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Each week we talk to comics creators, from industry icons to mighty modern marvels, criss-crossing the print and digital comicverse to talk to the voices behind stories of all types, styles, and genre.






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38: Going Creator-Owned

We bid farewell to 5by5 in anticipation of Giant Size's move to The show isn't ending, we've just gone "creator-owned".

37: Hero Initiative

Moisés and John look back at 2013 in comics, highlighting work they believe deserves more attention. We close the year with the great Dennis O'Neil, a writer, editor, and staunch supporter of The Hero Initiative.

36: Joker at the Front Door (Reprint)

In the first of a series centering on Batman, Moisés and John go over some of the best stories to read if you want to get into Batman...aka NOT The Dark Knight Returns. Variant Second Printing of Comic Shack #27. Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27.

34: Soft Gooey Center

Moisés and John look back at assorted things they're thankful for in 2013 comics, from rapidly released, low-cost trade paperbacks to the emergence of outstanding indie voices. Penciler Cary Nord (X-O Manowar, Conan the Barbarian, Mutant X) talks about sculpting the look and feel of a story.

33: Cigar-Smoking Baby

Antony Johnston (Umbral, Wasteland) returns and joins Geoff Barrall (CEO of Drobo) to give Moisés a truly Giant-Size primer on Judge Dredd and 2000AD. Colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser (Image's Velvet) talks about the intricacies of her very important and precise job (interview begins at 01:44:52).

32: No Better Than Boomerang

It's high time for a Villains show! We dig into Forever Evil/Villains Month from DC, the Thanos Rising/Infinity/Hunger trio and Nick Spencer's outstanding work on both Superior Foes of Spider-Man and Bedlam. We close with a look at DC classic Underworld Unleashed. Interview: Antony Johnston talks about his upcoming Image book Umbral, the soon-ending Wasteland, and working across the comics and video game worlds as a writer.

31: Lying Cat is My Spirit Animal (Reprint)

Variant Second Printing of Comic Shack #23: Merlin Mann joins Moisés to talk about Saga while Dan screens live calls. They inevitably talk a little bit about X-Men, "comics that never end", and the precise/exact/nebulous/opaque thing/things that they love about Saga Vol.1, and why you should read it. Sometimes it's a great thing when things just...end.

30: Not the Saga Episode

Moisés and John discuss and recommend a wide swath of books from Image Comics, covering everything from launch titles to brand-new series only a couple of issues in. We also touch on John's now-viral DC Timeline article.

29: 20-30 Minutes of Pleasure

Moisés and John discuss announcements and followups from this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Are there any comics at this "Comic Con"? Is it worth going anymore? This week's interview is writer Gerry Duggan, our first-ever return guest.

28: Heavy Metal Album Cover (Jim Cheung)

This second part of our Marvel NOW! 6-months-in retrospective we touch on many of our picks for the best of the best. Superstar artist Jim Cheung (AvX, Avengers: Children's Crusade) gives us his first-ever interview.

Giant Size 28: Heavy Metal Album Cover (Jim Cheung)

This second part of our Marvel NOW! 6-months-in retrospective we touch on many of our picks for the best of the best. Superstar artist Jim Cheung (AvX, Avengers: Children's Crusade) gives us his first-ever interview.

Giant Size 27: Marvel NOW!: Unraveling Craziness (Phil Noto)

Moisés and John are joined by Bionic's Matt Alexander to look back at the first six months of Marvel's NOW! initiative. In this first of two parts, they cover most of the X-books and Avengers titles. This week's interview: superstar artist Phil Noto, on the floor of Dallas Comic-Con.

Giant Size 26: Magical and Transcendent (J.M. DeMatteis)

Moisés is joined by co-host John Gholson and Justin Korthof ( to discuss Superman origin story retellings, from Birthright to Man of Steel to Speeding Bullets and Red Son. This week's interview with J.M. DeMatteis looks at origin stories from another angle, and contemplates the "music on paper" that is comics writing. Don't miss After Dark #391, where by the hoary hosts of Hoggoth, Moisés and DeMatteis talk about their mutual favorite, Doctor Strange! This is the "all-new,...

Giant Size 25: Real Original Things (Terry Moore)

Terry Moore has been making and self-publishing his creator-owned comics for 20 years, including Strangers in Paradise, Echo, and his currently-running Rachel Rising. At the recent Dallas Comic-Con, he talks about his art, music, musicals, comedy, and race car driving.

Giant Size 24: Respecting Judge Dredd (Chris Ryall)

Chris Ryall is both Editor-in-Chief and Chief Creative Officer at IDW. He discusses the challenges of balancing a very diverse line of comics, from licensed to creator-owned to a different and compelling kind of crossover.

Giant Size 23: Godzilla Contains Multitudes (Matt Frank)

Matt Frank has recently been announced as the artist for IDW's new ongoing series Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. He talks about previous "Gojira" credits on his résumé, working alongside the giant monster's guardians at Toho, and all of his other work.