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Wisdom for Changing Times with Grandmother Flordemayo

Grandmother Flordemayo, one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, travels the globe to bring the wisdom of Mother Earth's elders to our world, sorely in need of wisdom. As a healer and elder, Grandmother shares her wisdom with us in our changing times.


Mother's Milk - The Elixir of Life with Elena Taggart Medo

Elena Taggart Medo, is the Chairman and CEO of Medolac Laboratories, A Public Benefit Corporation. Medolac Laboratories' public benefit charter is to make human milk the clinical standard of care for premature and sick infants by dramatically increasing access to high quality, safe and commercially sterile human donor milk. Join Elaine and Elena on this edition of Going Beyond Medicne on Empower Radio.


Heaven's Whisper with Lynn Darmon

Lynn Darmon of Heaven's Whisper, is a gifted intuitive and medium. Elaine and Lynn discuss the importance of using the gift of intuition, and how information from the "Unseen" can help open your heart and mind on this edition of Going Beyond Medicine on Empower Radio.


Hearing the Voices of Women and Girls with Sande Hart

In our changing times, it is vital that our voices are heard. The Voices of Women and Girls, in particular, are the focus and dedication of Sande Hart, whose global work is bringing awareness to our collective need for compassionate change as one Human Species.


Josiah's Fire - Autism Stole His Words, God Gave Him a Voice

Tahni Cullen tells the remarkable story of her son’s heavenly experiences in Josiah’s Fire, releasing this fall. A healthy baby boy, Josiah Cullen was born in October 2005. But at 22 months old, Josiah experienced a dramatic shift, lost eye contact, words, and play skills, and was ultimately diagnosed with autism. At seven years old, Josiah began typing words on his iPad, revealing surprising wisdom from such a young, nonverbal child. In her new book, Josiah’s Fire: Autism Stole His Words,...


Rebuilding Detroit - One Home at a Time with Sandra Reigel

Sandra Reigel is not your typical 30 something. Born and raised in Belgium, Sandra always dreamed of traveling and helping humanity. To our benefit, she chose Detroit, Michigan. Having moved to metropolitan Detroit in November 2017, Sandra has begun to fulfill her dream. She purchased homes in impoverished neighborhoods, and working alongside local contractors, renovates the homes and will be helping individuals get mortgages, or by offering land-contacts, individuals can own their homes...


Finding Your Center in the Midst of Change

As we navigate our daily lives it is important to begin to become aware of your center. Your center is that part of your self that learns how to stay in balance and not be set off into a whirlwind of negative thinking and anger.


Sanctum House - Helping Human Trafficking Victims Regain Their Lives with Edee Franklin

Her lifelong passion has been in helping people, particularly women at risk realize they are ok and help them recover. Out of her professional and personal background in 2013 she founded Sanctum House with the vision to empower survivors of human trafficking with life skills to achieve a sustainable and independent lifestyle. Sanctum House is a 2-year residential safe home focusing on physical, psychological, emotional, educational and spiritual healing for adult trafficked women. The goal...


C.A.R.E.S. of Farmington Hills - It Takes a Village With Todd Lipa

CARES (Community, Action, Resources, Empowerment, Services) of Farmington Hills, MI began as a vision nearly 3 years ago. A closed church with 10.5 acres in the southeast part of Farmington Hills, Michigan had once been the thriving St. Alexander's church. The church took care of those unable to care for themselves with a 30 year food pantry that is still in existence today. After the closing of the parish, a seed was born in man whose own childhood difficulties were assisted there - a...


Artesian Farms - Good for Customers, Neighborhoods, Cities and the Planet With Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams is not your typical farmer. His farm does not consist of sprawling acreage, but rather is located in the most unlikely of places. In a formerly abandoned warehouse in the Detroit neighborhood known as Brightmoor, whose history and community would be considered less than bright. But Jeff Adams and Artesian Farms are changing all of that.


Sustainability - Finding Solutions for Living in Balance with Earth with Vincenzo DiDato

Vincenzo DiDato, General Director of Xerdan Ltd., Malta, is a man of international experiences who's work to awaken us to the the true and urgent need for sustainability vs. sustainable development. Find out more about Vincenzo and his work on this edition of Going Beyond Medicine.


Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot

Our Earth is in peril, and the consequences of our actions have devastating consequences. Elaine will share an important book, produced by Population Media Center, that shares the challenges that we have created through over population, over development and over-shoot. Through ravenous use and misuse of natural resources, we are killing our planet and ourselves. This book takes a look at the causes and the solutions.


The Global Empowerment of Women With Nancy Christiano

This week Elaine is joined by Nancy Christiano. Nancy's work as a global philanthropist includes Population Media. Founded by Bill Ryerson, PMC creates long-running dramas for TV, radio and the web. These hit shows have a unique capacity for raising awareness about critical issues such as women's rights, reproductive health, girls' education, and human trafficking. We also work with the Jane Goodall Foundation in DRC to encourage PMC's audience to discontinue eating bushmeat, as well as...


The Medicine Wheel of the Spheres of the Body

Many people are aware of the chakra system, but if you are aware of the fact that there is an ancient medicine wheel that explains in greater depth with the peoples of the Americas called the spheres of the body. As human beings we have gifts that need to be encouraged. We are here to learn. As human beings we have gifts that need to be encouraged. We need to learn. That is the purpose of life. And understanding what these spheres do for us we can begin to embrace our experiences to begin...


The Global Brain Health Coalition With Founder and CEO Nicole Fisher

Nicole Fisher is a force to be reckoned with. Nicole runs the Global Brain Health Coalition, a non-profit organization that spotlights concussions and brain health. An astute observer, Nicole Fisher is a human rights and political advisor as well as a contributing writer to Forbes Magazine. She is the founder and CEO of HHR Strategies, a health care and human rights focused advising firm, primarily focusing on health care. Fisher has spoken at the United Nations and often appears on news...


Finding Balance In Our Time

Each human being experiences challenges. This is how we learn. We learn through honesty, integrity and choice. In our times, as in all times past, we can appear to be confronted with difficulty. Difficult people and situations. both personally and globally, seem to surround us. Yet, do we stop to discover how we might be contributing to the difficulty? Today, Elaine will talk about this important topic and share some thoughts about the opportunities that we are given to change.


Naturopathic Oncology - Assisting the Body Holistically With Dr. Jen Green

As a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) Jen Green is an innovator in the field of supporting the human body during cancer treatment. Today will explore the depth of her work as a physician and the ways that the body can be support to heal from the onslaught of chemo-therapy.


From Trauma to Triumph With Chip and Lisa St. Clair

Chip St. Clair has lived what few people can imagine. The child of one of America's Most Wanted, his childhood consisted of daily violence, fear and confusion. Chip, along with his wife and partner, Lisa St. Clair, have worked to help kids overcome the violence and uncertainty that they experience in their Lives to help them become the Butterflies they are meant to be.


Animal Medicine - the Power and Gifts of the Animal Kingdom

Many people ask about the meaning of animal visitations. In this episode, Elaine will share some of what she knows about animal medicine and the beautiful messages shared by animals as they interact as messenger for humanity.


Mobility Medicine With Dr. Johnathan Bruner

Our physical structure and our health is determined, in large part, by our ability to move without strain. Dr. Jonathan Bruner's goal is to help his patients live their lives to their maximum potential by improving any restrictions in their muscles, joints or tissues that may be limiting activity or causing pain. Through the use of gentle OMM, (Osteopathic Manual Manipulation) stretches and exercises, a plan custom fit to each individual is determined to get you back to traveling, sports,...


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