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Episode 188: John Madden’s Kingdom Battle

We have a full crew this week and we’ve all played a ton of games! Mario And Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Madden 2018, Injustice 2, Starcraft 2, Flick ‘em Up Dead of Winter, Arms and that’s not even half of them! Also Mike got a Switch! So we discuss his first impressions of that too!

Duration: 02:02:08

Episode 187: Butt Cheeks Shouldn’t Wink

As we start accelerating into a sprint towards the end of the year, Kieran and Mike jump into some of this year’s big releases across video games and board games with Yakuza Kiwami, Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, This War Of Mine the board game and Flick ‘em Up Dead of Winter. Also, Kieran dives back into The Evil Within and finally starts enjoying it. Also, the news and new releases!

Duration: 02:00:59

Episode 186: Hellblade: Sonic’s Sacrifice

Kieran and Mike hold the fort this week and discuss Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Sonic Mania, Starcraft Remastered and many more videogames. On the board game front, Mike talks about his recent purchases Kingdomino, The Dresdin Files, The Godfather and Tales of Arabian Nights.

Duration: 02:36:53

Episode 185: Pyre Manager 2017

This week Mike is away but Kieran and Paul have played a enough games that we still manage to run a bit over time! We talk about great games like the latest iteration of Motorsport Manager and Supergiant’s latest masterpiece, Pyre. Then also some uh…less great games like Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and Prey. Also Kieran returns to Starcraft 2 and finds that the rage it once caused him has subsided. All this and news, new releases and first impressions of the Superhot card game!

Duration: 01:47:37

Episode 184: The Euphoric Madness Of Doctor Burgertime

This week Mike and Kieran obsess over their recent boardgame day where they played Euphoria, Funemployed, Dice Forge and more. Meanwhile on the videogame front, Mike continues to eat away at Forza Horizon 3 while Kieran picks up Splatoon 2 and explains just why the Switch’s online system is the worst one around.

Duration: 02:13:35

Episode 183: Mass Effect Andromeda Is A Game Which Exists

This week the whole crew is back together to talk about games. Mike tells us more about Micro Machines and Forza while Paul gets deep into Motorsport Manager while he and Kieran also discuss Mass Effect Andromeda and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite’s demo. We also talk about a ton of board games this week from podcast favourites like Sheriff of Nottingham, Splendor and the Arkham Horror LCG to new entries (for us) like Viticulture, Shiba Inu House and Dice Forge. We ran a bit long with the...

Duration: 02:27:53

Episode 182: Micro Machines Of The Wild

This week Paul is off doing real world things so Kieran and Mike talk about how much they continue to love the Wipeout series, the mediocre new entry to the Micro Machines franchise and the new DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Also, Mike talks about the most serious game of Knitwit ever played and a handful of other games he played at a recent game day.

Duration: 02:20:44

Episode 181: E3 Special - Xcom With Rabbids?

Nathan joins Mike and Kieran this week to discuss the aftermath of E3. Come with us on a journey as we ramble on late into the night telling tales of an XCom game starring Mario and some Rabbids, of a game set inside Elijah Wood and of course of the big press conferences and the games that were shown there. Also some kind of Splatoon close with half naked women in it?

Duration: 02:38:05

Episode 180: Something Something Dangerzone

This week Mike and Kieran are joined by Ben who brings tales of the UK games expo, DangerZone and his experience with the Switch while Mike talks about Injustice 2, Kieran talks about a ton of board games and how great Wipeout still is. Note: Paul’s on holiday so the audio might sound a bit worse than usual this episode, the file size is probably a little bigger too, sorry about that! We’ll be back to normal soon, I promise. I’d also like to blame that for the episode being up so late too...

Duration: 03:00:14

Episode 179: Hot Wheeling To Mars

This week Mike plays Injustice 2 and the new Hot Wheels expansion for Forza Horizon 3 while Kieran plays some Ghost Recon Wildlands and gets us all up to date on a brand new game called Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Switch. Also, Board games! The News! Other tangents!

Duration: 01:25:31

Episode 178: Mario Sports & Karts Megamix

This week everyone plays some Mario spinoffs on Nintendo’s portables. Mike plays the sports collection Mario Superstars while Paul and Kieran both get deeper into Mario Kart 8 Deluxe than they expected. Also, Kieran isn’t too sure about Civilization VI, Paul plays Sniper Elite 4 and Mike gets deeper into Fire Emblem Conquest.

Duration: 01:55:43

Episode 177: Paul Bought A Switch

So Mike played a bunch of board games that Shut Up and Sit Down told him to, Kieran has a bad cold and asked Wonderboy for a cure but more importantly PAUL BOUGHT A SWITCH. There’s not even a Pokemon game on it yet!

Duration: 01:54:30

Episode 174: Niering Funemployment

This week Paul is off doing real world things and so Mike and Kieran discuss Nier, Disc Jam, a plethora of board games and more!

Duration: 01:35:16

Episode 171: Human Yakuza Machine

This week the usual crew are joined by special guest, Nathan who talks about the awesome migraines that Resident Evil 7 in PSVR gave him along with how much he’s loving Yakuza 0, Human Resource Machine and more! We also discuss Total Warhammer, One Deck Dungeon, Gotcha Racing, Fire Emblem Heroes and a LOT more in this jumbo-sized episode.

Duration: 03:12:48

Episode 170: The Microsoft Gameboy

This week the usual crew are joined by Tom from CalmDownTom who brings tales of the many games they haven’t gotten around to playing themselves. Resident Evil VII, Fire Emblem Heroes and Battlefield One are the main highlights, meanwhile Kieran falls deeper into the Yakuza 0 hole, Mike plays some GBA games of debatable quality and Paul Raids some Tombs.

Duration: 01:58:52

Episode 169: Mechs vs Yakuza

It’s a busy week this week as Kieran picks up new releases like Gravity Rush 2 and Yakuza 0 and then proceeds to pretty much only play Picross 3D, meanwhile Mike dives back into Project X Zone 2 and Death Trap:World of Van Helsing which he ensures us has nothing to do with Vanessa Van Helsing. Then in board games, Mike is the only one to bring anything to the table with Mechs vs Minions, Friday and yet another kickstarter game that Kieran backed then cancelled.

Duration: 02:00:12

Episode 168: A Hybrid Podcast

This week the full gang is back together to talk about The Last Guardian, Battles of Polytopia, Watch Dogs 2 and of course to talk about the Nintendo Switch event and why Kieran’s crazy for preordering one.

Duration: 02:40:37

Episode 167: Automata Automa

This week it’s just Mike and Kieran again and they discuss what they played over their holidays, including the Nier Automata demo, Polytopia, Scythe, Billionaire Banshee and much more!

Duration: 02:34:27

Board Game Of The Year: Part Two

Board games have become an increasingly massive part of our lives here at GFG and so we felt it was only right to give them the full Game of the Year treatment too! Join us as we discuss categories such as Best Weird Japanese Thing Kickstarter Game Of The Year and of course our overall Board Game Of The Year.

Duration: 03:09:34

Board Game Of The Year: Part One

Board games have become an increasingly massive part of our lives here at GFG and so we felt it was only right to give them the full Game of the Year treatment too! Join us as we discuss categories such as Best Art/Production Best Strategy Best Party/Light And a lot more! And join us tomorrow for Part Two.

Duration: 01:22:01

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