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When Your Season's Over

When Your Season's Over by More Fuzzy Logic

Duration: 00:02:16

Week 12 Streaks

A good winning streak is a beautiful thing but other streaks can be downright ugly. Some teams will be glad to see the back of November and hope that December brings better fortune. Week 12 was surprisingly low on surprises but our review of the week finds some possible new NFL trends to keep and eye on. As well as reviewing all the week 12 action there are of course some bold predictions for week 13 as the playoff picture starts to get filled in with more detail. Panthers head back to...

Duration: 00:29:30

Week 11 How You Like Me Now

Kirk Cousins does several things well. He may not practice it much but one of those things is giving good quotes and good Vine material after games. He was at it again after leading Washington to a big win over Green Bay. ​ This episode we round up the action elsewhere including some Tequila inspired officiating in favour of the Raiders, some trend bucking by Tampa Bay, more Dak Attacks in Dallas, and an epidemic of bad kicking. Also, with a recent ESPN poll showing that a lot of College...

Duration: 00:25:54

Week 11 Preview Jared Goff starts, Packers bounce back?

Will Jared Goff help the Rams to score and win? Head Coach Jeff Fisher has seemed reluctant to start the No.1 draft pick but after another touchdown-less game last week, the Californian Kid gets his chance. ​ How about the Packers? Surely they can't lose 4 on the bounce? We take a look at all the games, including Texans Raiders in Mexico on Monday night. www.goinglongpodcast.com

Duration: 00:24:00

Week 9 Run, Catch, Spin

EXCITING PRIME TIME GAMES! ​ High scoring and packed with incident, drama, and controversy; there was plenty the NFL during Week 9 to keep you hooked. ​ This means we jump to some hasty, knee jerk conclusions about team's fortunes and player's prospects. We round up all the games - obviously - go all positive for once with our Top 5 and get sidetracked thinking about how the possession of a functioning run game might be more important than some threatening receivers....

Duration: 00:26:20

Week 9 Preview

See? SEE? We said Stranger Things were happening in the NFL and the Vikings go and lose in Chicago. We round up that game and discuss the week's events with a Bears fan and a Vikings fan. Could the win and performance from Cutler actually be a bad thing for the Bears? And what does the defeat and change in coaching staff mean for the Vikings? ​ We also preview the Week 9 games and give our predictions for all of them. www.goinglongpodcast.com

Duration: 00:47:04

WEEK 6: The Power of 5

We're over the quarter point of the season and we starting to get an idea of the form of teams and how the divisions are shaping up.​ ​ This week we look at whose errors mean they should take a seat and whose top play merits standing up for praise. ​ We round up every game from week 5 and look ahead to week 6 and i the fanzine we hi-five a fin as we talk to Miami Dolphins fan Dan Neal. Music: "Bye Bye" by David Szezsty. CC BY-NC 3.0 Modified to use....

Duration: 00:47:02

Week 3 Fake It

There can be a lot nerves around the start of the as teams try out new homes, new players, new tactics. Even if you don't feel that confident, sometimes you just have to fake it. ​ Two games in and some teams are already being confidently written off so we look at some of the stats suggest which of those teams at 0-2 might start thinking about a good draft position, but also which of those teams on 2-0 shouldn't yet start dreaming of the post season. ​ We round up ALL of the games, look at...

Week 2: Throwbacks and Comebacks

It started with Throwback Thursday and the Super Bowl re-run and that set the standard for some tense action, big plays, and games decided in the last seconds. ​ We look at how the 7 quarter backs starting for the first time for their teams got on as well as talking about returns of all kinds. ​ We focus on the four games we picked last week and see how the 32 players in our Teapot prediction game fared. ​ Famzone is back and we visit Yorkshire to meet crime author and Jets fan Neil...

Going Long: Season 2 trailer

The new season is almost here and Going Long is returning with MORE. Yes, we'll be back to talk about the latest action and news in American Football as well as brining you special guests, interviews with coaches and players AND we have our prediction game back for the whole season. Will you be the one to go the final and taste glory? We'll also got something a bit extra this season as well and all will be revealed soon. Find out all the links on our website: www.goinglongpodcast.com