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Go Watch a Movie Ep:28 We missed you!

Hello all, We are back hard and fast in our first episode back in two weeks. First I would like to say sorry for missing the last two weeks and hopefully it will not happen again! With that said today in episode 28 we dived deep into the DEE. We discuss Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame and Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon. If you love kung fu films with all the modern tech tossed in then these are the films for you. This episode was short only because we want...


Go Watch a Movie EP:27 The Ghost in Ourselves

Hello all and thank you for joining us on episode 27! We are hunted with GHOSTS!!!! Just kidding, in this ep we watch the 1995 Ghost in the Shell, the 2004 Ghost in the Shell and the 2017 Ghost in the Shell. Such a life span this Manga has. Just an amazing world to dive into and it gave us a lot to talk about! We hope you enjoy. The big bad guy battle this week was the Joker vs the Emperor. Poderen family promos this week the Master Debaters! You can find us at gowatchamovie.com...


Ep 26 Go Go Watch A Power Rangers Movie

Hi all! Epsoide 26 is all about the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers!! First sorry I goofed and could not find a copy of the old Power Rangers first film we subbed in Turbo A Power Rangers Movie. We followed that one up with the newly released film Power Rangers. We Cried, hurt and laughed (not with them)... then we finished Turbo a Power Rangers Movie. We also replace our Big villain battle with one for the ages this week Power Rangers Vs Voltron. Thanks for listening and joining us for the...


Go Watch a Movie EP:25 The Circle Experiment

Hello all and welcome to episode 25! In today's episode we see how much it takes for the human mind to snap as we discuss The Circle (2015) and The Belko Experiment.I ask Robert would he crack like most did in these films and we find out I already have. He who must not be named and Anton go head to head in our Big villain battle. Oh and Watch Bot wants to kill us and take over the world. Promos this week are The Story Behind. You can find us at gowatchamovie.com...


Go Watch a Movie Ep:24 Kevin Smith and Monsters

Hello all and welcome to episode 24! On today's episode I start things off by pouring out my heart to thank the man the myth the legend Kevin Smith. I don't do him justice with my babbling so if you get a chance give him a listen in some fashion. Then we get into it Monsters as we tackle the 2014 Godzilla and Kong Skull Island. We also replace the big movie battle this week and found out who we think would win when the ape and the lizard do battle. Promos this week the Geek yogurt podcast....


Go Watch A Movie Ep:23 Get Out Logan

Episode 23 or as I like to call it THE AGE OF THE NEW MIC!! Thank all of you who bought a mug and made it possible. We start by bidding farewell to wolverine by watching and discussing the amazing Logan. What a way to end a 17 year run. We then move to the another amazing movie Get Out...Just Wow in a good way. After that we get to round 2 of tier 2 of the Big bad guy movie battle. Bill the Butcher vs John Doe. I also put a request out to bands. We all know that music is a huge part of...


Go Watch a Movie Ep 22 Safety on a Wall

Episode 22, thank you for joining us this week as we discuss Safety Not Guaranteed a wonderful little film. We also jump on The Great Wall and try to find good things to talk about it. The villain battle rages on as we get into the winners tier of battles. Promos this week @NTIOPod You can find them at nowthatimolder.com. Also the Bro Rons podcast! You can find us at gowatchamovie.com http://gowatchamovie.podomatic.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/go-watch-a-movie/id1161247427...


Go Watch a Movie Ep21 A Cure for a Jacket

Hello all and thankyou for listiing! We made it to 21! In this episode we discuss The Jacket and get caught up in its creepy twist. We also Discuss The Cure for Wellness and get lost in its insane story very lost. So much so that we forget to do suggestions sorry for that. I put out the question of adding a fourm to the site (please let me know). Podernfamily promos this week are Netflix 'N Swill: a podcast where @danofaction and @C_leb2021 drink the worst alcohol and pontificate about the...


Go Watch a Movie ep:20 Cant stop the Wick

Episode 20! Wick Wick and more Wick.... well just two Wicks. Join us in this episode as we discuss John Wick and John Wick Chapter 2. Both which you should go watch right now. Keanu Reeves has found his home with this franchise and I cant wait to see more. We introduce Watch Bot a movie into robot I made becaue Arnold cost to much and I keep getting names wrong. Roberts review corner is up on the site in which Robert reviews movies of all types. Round one of our bad guy movie tournament...


Go Watch a Movie Ep19 The Ring Spectacular

Hello all, Episode 19 is the third in our spectacular series, The Ring Spectacular! In this episode we cover all 3 American Ring movies, The Ring, The Ring 2 and the newly released Rings. I don't know about you but the first of this franchise always gave me chills. The others ummm well they are nice in their own way.... We also get into remakes a bit. No Big villain fighting this week but next week our number ones go toe to toe. Promos this week Epic Film Guys, If you love movies then...


