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Girls With Goals || Her

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Girls With Goals || Her




Ep.15: Around The World in 50 Minutes – Tara Povey, Stephanie Buckley and Siobhan O’Hagan

We’re heading off on a mighty adventure this week! Niamh Maher is joined by award winning travel bloggers Tara Povey and Stephanie Buckley to talk about ultimate European getaways, awe inspiring staycations and why we should ALL try solo travel. A couple of special guests will be popping in from Australia and Brazil and we also find out how to (finally) pack like a pro. Personal trainer and online coach Siobhan O’Hagan joins us for our Spotlight On Sport, she talks about balance and how to...

Duration: 00:49:59

Ep.14: Sunday, Monday, Happy Days – Sarah Tyrell, Sarah Doyle and Catherina McKiernan

In the first episode of 2018 Niamh is joined by body positive advocate Sarah Tyrell and founder of The Better Life Project Sarah Doyle. We’re tackling resolutions, back to work anxiety, whether WhatsApp groups are actually healthy for us AND we uncover an uncomfortable secret crush… which is no longer secret. Our athlete of the week is legendary Irish long distance runner Catherina McKiernan.

Duration: 00:50:38

Ep.13: Unwrapping 2017 – Gillian Fitzpatrick, Cathy Donohue and Laura Holland

The final Girls With Goals of the year is here! In studio this week Niamh Maher is joined by the editors of to take a look back at some of the top (and slightly bizarre) stories of 2017. From makeup sponge testicles, to the Chip Cup that divided a nation, we’re covering it all. We’ll also listen back to some of our top female athletes, and some familiar voices are popping up in our ‘Best of 6 words’. While we’re looking back we’ll also have a sneak peek into the future with some...

Duration: 00:44:42

Forgotten Voices – Homelessness in Ireland

We’re taking a look at the current housing crisis in Ireland, and talking to the people who are directly affected by it. Homelessness cannot be defined by one stereotype, there are many different reasons why people lose their homes. In this episode, 5 people from all different walks of life share their story.

Duration: 00:47:46

Ep.12: Let’s talk about sex – James Kavanagh, Shawna Scott and Arlene Caffrey

We’re feeling VERY sexy on Girls With Goals. Joining us on the panel this week is social media influencer James Kavanagh who’s hoping to get the youth of Ireland talking about sex in an open and honest way. We’re also joined by Shawna Scott, the founder and owner of Sex our FAVOURITE online sex shop. We’re talking about STIs, discussing bobble headed dildos, sex education with nuns and ending our sexual shame. For our Spotlight On Sport Niamh welcomes a legend of pole dancing Arlene...

Duration: 00:47:51

Ep.11 : Ho Ho Holy sh*t it’s Christmas – Joanne McNally, Rosemary McCabe and Natalya Coyle

For our Christmas Special this week we’ve invited our very first guest panellists back to share some of their Christmas traditions and festive plans for the season. Comedian Joanne McNally and former online scrapper turned personal trainer Rosemary McCabe talk Santa presents, office shenanigans, and being terrified of Elf on the shelf. For our Spotlight On Sport Niamh is joined by two time Olympian and modern pentathlon athlete Natalya Coyle, they’re discussing the importance of doping...

Duration: 00:50:57

Ep.10 : Who run the world? – Gillian Fitzpatrick, Taryn De Vere and Deirdre Ryan

‘Woman-spreading’ has taken hold of social media… and we’re grabbing it by the balls! This week on Girls With Goals we’re tackling gender equality with editor Gillian Fitzpatrick and writer Taryn De Vere joining Niamh Maher on the panel. Everything from crying in the office to penises on trains: we’re exploring what it means to have gender equality in modern Ireland. National record holder and former Olympian Deirdre Ryan joins us for our Spotlight On Sport to talk about life after...

Duration: 00:52:05

Ep.9: It’s gut check time – Rosanna Davison, Aisling O’Kelly and Debbie O’Reilly

‘Tis the season to eat and drink everything in sight! And that’s exactly what we plan on doing. On this week’s episode Niamh Maher is joined by Nutritional Therapist, author and former Miss World Rosanna Davison and Naturopath and founder of AOK Nutrition Aisling O’Kelly. They’re talking about keeping your gut healthy, finding out exactly what causes the dreaded bloat (is it poop?) and WHICH WINE WON’T GIVE YOU A HANGOVER (capital letters for the very important information). Former Irish...

Duration: 00:48:12

Ep.8: Old enough to know better – Courtney Smith, Sarah Doyle and Chloe Magee

On this week’s episode Niamh Maher is joined on the panel by life coach Sarah Doyle and fashion guru Courtney Smith. They’re talking about growing old gracefully while examining our complete obsession with youth. They also delve into some rather odd yet philosophical (!) life rules to swear by. Three time Olympian and professional badminton player Chloe Magee also joins us this week for our Spotlight on Sport.

Duration: 00:49:57

Ep.6: Viral queens (dodgy accents) - Pamela Joyce, Ciara Knight and Patrice Dockery

On this week's episode, we're Tweeting and Facebooking up a storm with social media aficionados Pamela Joyce and Ciara Knight. The ladies are giving us the inside info on what it takes to go viral, the pressures of producing fire content and how border control brought them together. Our athlete of the week is 6 time Paralympic competitor Patrice Dockery.

Duration: 00:49:06

Ep.5: A frighteningly good laugh - Alison Spittle, Aine Mulloy and Paula Radcliffe

This week we have a very special Spotlight on Sport, current World Record Marathon holder Paula Radcliffe discusses career highlights, doping in sport and retirement goals. Niamh is also joined in studio by funny woman Alison Spittle and GirlCrew co-founder Aine Mulloy to talk ouija boards, boomerang generations and getting sacked! Don't miss it...

Duration: 00:42:40

Ep.4: London has it! – Angela Scanlon and Rebecca Fennelly talk robots, emigration and monogamy

In this episode Niamh Maher is joined by JOE Media’s Head of Brand Rebecca Fennelly and TV presenter Angela Scanlon. Recorded in the UK, the ladies are talking emigration this week with a little bit of robots, bodybuilding, monogamy and Richard Branson’s table dancing skills thrown in for good measure.

Duration: 00:51:34

Ep.3: Does anyone have a pension? – Tony Cantwell and Niamh Farrell of Ham SandwicH take on adulting

In this week’s episode funny man Tony Cantwell joins us on the podcast along with lead singer of Ham SandwicH Niamh Farrell, we’re talking about how shite we are at being grown-ups, balancing budgets, bath mat dilemmas and boys. We’re also joined by Crossfit star Kat Fearon.

Duration: 00:40:30

Ep.2: Hey… you up? – Ciara King and Caroline Foran explore dirty emojis and call out some cats

In this week’s episode Niamh Maher is joined on the panel by 2fm DJ Ciara King and author Caroline Foran. They’ve both written books in the last year so we take a look back at our own writing skills from the pages of our 13 year old diaries (CRINGE). We also chat about cat calling, submarining, and kickboxing champ Caradh O’Donovan joins us to discuss her struggles with Crohn’s Disease.

Duration: 00:48:42

Ep.1: Nothing’s off limits – Joanne McNally and Rosemary McCabe on maternal instincts and trolls.

Girls With Goals is Her’s inaugural podcast. On our first show we welcome comedian and writer Joanne McNally to studio, she offers her unique take on motherhood and explores whether maternal instinct is even a thing. Blogger turned personal trainer Rosemary McCabe also joins us with terrifying tales of online trolls. We also speak with recently retired MMA star Ash ‘The Bash’ Daly, who discusses whether posing nude is ever okay for an athlete.

Duration: 00:45:03