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Exploring the white nationalist rally that didn't

Did news media coverage of last year's murderous Unite the Right rally tip dominoes that marginalized resurgent white nationalism? Why did this year's DC rally vanish into thin air? Marcus and Brian discuss overt and latent American white nationalism and explore Laura Ingraham's rigid ideas about American national identity.


Getting Real About Relativism

Is "Fake News" a euphemism for moral relativism? Are social media feels obscuring objective fact - or leading to riots in the developing world? Marcus and Brian break down some of the theory behind the controversial phrase. Also, hundreds of migrant kids remain separated from their families and a $12 billion farm bailout probably won't save the midwest from Trump's tariffs.


Let's Preserve InterNATiOnal Democracy – Not White Nationalism

Seventy three years ago, Europe was literally on fire. Transatlantic cooperation and treaties helped rebuild the continent into a safe and prosperous environment. So why is President Donald Trump belittling NATO and accusing immigrants of damaging European culture? Is that a step backwards - toward isolationism, fascism and violence? Marcus and Brian break down the xenophobic logic behind "preserving culture" arguments and highlight the premise and values of NATO.


Baby Formula Deathmatch

Uncle Sam threatened to bludgeon Ecuador with harsh tariffs because they dared to sponsor a non-binding WHO resolution promoting breastfeeding. Did the Trump White House conflate specific company's profit margins and national security interests? Have we lost any sense of subtlety? Marcus and Brian also break down why Trump's musing on invading Venezuela is an awful idea and why some of AMLO's ideas in Mexico are impractical. They declare that Vermont is cool for legalizing it ... but that...


How Trump's "zero tolerance" policy differs from W and Obama

President Trump has ripped more than 2300 immigrant children from their parents this year, interred them in camps and deported their parents with few (if any) plans for reuniting them. But is Trump's "zero tolerance" border policy really different from W's and Obama's immigration platforms? In a word: Yes. Marcus and Brian explore the history of legal challenges, civil and criminal immigration proceedings and the critical 1997 case Flores vs Reno, which complicates Trump's inhumane efforts...


"Government-Sanctioned Child Abuse" is not a "Deterrent"

Children are being ripped from their parents across America's southern border - including some seeking legal asylum, not illegal entry. Dr. Colleen Kraft, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, called it "nothing less than government-sanctioned child abuse." White House Chief of Staff John Kelly once called it a "deterrent." Marcus and Melissa highlight some lies and misconceptions about President Trump's policy (not law) and offer suggestions on how to help. Also, Argentina and...


Dear Mexico, why not chant "pendejo" instead?

The 2018 World Cup begins today in Russia. Why will Mexicans loudly chant the word "puto," an undeniably homophobic slur, several times a game? Marcus and Melissa discuss the word's controversial dual nature - part hateful insult, part cavalier greeting and sports chant - and recommend a better expletive instead. Pendejo would fit the chant just fine without being intolerant. Also, Trinidad and Tobago can't hurt us anymore. Canada, Mexico and the United States are jointly hosting the 2026...


Are free trade and gun sales incompatible?

You’ve probably heard someone say Australia banned guns. That’s not true. What you may not have heard is that strict import regulations on firearms in 1968 and 1989 played a big role in shaping America’s gun landscape – as did a 1934 registration act for fully automatic weapons and some explosive devices that’s still enforced today. It has important similarities with broader firearm registration rules in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Marcus talks international and domestic gun...


E15: Italian "Cleansing," Danish Foreskin and Bavarian Crosses: Last Week was Rough in Europe

Italy finally has a government - but the only things they can agree on are "cleansing" neighborhoods of immigrants and mocking the European Union. Denmark and Bavaria are installing Islamophobic and anti-immigrant policies of their own. Marcus and Melissa, a first-generation Italian immigrant, discuss intolerance and nativism on the continent. Also, what kind of terrorist listens to country music? Somebody saw Marcus' Ann Richards and Hillary Clinton bumper stickers and called him a...


