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The Spirit of Depression & Genuine Healing

Haile and J have a deep conversation about dealing with negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, and taking care of our mental health. J also shares about her calling at a very young age to heal the world and how she has embraced that calling. J began using her Instagram page as a personal journal, and over time that journal has evolved into a safe space for women all around the world who are inspired to commiserate and share their true real thoughts and feelings along with her. She also...


Trust Your Magic & Use Your Gifts for Good

Haile and Kristen dive deep discussing her journey through the varying segments of the entertainment industry, her passions and inspirations, and how she built her confidence from often being the youngest in the room during the time she began her career. And, about her Trust Your Magic brand and her passion to empower and inspire others to nurture and use their innate gifts and talents. Kristen also shares key tips about keeping our surroundings and influences positive and pointing in the...


Wear Your Authenticity: Presenting The Best You to The World

Haile and Michelle have a fun conversation about personal style, and about Michelle's passion and work helping people present the best versions of themselves to the world. And sharing gems about how young people can learn to, and become empowered to dress in a way that makes them feel good and highlights the person they truly are, while cultivating a wardrobe that they are proud of, and stands the test of time with timeless pieces. Michelle also share tips for standing out on paper when...


Connecting With Our Unique Value

Teen speaker, author, podcaster and entrepreneur Gabrielle Jordan joins Haile for an inspiring conversation about dealing with episodes of self-doubt, bouncing back from challenges or so-called "failures", and best strategies for finding our Unique Value! The teens also swap stories about their growth, developing self confidence, and about the power of establishing and maintaining close friendships and family relationship as a means to take care of themselves and help deal with mentally...


Diving Into a Life of Passion & Fulfillment

Haile and Girl Tribe founder Robyn Savage discuss best strategies for women and girls to create a life they will love, and how to deal with energy blocks, negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs. Robyn also candidly shares about the effects her mothers suicide had on her life, and her passion to create a supportive sisterhood through Girl Tribe.


Actress, Megan Tandy - Being an Authentic, Positive & Inspiring Influence in Hollywood

With the message to “Be Your Own Hero” Haile and actress Meagan Tandy, have an open, honest, and inspiring conversation about African American Stereotypes perpetuated on television, and in particular, “Reality TV”, and chat about how she followed her childhood passion to become an actress, and her dedication to being a positive role model and helping to shape our society. Meagan also talks about staying away from roles that ask her to be “butt naked” and actively pursuing parts that she’s...


Season One Favorite Moments & Reflections

It's the Season 1 Finale! Host, Haile Thomas wraps up a fantastic few months of inspring guests and shares all her favorite moments and advice gems shared by her guests, Chelsea Clinton, Skai Jackson, Anita Bentata, Latham Thomas, and Maya Penn.


How Creativity Sparks Change

Do you believe the arts and your inner creativity can create change in your community, or even the world? This week, Girl EMPOWERED Host, Haile Thomas, shares her inspiring conversation with her fellow BLACK GIRLS ROCK (2016 M.A.D. Girls Honoree) Maya Penn. Maya is a 17-year-old award-winning eco-designer, artist, philanthropist, activist, entrepreneur, animated filmmaker, coder, illustrator, writer and author of You Got This! (Published by Simon & Schuster). She has been featured in...


Self-Care Is An Act of Self-Love

This week, Girl EMPOWERED Host, Haile Thomas, shares her conversation with Latham Thomas, celebrity doula, author of Mama Glow, and soon to be released new book "Own Your Glow", also one of Oprah's Super Soul 100, and the popular wellness influencer behind the Instagram account @GlowMaven. One of Haile's wellness mentors, Latham shares about her journey building her business, her vegan story, and offeres valuable tips and advice for women and girls to embrace and make time for self-care...


Gen Z & Social Media: Power or Poison

This week, Girl EMPOWERED Host, Haile Thomas, chats with popular model, actress and social activist Skai Jackson, known for her role as Zuri Ross in the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie, and currently starring in the Disney channel series Bunk'd. Haile and Skai chat about her approach to social media, how she handles being a social influencer with over 3 million followers on Instagram, as well as dealing with any negativity, and the responsibility she feels to present herself positively. The...


Creating The Blueprint For Your Life

This week, Girl EMPOWERED Host, Haile Thomas, highlights an inspiring Martin Luther King, Jr. speech and shares her perspectives on being a young person and having a jumpstart on her very rewarding passion-inspired career. Haile shares about her successes, and challenges with oftentimes being the youngest person in certain situations, or at events that are generally attended by adults. She also encourages and challenges her peers to be confident and pursue their dreams with confidence at...


Chelsea Clinton Talks Activism Despite Adversity & Bullying

This week, Girl EMPOWERED Host, Haile Thomas, shares her conversation with Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, best-selling author, and the daughter of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Haile and Chelsea chat candidly about some of the challenges working in open social media platforms. And, Chelsea offers advice about how to best deal with bullies and persist in the face of opposition...


Stand For Something Or Fall For Anything

This week, Girl Empowered Host, Haile Thomas, responds to being called-out on Instagram for her silence about the Philando Castile case. Philando was a school cafeteria chef who was killed by a police officer in Minnesota, and his murder was livestreamed on Facebook. This week Philandro's killer was acquitted of all charges and this sparked nationwide outrage. Haile shares how being called out encouraged her to take a deeper look about why she avoids certain topics on social media, and...


Debunking Stereotypes, Viral Video & Reality TV Misconceptions About Black Women & Girls

This week, Girl EMPOWERED Host, Haile Thomas, officially kicks off the Girl Empowered Podcast by sharing her thoughts about the misconceptions held by some about the value of black women and girls (in-particular) and gives listeners her perspectives about the power and potential all women and girls have when they believe in themselves and show up in life ready to do what it takes to accomplish their goals and create a life they will love at any age.


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