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A somewhat bi-weekly podcast based in Portland, OR, talking with people about their cultural obsessions and offering plenty of our own recommendations.




EP 23 - Harry Potter & the Standard of Gold w/ @anomalily

Lillian(@anomalily) from the podcast/website OhMyDollar joins us to talk about basic budgeting, handling financial anxiety, and using Harry Potter to teach social acceptance and basic empathy. We also have an extended bit on "Smalt," the dumbest crowdfunded thing ever(which is saying something). Ep was recorded in mid-August. Check out her website here: Her book will be on Kickstarter in Oct 2017. Lillian is currently traveling the globe! Follow her progress at...

Duration: 01:23:26

Ep 22 - Gettin' More Radical

Jacob joins us in a group discussion of talking about how we each have grown increasing political as it were over the past few years. This ep has far more politics and far more jokes than usual. We also discuss Joss Whedon in a slightly prescient takedown. Ep recorded in mid-July. ----- Recs: ----- Age of Anger: A History of the Present · Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in American Life · Badlands · GLOW · LetterKenny · 24 Hour Comic Movie - · The Black...

Duration: 00:50:30

Ep 21 - A Very Special Episode - TEEN DRAMA - Part 2

AND NOW THE EXCITING CONCLUSION of our two-parter on TEEN DRAMA! TeamMom Tara(@tcbbiggs), Natasha(@ashesforfoxes), and I go over Buffy & Riverdale. This is the talk you've been waiting for. Ep recorded in late June. · · · Tara can be heard on Blazer's Edge: · · · RECS: · · · I Was There Too · What Trump Can Teach Us about Const. Law · Chastity Belt - · MST3K the Reboot · Jughead, Vol 1. · Angela Nagle - _Kill All Normies:...

Duration: 01:22:40

Ep 20 - A Very Special Episode - TEEN DRAMA - Part 1

Part 1 of an episode about TEEN DRAMA! From Degrassi Jr High to 90210 and Buffy and Twin Peaks and My So-Called Life and Vampire Diaries and MORE! TeamMom Tara(@tcbbiggs) from the Blazer's Edge podcast returns to talk with Natasha(@ashesforfoxes) and I about TEEN DRAMAS we have known and loved, or at least their weird tropes. Also, for expected reasons, we get into what slashfic is. Ep recorded in late June. Part 2 should be up soon! · · · Tara can be heard on Blazer's Edge:...

Duration: 01:07:50

Ep 19 - Sports, Fandom, and Phil Hartman w/ TeamMom Tara

TeamMom Tara(@tcbbiggs) from the Blazer's Edge podcast joins Natasha(@ashesforfoxes), Garrett(@comradegarrett), and myself to discuss: online fandom, getting into spots as a data-intensive obsession, being a woman in a male-dominated fan space, and Phil Hartman. Ep recorded in mid May. · · · Tara can be heard on Blazer's Edge: · · · Auralnauts' channel on YouTube: · · · Recs: · · · _Unguarded : My Forty Years...

Duration: 01:49:54

Ep 18 - Rogue One and Grilled Cheese and College Radio

Natasha(@ashesforfoxes), Garrett(@comradegarrett), & I go over our histories in College Radio, Rogue One, Prog Metal bands we liked in high school, and a thousand other related subjects as usual. And political stuff. Ep was recorded in late April. / / / / / Show notes: · · Current Affairs: "The Racism v. Economics Debate Again" - · · · · · · Recs: S-town -- Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan -- Cherry Glazerr -- · · ·...

Duration: 01:29:19

Ep 17 - Redpillers, the Post-Apocalypse, and Jenkem, all in one show?!

Natasha(@ashesforfoxes), Garrett(@comradegarrett), & I started by talking about Gamergate/RedPill/MRA bollocks, and naturally wander off into creators who can't be edited, Zizek, why we can't envision a future that isn't post-apoc or SkyNet-controlled, and wind up mentioning fake drugs, from "Nuke" to one the media actually think are real, like Jenkem. Ep was recorded in early April. / / / / / Notes: - - - - - - The quote I'm mangling is from Fredric Jameson(I think), and Zizek says it a...

Duration: 01:41:39

Ep 16 - P.S.Kayfabe - What Does It Mean?

Natasha(@ashesforfoxes) & Garrett(@comradegarrett) join me once again to cover why pro-wrestling is critical to an understanding of how American politics currently works, along with Linda McMahon's Senate campaigns, the feud between Andy Kaufman & Jerry 'the King' Lawler, and when Quentin Tarantino played Margaret Cho's boyfriend on her mid-90s sitcom. - The middle section has a few minutes of Marc Maron discussing how Roland Barthes made him understand wrestling, from...

Duration: 02:31:08

Ep 15 - The Johnlock Consipracy & Other Fan Weirdness with Natasha & Garrett

Talking weird online fan conspiracies along with the downside of 21st-C entitled nerd/geek fandom with new guest Natasha and returning guest Garrett. Recorded in mid-Jan 2017, right after the "Sherlock" series 4 finale. Other topics: Captain America as Hydra agent was some dumb shit, huh? Online supporters only getting really engaged when they can vent outrage. Other dumb jokes. ·· Show recs ·· Imaginary Worlds - ·· Chapo Trap House -...

Duration: 01:22:52

Ep14 - B-Side to Our Crow Episode with Jemiah & Jon

Listen to Part 1: A rough b-side accompaniment to our last episode on the Crow, this was our _first_ attempt at recording a Crow ep, but it went quickly off the rails in amusing ways. Jemiah Jefferson( and Jon Ascher( joins to talk about our stories of how we moved to Portland, life at Kinkos, dealing with M-S, and how we each found out about James O'Barr's "the Crow." · · -- Show Notes -- · Rick...