E14: On Hold - Procreation & A Trade War

The fertility rate in the United States reached a new low in 2017 - and it would've been much lower without recent immigration. Also, Steve Mnuchin says the trade war with China is "on hold." Did the phone even ring? Marcus explores fertility data and the challenges facing Trumpian diplomacy. He also drops a dated movie reference in a discussion of H-2B visa cutbacks and Maryland crabbing woes. Follow Globalization Weekly on Facebook, or reach out to us at


E13: Evangelism and Social Media

Should American policy be based on Biblical prophecy? President Trump & Company said yes when they moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, but Brian and Marcus are unconvinced. They tackle the intersections of faith and politics, challenges in cultivating civil discourse on modern social media, and plain confusion surrounding Trump's Tweets supporting China's ZTE telecom. Also, Brian out-cowboys Marcus, much to the shame of his Texas ancestors. Follow us on Facebook at Globalization...


E12: Appropriation Now

Is "cultural appropriation" the same as "misogynistic cyberbullying?" In the case of a Utah teenager's prom dress, Marcus says absolutely; he's not sold on the cultural appropriation concept in general, either. He and Brian discuss Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces and the natural ways cultures blend and evolve. Brian, a Honduran national, speaks about surviving Hurricane Mitch and the painful challenges facing thousands of Honduran immigrants now that President Trump has let...


E11: Is Kim Jong Un for real?

Western news media are heralding "groundbreaking" talks between North and South Korea, but is Kim Jong Un for real? Are expectations for a de-nuclarized Korean Peninsula realistic, or are Kim's nukes a permanent part of a global web of compromises and networks? Marcus and Brian discuss Korean diplomacy. Also, President Trump's swashbucking tariffs are slipping now that the rubber is beginning to meet the road. How many deadlines will get pushed back, and will Trump's Twitter chatter screw...


Awful priorities: Tearing immigrant children from their families

More than 700 immigrant children have been separated from their families since last October, according to the New York Times. It's hard to think of a more un-Christ-like act, but white evangelical support from Trump is at a new high. Why? Marcus and Brian weigh in on the topic, and also discuss Trump's overtly racist tweet about "breeding" in sanctuary cities, the ongoing Russia probe, the potential "blue wave" and the globalized nature of organized religion. Follow Globalization Weekly on...


Interview: Reconsidering the "Opioid Crisis" and international (legal) drugs

In our first dedicated interview episode, Marcus and guest Melissa Persia explore the transnational roots of American pharmaceuticals and the legal drug trade. They also reframe the so-called "opioid crisis," which has unfairly stigmatized thousands of legitimate pain patients. Follow us on Facebook at Globalization Weekly, or send us an email at


Syria, trans-pacific confusion and fear and stubbornness in Austin

Marcus and Brian break down the policy and worldview implications of the American attacks on Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad's chemical weapons stockpiles. They consider President Trump's confusing re-consideration of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, tackle passionate objections to (domestic) immigration in Austin, Texas, and briefly laugh at retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan. Follow us on Facebook at Globalization Weekly (@GlobalizationWeekly) or reach out to us at


Caravans 101: Understanding Honduran Migration to the U.S.

Brian digs deep into Honduran politics and history to explain the "caravan" of migrants crossing Mexico destined for the Rio Grande. They're not rapists; they're workers, families and unaccompanied children fleeing a country with few real opportunities. Also, Marcus and Brian touch on Trump's brewing trade war with China and the international politics of American high schools.


Rigged Census, Rigged Districts

Marcus and Brian address the inclusion of a citizenship question in the 2020 U.S. Census, a step designed to further tilt the balance of the House of Representatives toward rural conservative voters. They discuss John Bolton, ongoing trade uncertainty with China and South Korea, and the politics behind Roseanne and Pacific Rim: Uprising. Also, Brian briefly trots out a lousy fake Australian accent. It goes poorly, and Marcus judges him for it.


Free Trade 101 & Voters Formerly Known as GOP

Marcus and guest Dan Windle dive into deep background on free trade as an economic ideology. They address strategies for reinventing jobs for American workers in globalized industries, including supporting skills training and new educational opportunities. Dan also makes a declaration: In the era of Trump and polarized politics, many former stalwart Republicans are willing to vote for approachable Democrats.


Episode 5: Tariffs, Flippy the Burger Robot, Rafael "Ted" Cruz and the Italian elections

Marcus & guest Melissa Persia address the robot in the room: Flippy, the burger-flipping robot, and the literal and metaphorical change he represents for fast food and the Rust Belt. They discuss "Appalachian privilege" and racist undertones in Rafael "Ted" Cruz's new jingle attacking Beto O'Rourke. They also cover the anti-immigrant and anti-establishment roots in Italy's Five Star movement and recent elections, and the ideological overlap between Five Star and MAGA.