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Stories about ghosts, monsters and other things that go bump in the night.

Stories about ghosts, monsters and other things that go bump in the night.
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United Kingdom


Stories about ghosts, monsters and other things that go bump in the night.






Darkworlds London Chapter 1

Free Audiobook! The end of the world is hiding in a game, and now it’s time to play... Adam Harker is a disgruntled employee of a data-mining corporation in a world that is falling apart. Everyday news stories emerge to suggest the end days are coming. The ground down population of the great cities of the world work like slaves to service the mega rich elite, and in their spare time they forget their troubles in alcohol, drugs and virtual reality games. But Adam doesn’t enter Darkworlds...

Duration: 00:14:51

The Warlock - 07:10:2017, 21.23

At the top of the Kirkstone Pass lies the highest pub in England. Hidden there is a sinister secret as one innocent family find out to their cost.

Duration: 00:17:57

He Waits

Theresa Schultz, psychiatrist comes across a woman with a troubling dream. A dream that threatens her sanity, and if she is to be believed, her life.

Duration: 00:19:22

The Runesmith 15 Minute Treatment

A Bad Man Gets Badder My name is Harald Runestorm. In real life, I help children with their homework and volunteer in a library project for homeless refugees (due to a probation order), but in my spare time, I log into the World of the Greenwood and kill people for fun. Sometimes I torture them too, and I generally rob them, but other days I stay in my tower and craft things. One day, from a shady informant, I heard about a shipment of ore going through the woods. It seemed the Druids...

Duration: 00:15:36

The Bard 15 Min Treatment

Romeo el Mejor is the best bard in the Greenwood, virtual reality role playing game (even if he says so himself). One day one of the game developers, a goddess no less, called The Queen of Summer, appears before him and asks him to run a secret errand. She is a goddess, she promises him a +10 boost to starts and she is shockingly pretty... How can he refuse!

Duration: 00:14:51

The House in the Forest

Rebecca hitches a lift from a nice father and daughter on her way home on a dark wet night in the wilderness. Then the car breaks down. The father goes looking for help, leaving the two girls in the car. When he doesn't come back, they go looking for him.

Duration: 00:55:00

The Haunting - a short horror story

A Haunted House in the Middle of a Lake You'd do anything to protect your children, wouldn't you? So would Howard Dougan but when he moves his family to a house in the middle of a lake things begin to go wrong. The house has an atmosphere. The house keeps secrets - but do the secrets belong to the house or do they belong to the Dougans? When Howard realizes a secret has been kept from him all these years, is it already too late for him to do anything...

Duration: 00:52:26

English Vampires

Three true tales of Vampires from England: The Croglin Vampire from Cumbria - dating from the English Civil War The Highgate Vampire, London - from the early 1970s The Kirklees Vampire, Yorkshire, from 1990-2004 Are these really true accounts of vampires in England? Because if they are - you should be very scared.

Duration: 00:38:17

A Christmas Ghost Story by Tony Walker

On a snowy Christmas Eve in 1952, a man takes a lonely train journey. He arrives at a deserted railway platform in the country and meets someone who changes his life forever. An old fashioned ghost story for Christmas.

Duration: 00:23:08

Unreal City - Chapter 15

Tasmin Fitzgerald is still under the spell of odious French poet (and vampire?) Henri Lazar. She goes to see Polly McMahon and wants to help her, but will her infatuation for Lazar stop her doing the right thing?

Duration: 00:37:15

Unreal City - Chapter 14

A short chapter. Christian Le Cozh is stationed outside Lazar's house in London. He observes a young couple going in. He doesn't recognise them, but you might. And then things go wrong when his craving for a drink gets the better of him

Duration: 00:06:05

Unreal City - Chapter 13

Professor Oderburg now has his deadly dagger. In this chapter he meets two women and a dangerous man in a dark, isolated spot and fails to get what he wants. The secret of the what he's up against is hinted at, and he counts on the worldly wise tough guy detective Christian Le Cozh

Duration: 00:48:25

Unreal City - Chapter 12

Chapter 12. Tasmin Fitzgerald is still hunting for the Ottoman dagger for her paymaster, the sinister French poet, Henri Lazar. She has heard how he broke in and scared Polly MacMahon, but still she goes to see if she can recover the dagger from Polly and tries to win her over.

Duration: 00:14:34

Unreal City - Chapter 11

Detective Christian Le Cozh receives a phone call from his employer to go to a graveyard on a rainy midnight. Like anyone would, he goes. There he finds things are not going well. Someone else arrives unexpectedly. Then someone jumps on his car. He finds all of this perplexing but tries to make the best of it.

Duration: 00:37:47

Unreal City - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 and Prof. Oderberg goes to collect the Ottoman dagger and almost runs into his quarry, Henri Lazar. Oderberg desperately needs to find a way of getting to Lazar.

Duration: 00:07:33

Unreal City - Chapter 8

In this chapter, Tasmin Fitzgerald does her best to get the Ottoman dagger. She has the card of the successful bidder and she uses her wiles to try and get the dagger for him, just to please her client, the sinister Henri Lazar.

Duration: 00:16:52

Unreal City - Chapter 4

Prof. Wilhelm Oderberg arrives in London from Vienna with two errands. The first is to spend some money, the second is to see a doctor...

Unreal City - Chapter 3

We are introduced to the Right Hon. Tasmin Fitzgerald who has to go to her sister's funeral where she meets her disapproving father and sees something strange. Later in London, she meets an odd little man who claims to have a prophecy for her.

Duration: 00:23:12

A Letter from the Dead

When he was younger, Luke made a vow he failed to keep. He swore it by the ancient pagan gods, even though he didn't believe in their power. Years have gone by, but he can't shake off the fear that he will be punished one day for what he did that night. What he doesn't realise is that day has finally come. A short story with a supernatural theme rooted in Greek Mythology set in England and Scotland.

Duration: 01:10:26