Duration: 02:08:50

Ep 13 - The Crow w/ Jemiah & Jon

At long last, our Crow episode is out! Jemiah Jefferson( returns along with Portland artist Jon Ascher( to discuss the phenomenon that was James O'Barr's "the Crow:" the comic, the film, the soundtrack. We also talk about Frank Miller, Watchmen, and that time in everybody's lives where the only thing to do is to drink Thunderbird and binge on Bruce Lee films. This was actually the 2nd attempt at our discussion, recorded back in Early November 2016, as...

Duration: 02:13:50

Ep 12 - Work Travel Stories & Other Delights

Dumb work travel stories! My brother Jon calls in from the Detroit suburbs and we reminisce over too many years spend on the road, taking the usual tangents into the Magnificent 7 remake, Hunt for the Wilderpeople & why everyone needs to see it, how I got my photo taken atop the World's Largest Jackalope, etc. This was an experimental ep in that I had no idea if the tech would work, but it did and so we got an episode out of it. When visiting Jackson Hole, WY, motor over to Dubois and see...

Duration: 01:45:56

Ep 11 - Neil Breen's "Fateful Findings" & Everything Else

IMPORTANT: if you have NO IDEA what we're talking about, watch this first and all will be answered: ----- We're on Facebook now! // Join us as we make an attempt to investigate the cinematic oddity that is Neil Breen's _Fateful Findings_, a 2013 thriller? melodrama? supernatural romance? All of them? Garrett Burt from Ep 7: The Stallone Show is back along with his lady Mackendree Thompson to join me in a...

Duration: 02:11:21

Ep 10 - Comix Life in Portland - Part 2 - Cosmic Monkey Comics (2 of 2)

Part 2 of our talk with Adam & Andy from Cosmic Monkey Comics. My mic is still a bit buzzy since I'm such an awesome audio engineer. Subjects this time involve running a comic shop aimed at family readers rather than collectors, Marvel's bankruptcy, the shitshow that was the Dunes bar, Roddy Piper's standup career, Steve Miller's SNL bit, and more. --- ---- Notes: --- --- 5335 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213 --- Recs: -- Blacksad:...

Duration: 01:15:24

Ep 9 - Comix Life in Portland - Part 2 - Cosmic Monkey Comics (1 of 2)

Following up on our previous convo with Bridge City Comics, this here's a talk with Adam & Andy from Cosmic Monkey Comics, split into two parts for easier consumption and because I can't edit audio as fast as I'd like. Warning that the recording quality in this one is a bit twitchy since I'm such an awesome audio engineer. We talk about everything from starting your own shop to Todd McFarlane stories to when Bob Mould wrote pro-wrestling for WCW. --- Also, I completely blow my references...

Duration: 01:15:18

Ep 8 - Self-Publishing How-To

We welcome Portland authors Jemiah Jefferson( and Rachel Levy ( to talk about self-publishing a book on Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Etc. Tales of fighting with various e-formats, learning publishing software, finding artists! We also talk about college radio and Luke Cage, of course. ----- _Mixtape for the Apocalypse_ -- ---- _The Take of Martina McTripaw_ --...

Duration: 01:08:08

Ep 7 - The Stallone Show

This episode features a talk with Garrett from Honky Tonk Union & Eran from In the Cut Podcast about Stallone films, or at least what we can shakily remember about them. We wind up talking a lot about Rocky IV, Demolition Man, and bits of Rambo. And more than a few tangents about Channel One, Silk Stalkings, and Wesley Snipes. We get SOOOO many things wrong in this episode. Email all your corrections to Eran. -- -- -- Recommendations -- -- -- Faculty of Horror -...

Duration: 01:07:46

Ep 6 - Comix Life in Portland - Part 1 - Bridge City Comics

Our first ep discussing that Portland comic book life! Michael Ring and Merrick Monroe from Bridge City Comics join us to discuss Michael's daughter inexplicably wanting to see the Suicide Squad movie, gentrification & its related arson threats, horror films we saw at too young an age, Larry Drake, what will happen when Image Comics moves its HQ to Portland, harassment of women working the counter at a comic shop, nerd culture & its monetization, & oh so much more! *WARNING* This ep...

Duration: 02:00:48

Ep 5 - Music Recs and XOXO Fest Convo

Episode 5: A mix of new music you should hear and my conversation with Jesse and Brock from StreamPDX at the XOXO Fest in Portland in early Sept 2016. Conversation starts at 5:45 in. Tracks: 1. White Lung - "Narcoleptic" - Vancouver, BC - -- 2. S U R V I V E - "Wardenclyffe" - Austin, TX - -- 3. Slow Down Molasses - "New Release" - Saskatoon, SK - -- 4. Jeff Rosenstock - "Festival Song" -...

Duration: 00:17:05

Ep 4 - Go / Weiqi / Baduk

We talk with Glenn Peters about the game Go a.k.a. Weiqi a.k.a. Baduk, its history, its appearances in American pop culture, significant games, etc. Stuff mentioned: _Heaven Knows, Mr Allison_, 1957, dir by John Huston "Hikaru no Go", 1998-on, originally created by Yumi Hotta and Takeshi Obata. _Criminal Minds,_ S1E1, "Extreme Aggressor" _A Beautiful Mind,_ 2001. Dir by Ron Howard _Pi_, 1998, dir by Darren Aranofsky Glenn Peters Twitter: @greyaenigma Oregon Go American...

Duration: 01:08:18

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