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Create Your Best Life with a Compelling Vision - Give, Grow & Be Grateful

Summary & Transcription: In today's episode we answer: Why is creating a compelling vision so important? What challenges will you face when creating your vision statement? Will your vision change? What questions can you ask to help create a compelling vision? Micro-action: What action can you take right now to put you on the right path? Today we're talking about how to live your best life by creating a compelling vision. One of the most important aspects to living the best life possible is...


The (Not So) Secret to Living Your Best Life - Give, Grow & Be Grateful

Summary & Transcription In today's episode, we're going be talking about: The myth of willpower. We're also going to go over the concept of the riverbed. Then I'll give you a brief introduction to what I call the VBAR Method. In future episodes, we're gonna break this down in more detail, but for right now I just want to give you kind of a high level review. Of course, we'll end like we will with every episode, with a micro-action that I'll ask you to take today. So, I'm actually gonna...


Give, Grow & Be Grateful: An Introduction - Give, Grow & Be Grateful

Give, Grow & Be Grateful is my life's motto and I'm in the process of turning it into a book by documenting a large portion of it in podcast format. To get the most out of it, please make sure you start with this introduction episode and go through the episodes in order. Your involvement and input is important to the final product so please get involved (subscribe, comment below, and share). In this episode: I introduce you to the Give, Grow & Be Grateful podcast/book/concept so you know...