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Episode 18 - Things I Wish I Knew: Interview with Dottie Schulz

Reflecting on her long career in missions and in counseling missionaries both before and after they serve in the field, Dottie Schulz shares some of the things that she wishes she had known were she in the position of starting over again. Specifically, Dottie addresses the difficulty of missionary reentry and the struggle to feel relevant in connecting with a post-Christian culture.


Episode 17 - Missionary Care

Long-term missionary and counselor in missionary care Dottie Schulz speaks in this episode about the most common issues among cross-cultural workers and teams as they seek to stay healthy in ministry. Specifically, she addresses the importance of forming friendships outside of the official "team relationships" for missionaries, of learning to be assertive, to not avoid conflict, and the often overlooked value of having fun while in the field.


Episode 16 - Things I Wish I Knew: Interview with Gabe Brazle

In today's episode, GCMI Catalyst Gabe Brazle shares from his own career in missions about things he wishes he had known starting out in ministry. Specifically, Gabe discusses the importance of realizing just how spiritually curious most people are, as well as the need to overcome the fear that we must be "experts" in order to begin sharing our faith with others.


Episode 15 - Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

NYC Catalyst Gabe Brazle discusses the ways in which working among Muslim people groups in Global Cities has expanded his view of both what evangelism is and grown his appreciation for how diverse a person's experience of Islam may be.


Episode 14 - Letting Ministry Relationships "Fail"

Often in ministry, we judge our own success based on the ideal outcomes of our missional strategies as they look on paper. But what are the likely results of pursuing disciple-making work in urban ministry? It has been the experience of our team that, from a strategic perspective, most relationships break down or "fail" at some point. In today's episode we discuss the various ways that DMM relationships can collapse and how to deal with this failure as a missionary.


Episode 13 - The Training Wheel: How to Develop Disciples into Leaders

As we at GCMI try to help new disciples mature into disciple-makers, we have to ask ourselves what qualities we desire to see in Christian leaders of new church movements. In today's episode we discuss a tool we use in our work - the Training Wheel - to help form the kinds of listening, discerning, and vision casting abilities that equip new believers to become mature leaders of disciples who make disciples.


Episode 12 - Following Up on Spiritual Conversations

In today's episode we continue our discussion about Discovery Bible Study (Episode 11) by looking at how we have ongoing spiritual conversations after our initial evangelistic interactions and how we can tell the difference between a person who is only interested in spiritual things and a person who might gather others to begin a new house church group.


Episode 11 - What is a Discovery Bible Study?

When we gather groups of spiritually interested people, the first tool we utilize at Global City Mission Initiative is Discovery Bible Study (DBS). But what is a DBS and why is it advantageous in cross-cultural urban missions? In today's episode we discuss the structure and strategy behind DBS and give some stories from using it recently in our disciple-making work.


Episode 10 - Things I wish I knew: Interview with Jared Looney

In today's episode, GCMI Director Jared Looney shares from his own career in missions about things he wishes he had known starting out in ministry. Specifically, Jared discusses the importance of learning how to manage our own anxiety and insecurity as new missionaries and how to set ourselves up for gaining healthy perspective from our failures and hardships.


Episode 8 - Prioritizing Spiritual Health in Ministry

It is important when making disciples and planting churches that we as workers not neglect our own interior lives and practice. But what are some tools and rhythms that might help us remain accountable and help keep both us and our teammates healthy and grounded? In today's episode we discuss a couple of ways our GCMI team tries to create a working culture which prioritizes spiritual health. You can find more information about the tools discussed in today's episode at the links below....


Episode 7 - Ethnography Part 2: Asking Good Questions

If we want to learn about our diaspora neighbors' culture deeply enough to make informed ministry decisions, then one of the most important skills for us to develop is that of asking good ethnographic questions. In today's episode we discuss some of the pointers GCMI missionaries recommend in building this ability and we suggest some of the important questions to consider as we grow in our learning of a culture.


Episode 6 - How to Begin Ethnography for Ministry

If we are looking to do incarnational ministry in a cross-cultural setting, we need to know where we begin to learn about our neighbor's culture in a way that helps us to start building a missions strategy. In today's episode we look at four questions about starting cross-cultural ministry in your city: How do we know where to go? How do we know who to talk to? How do we know how to talk? And how do we know what to say?


Episode 5- Discovering Truth

How do we, as evangelists and ministers, move from being the primary teacher and director of new disciples and move into a position that allows new believers and pre-believers to discover for themselves the answers to their most pressing questions? In today's episode, we look at some examples of taking a "discovery based" approach to studying the Bible with others, and reflect on the importance on not always trying to have an answer to people's questions about scripture.


Episode 4- Five Principles of Catalytic Ministry

There is a temptation in ministry for the professional worker to always be at the center of everything going on in the church. In today's episode, we discuss some principles for becoming a better catalyst to the growth and development of a disciple making ministry.


Episode 3- Things I wish I had known

What do you wish you had known when starting out in ministry? GCMI strives to be a pioneering ministry, which means we make a lot of mistakes. Here are some of the things our New York team wishes they had known before beginning making disciples and planting churches in the city.


Episode 2- What is Evangelism: Making Spiritual Statements

How do we take the everyday conversations that are happening around us and begin to use those as a foundation for sharing the gospel with others? In this episode, we discuss the evangelistic skill of "making spiritual statements," and share stories about several different missionaries trying to insert Gospel content into their normal interactions in their cities.