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The Rise of Online Personalities & How They Got To Where They're At

With the launch of social media, there have been a lot of different online personalities popping up in the world, and in this episode of Go With the Flo, we talk about exactly who some these people are and explain how they got to where they're at in their career. These individuals come from different backgrounds and have become successful in different ways. Some share their entire lives with the world through vlogs and some others deliver value by recording educational videos for their...


Video Platforms Are Dominating TV Channels & Why You Should Distribute As Many Videos As Possible

In today's episode of Go With the Flo, we discuss how Twitch could potentially take over the sport networks on TV and why Facebook Watch could compete against YouTube in the video space. Lastly, we talk about why it's so important to not be fancy about where you distribute your content and why you should push out as much video content as possible in 2019. As a bonus, we explain how video content can give you all 4 forms of marketing: video, audio, pictures, and the written word, and how it...


How Social Creates a Huge Opportunity for Personal Brands & Why Universities Will Lose Their Value

In this episode of Go With the Flo, we introduce our new co-host, Levi Harder, and talk about how the internet has opened up a huge opportunity for building your personal brand, and why social media and voice platforms are your keys to succeeding in this space. We also discuss why universities will eventually lose their worth in the next economic collapse, and why the internet will decrease the value of degrees because of free/cheaper online education.


End of Year Thoughts on How to Brand Yourself in 2019

Coming to the end of the year, we wanted to discuss our thoughts on what marketing looked like in 2018, and our recommendations on how to brand yourself going on into 2019. Voice is a major factor going on into 2019, and if you don't have something like a podcast or Alexa Skill, you're throwing away a huge opportunity to grow your business and bring attention to your brand. This is just one of the topics we cover in this episode, and we hope you find value in it.


How Contextualizing Ads Delivers Quality Engagement & Better Business Results

Lots of businesses these days use Facebook and Instagram ads as a way to market themselves online, but the majority of them fail at deploying those ads effectively. So in this episode, we tackle why it's necessary to contextualize your ads to gain more quality engagement, and how that will help achieve your business' online marketing goals.


Testing Your Content To Understand Your Audience & Maximize Your Results

In this episode, we talk about the importance of testing out your content in order to understand what your audience wants, and to maximize your results. This is a crucial step for any business trying to develop a strong social media presence, because without it, you're just wasting time and money. Hope this brings you insight.


The Quality of Followers Is More Important Than the Quantity of Followers

In this week's episode, we address how too many people get lost in the number of followers they have, and don't focus enough on the quality of their followers. Gaining quality followers is the key to having a successful social media campaign.


Quick Minute on Content For Mobile Platforms

Here's a little 1-minute segment talking about why you need to stop questioning the effectiveness of social platforms, and start creating content at scale for the mobile device. Hope it brings you value.


Content for Mobile Platforms, & Next Marketing Opportunity

In this week's episode of #GoWithTheFlo, we explain why you should be creating content for the mobile device, on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or risk your business becoming irrelevant. And we also talk about how voice is quickly becoming the next marketing opportunity for your business and why you should be paying attention to it.


The Instagram Algorithm Update and Addressing Its Rumors

There was a recent update to the Instagram algorithm in June, and in this episode of Go With the Flo, we explain exactly how it works and address some rumors surrounding it. Hope it brings you value!


Introduction to Go With the Flo

This is the first episode of the Go With the Flo podcast by Flo Media! In this episode, we explain our goal of bringing you marketing insights and updates on major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and also bringing on other entrepreneurs and marketers for interviews, so that they can share their own story and insights with you. Our mission is to have a weekly podcast and touch on subjects that you'll find useful. We hope that you'll follow us on this journey and that we can bring...