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The Cutting Room Floor 2!

This week we've got another mini-episode full of never before heard moments and outtakes. Featuring past guests such as, journalist Bryce Covert, author Samantha Irby, contributing Editor for Broadly Lauren Oyler, and Tucker Carlson's arch nemesis, Lauren Duca. We're taking a break from the show for now but we'll be back with new episodes at the end of the summer!

Duration: 00:51:49

Ep. 32 Guest: Emily Keown, TV Producer

Hey, hey! This week we have TV Producer Emily Keown joining us to chat about Don Jr.'s emails, The Bachelorette, and menus for the college educated.

Duration: 00:53:10

Ep. 31 Guest: Eve Peyser, Staff Politics Writer for VICE

Staff politics writer for VICE, Eve Peyser, recently interviewed Jill Stein and lucky for us she's here to tell us all about it. She also joins us to chat about Kardashian meltdowns, and the real reasons Trump is actually terrible. Amanda unfortunately wasn't able to join us this week so comedian Keren Margolia, host of the podcast Unhireable, stepped in to be our guest co-host.

Duration: 01:26:48

Ep. 30 Guest: Alexis Coe Returns!

Alexis Coe is back!!! She joins us to chat about the White House press briefing fights, having a patron and the high demand for Historians in these troubling times.

Duration: 01:27:48

Ep. 29 Guest: Syreeta McFadden, Writer & English Professor at BMCC-CUNY

Happy Girl Friday! Syreeta McFadden joins us this week to chat about Octavia Butler, exercising with Michelle Obama, that weird Steve Bannon comment, and the backlash against black culture.

Duration: 01:48:00

Ep. 28 Guest: Lauren Oyler, Contributing Editor to Broadly

Happy Girl Friday! Lauren Oyler joins us this week to talk about Amanda Bynes, her criticism of Rebecca Solnit's book "The Mother of all Questions," and she brings to us the most cringeworthy/epic man displeased we have ever had on this show.

Duration: 00:56:07

Ep. 27 Guest: Lauren Duca Returns!

Lauren Duca has returned to impart more of her man displeasing wisdom. She joins us to chat about Megyn Kelly's Putin interview, blocking people on Twitter, and Tucker Carlson calling her an "uninspiring 26-year-old blogger."

Duration: 01:10:15

Ep. 26 Guest: Samantha Irby, Author of "We Are Never Meeting in Real Life"

This week we're chatting with Samantha Irby about the roll back of Obamacare's contraceptive mandate, living and writing in Chicago, and of course, Samantha's new book, "We Are Never Meeting in Real Life."

Duration: 01:28:27

Ep. 25 Guest: Bryce Covert, Economic Editor for Think Progress

Economic Editor for Think Progress Bryce Covert joins us to break down Trump's proposed budget and chat about Melania's hand swat. We've also got some helpful pieces of advice for you straight from Ivanka Trump's website.

Duration: 00:58:31

Erin Is Back!

Erin is back from Nepal and we're so excited! No guest this week so we're calling this a BAE episode, just Briana, Amanda, and Erin trying to keep each other calm. We chat about Erin's 5 week trip to Nepal, the fresh hell that is our news cycle and Erin shares her Muppet theory.

Duration: 01:10:54

The Cutting Room Floor!

We’re bringing you an episode full of never heard moments from the cutting room floor! Covering such important topics as hot republicans, the Golden Globes, teens touching things in Forever 21 and that time we were interrupted by a fire alarm test. This episode features such past guests as star and co-creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Rachel Bloom, Director of Progressive Programming for Sirius XM Zerlina Maxwell, Late Show with Stephen Colbert writer Kate Sidley, Managing Editor for Jezebel...

Duration: 00:41:42

Man Displeased 2!

This week we have an episode full of some past guests chatting all about the men they've displeased!

Duration: 01:04:55

Ep. 24 Guest: Elizabeth Spiers Founder of The Insurrection

Joining us this week is Elizabeth Spiers! Erin, Amanda, and Briana chat with Elizabeth about the friendship that lead to the founding of Gawker, growing up in Alabama, and the new project she's excited to be working on.

Duration: 01:04:42

Ep. 23 Guest: Alexis Coe, Author and Historian

This week author and historian Alexis Coe joins us to chat all about U.S. presidents! We're talking about presidential daddy issues, presidential marriages and even presidential sack and cracks. If you like this episode you should definitely check out Alexis' pod, Presidents Are People Too! It's funny and full of great info nuggets about the dudes who've lead our country.

Duration: 00:57:25

Ep. 22 Guest: Rachel Bloom, Co-creator and Star of the CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rachel Bloom, the co-creator and star of the CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is this week's guest! She joins Erin, Amanda, and Briana to talk all about the show, how a past Girl Friday guest helped her meet her writing partner, and she tells us a pretty great Man Displeased.

Duration: 01:00:54

Ep. 21 Guest: Ashley Nicole Black, Writer/Correspondent for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Ashley Nicole Black is a writer and correspondent for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and lucky for us, this week's guest! She joins Erin, Amanda, and Briana to talk about how she started working for Full Frontal, her time working on a cruise ship, and why it's more difficult for women and POC to find TV writing jobs.

Duration: 01:31:35

Ep. 20 Guest: Dodai Stewart, Editor in Chief of

Editor in Chief of Dodai Stewart and her metallic winged adidas (check out a pic of her shoes on our twitter @girlfridaycast, they're pretty awesome) joins us to talk about the power and grace of Maxine Waters, that epic April Ryan head shake, and Melania Trump's women's empowerment speech. Also, SPOILER ALERT: We talk about HBO's Big Little Lies so if you haven't watch the show skip over those 5 minutes or so of conversation (starts around the 30 min mark.)

Duration: 01:00:47

Ep. 19 Guest: Zerlina Maxwell, Director of Progressive Programming for Sirius XM

This week we're joined by Zerlina Maxwell, Director of Progressive Programming for Sirius XM! We chat about Zerlina's time working for Hillary Clinton's Campaign, Comey's hearing and the Russia/Trump investigation and of course, men we've displeased.

Duration: 00:56:01

Ep. 18 Major Trans Celeb Theda Hammel

This week's guest is MAJOR Trans Celeb Theda Hammel! We're chatting about self-care, the resistance, teaching trolls a lesson, and Amanda's love for the movie Splash.

Duration: 01:06:04

Ep. 17 Guest: Joanna Rothkopf returns!

Jezebel Features Editor Joanna Rothkopf joins us again! This time she's talking to us about her new podcast Big Time Dicks and her video series about big science by women, Pipette!

Duration: 00:53:56

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