.^ In this episode we are chatting about, randomly, Braveheart (it's a film, google it), how we deal with the guilt when listening to trap and Rita claiming that we all want to be objectified (in some settings). Homework: Can you be a feminist and still listen to trap music? What song makes you feel conflicted/guilty/disgusted to listen to? Tweet us @GettingTherePod

Duration: 00:50:02

Black and got mental health issues? Just walk it off...

With the exception of celebrities or public figures who experience mental trauma mental health is rarely discussed in the Black community. But why? Especially considering that evidence proves Black people are disproportionately more likely to experience circumstances that increase the chances of having a mental illness or challenge. Listen as the Getting There Gang deconstruct this enigma and open up about their own experiences with mental health. Don't forget to do your homework! Tell us...

Duration: 00:46:40

Adventures in Interracial Dating... #GetOut

What would you do if your white girlfriend said: "N*gga please"? Have you ever been dumped by a white guy for not being Black enough? Can you be a Black activist if you're dating a white person? Inspired by the hit film Get Out by Jordan Peele the Getting There Gang discuss all things interracial dating. Don't forget to do your homework! Answer one of the following questions: Do you think you can be a Black Activist while dating a white person? What are your views on interracial dating?...

Duration: 00:50:06

All the sh*t you weren't supposed to hear...

Sex education from a monk, former life as a video girl, decoding Drakes music... All of the sideline conversations the Getting There Gang NEVER thought you would hear... Based on your feedback the Getting There Podcast is taking a short hiatus to restructure the show to give you more of what you want. But while they're on break they wanted to give you a lil' snack to hold you over. Check out their first ever mini-sode. Have any topics you'd like the Getting There Gang to cover in upcoming...

Duration: 00:10:23

Body Image: Is she slim, thick or fat?

Sometimes it feels like Black women can't win for losing when it comes to our bodies... Either we're too fat to be thick or too skinny and don't have enough ass to be slim-thick. When did the standard of beauty move from the seemingly unattainable to the damn-near impossible (without the help of a fat transfer or a Brazilian butt lift). And are you fuelling self-hate if you'd like to change your physique to better resemble your ideal? #FitGoals #BodyGoals Listen as Rita Serghis and Chasity...

Duration: 00:46:55