Go Watch a Movie Ep 18 Resident Evil Klowns Chapter

Hello all! in episode 18 we discuss the 2nd of our listener suggestions the cult film "Killer Klowns From Outer Space" Thank you Willie for that. Then we move to "last" in the resident evil franchise "resident evil final chapter". One was bad and they knew it... The other was bad and just a money grab. We love the suggestion episodes and hope to have many more, we will watch anything so send it our way! In the bad guy movie battle it was Hannibal vs ozymandias. We also have a coffee mug!...


Go Watch a Movie ep 17: M Night Movie Night

Hello all today we get all twisted with m night shyamalan's twists as we discuss his films "The visit" and his new movie "Split" spoilers I gush over James. Our villain picks go at it this and this one has the joker. also my bad Arnold makes a comeback and he is pissed. Promos this week are Now That I'm Older @NTIOPod and The Mike Jolitz Show @MikeJolitz. You can find us at http://gowatchamovie.podomatic.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/go-watch-a-movie/id1161247427...


Go watch a movie Ep16 Underworld Troopers

Hi all 16 is here! I first want to say sorry again for last weeks sound but this one is all good... other then the movies. we talk Zone troopers Director: Danny Bilson, staring Tim Thomerson,Timothy Van Patten,Art LaFleur. And Underworld Blood Wars, Director: Anna Foerster staring Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, which I HAD high hopes for. The tournament continues as Hannibal takes on Max Cady. This weeks promos are The Countdown: Movie and TV Reviews which you can find on twitter...


Go Watch a Movie ep15 The Train to Brains

Hello all and welcome to 2017's first episode. We talk 2 amazing zombie films today The girl with all the gifts and The train to Busan. I want to apologize, there mic issues all over the place in this one but these movies were so good I had to get it out. Not a great way to start the year off but We will make it up to you. Podern Family promos this week are the Epic Film guys. you can find them at @EpicFilmGuys on twitter and epicfilmguys.podbean.com You can find us at...


Go Watch A Movie Ep14 A Denzel New Year

Hello all and thank you for listening to go watch a movie episode 14. We do a kind of Denzel Washington theme this week and discuss magnificent 7 and the movie Fences. We put on our spurs and go to the wild west for the first half of the show. Then we extend trailers and go over variety's most anticipated films of 2017. Then things get real in spite of me trying to keep things light the film Fences is just too real and brings that same realness out of the both of us. We also tell our...


Go Watch a Movie Ep13 The Christmas episode!

Hello all, In our first ever Christmas episode we talk Assassin's creed, and The Night Before. While recording we were visited by 3 ghost who teach us the meaning of Christmas movies...er kind of. Bad impressions from the start this is one for the books. merry christmas everyone!!! This weeks Podern Family Promos are The Countdown: Movie and TV Reviews https://t.co/0GCukai0xG and The Brorons. You can find us at http://gowatchamovie.podomatic.com/...


Go Watch a Movie Ep12 The Star Wars Spectacular

Hello all in this episode in honor of the release of Rogue One a Star Wars Story we made this ep a Star Wars spectacular. We are in for the long haul in this one as we discuss all 8 of the Disney Canon Star Wars movies and because I had not seen them we add the Ewok movies to the mix. (even tho Disney took them out of Canon) Boy oh boy was adding those a mistake. We mix up the regular segments and make it all about star wars! Hope you enjoy this extra long star wars adventure!!! Podern...


Gyllenhaal Good Cage Bad

In episode 11 we tackle Army of one staring Nicolas cage, it hurt in a good way, and Nightcrawler staring Jake gyllenhaal. Both films got us talking for very different reasons. Promos this week from the poderenfamily Epic film guys, Netflix and swill, and the all around music podcast. Find us at http://gowatchamovie.podomatic.com/ , https://www.facebook.com/gowatchamovie/ ,Itunes and gowatchamovie.com. follow us on twitter @gowatchamovie. and tell us a movie to watch gowatchamovie@yahoo.com


Disaster Incarnate

Episode10 we tackle the films "Turbo Kid" and The new "horror" movie "Incarnate" and tho Turbo kid was fun oh god were these bad. we talk movie news, trailers, suggestions and tom cruise running. we also add promos from the other podcast in our podernfamily. (some of the sound effects moved on me sorry) You can find us at gowatchamovie.com and please subscribe and leave a review on itunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/go-watch-a-movie/id1161247427


Stinky Pitts

Episode 9 we get stoked as we disscuss "Stoker" and "Allied". During our Allied talk we find out how Robert really feels about Brad Pitt and his films, and my weird thing with Angeline Jolie. We add news to the show and our 10's fight it out in our villain tourney.


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