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021: Fat Activism, Dancing the Tango Until Someone Said a Shitty Comment, and the Importance of Sharing Our Stories Like the Horrors of Breastfeeding

in Tiana’s own words… Tiana Dodson is a fat activist and health coach who runs One Beautiful Yes, where she helps people in big bodies find their healthy. (Body shaming, intentional weight loss, and self-hatred not included.) If she could only ever tell the world one thing, it would be that health isn’t about the size of your body: it’s about how you function in that body, how you fuel that body, and how you feel about that body. And that process always starts with one precious, beautiful...


020: Healing from Sexual Abuse, Finding Love, and Intimacy with Tasha Tilley

IN TASHA'S OWN WORDS I am a compassionate woman with a passion for wisdom, creativity and unconditional love. My past has been dark, I lived through eight years of debilitating child sexual abuse, violence and carried around a deeply wounded heart. My faith has been strong. It was a deep belief in unconditional LOVE that I held on to, that kept me living with my heart on my sleeve. Open always with hope and full of love to give. My determination and deep knowing that there is goodness to...


018: White Ladies Finding Themselves, Evolving our Language, and Death Doula’ing with Rachael Rice

Sometimes you just need a winding conversation…one with really no start and end (other than we only had an hour scheduled). Throw in Rachael Rice and you have one magical, radical, whimsical, intriguing, inspiring, and challenging conversation WE COVER THE GAMUT…LITERALLY…LIKE CRADLE TO GRAVE. We start off talking about art and snowflakes and how BAD I am at art and we throw in some exotic marshmallow making and then Rachael agrees to be my surrogate crafty mom…WHA?!?!?!?!?! (Little does...


017: They/Them Pronouns, Self-Harming, and Working With People To Be Less Accidental Assholes with Mason Aid

Mason didn’t think they’d live to their late 20s and is now 32 with a wife, baby, and super important work helping organizations be more LGBTQ friendly. We want…scratch that…NEED Mason here on this planet at this critical time as we all learn how to better navigate how society is changing. Listen in as Mason and I talk about self-harming (they were hospitalized 7 times), having to adopt your own daughter because of the fucked up conventions in our society, the support of amazing parents,...


016: It's Season 2 Time and Dyana Valentine Turns The Tables on Me...GAH!

GAH. Life’s a journey…yeah? Firstly…YEAH, IT’S SEASON 2, BABY!!!!! GOING THERE is an absolute labor of love and I pinch myself daily over the interesting people I meet and the deep conversations we have. A GINORMOUS Thank You for joining along on this ride. Now…onto the episode… WHAT’S IN THIS EPISODE Today, the tables have turned and the interviewer has become the interviewee. My friend and former guest, Dyana, asks me the hard questions that demand hard answers. What I had assumed...


In The Buff 001: My Case of The Dumps

I've been in the dumps since the holidays - sickness, a little family drama that I created on Christmas Eve and oh yeah...my dad verbally abusing my brother, his wife, and my husband. I have him blocked so yeah...fun times folks, fun times. What I've learned through my (many) years is that the darkness will eventually fade/pass. Sometimes it takes a day or two and sometimes twenty but at least it doesn't take years like it used to. I'm being serious here. Anyoo..this is me - unscripted,...


Alex Franzen on one-star Yelp reviews, being the most calmest anxious person ever, and writing super hot erotica

Alex and I haven't talked in FORever so it was lovely to catch up on all things life including depression, anxiety, one-star Yelp reviews, isolating, and erotica...all wrapped up in our goofy sense of humor and willingness to go there. What I love so much about Alex is what she shares through her writing is both uplifting AND intensely real. She practices vulnerability which such a sense of humor and delight and makes the world a better, kinder place one word/article/book at a time. Alex...


Susan Stewart on writing a book to validate her existence, finding her way back to comedy by way of the government, and what you should and should not google

I usually cover a lot of heavy stuff in this show, but as always my main goal is to bring out the light in any dark situation. Today, let’s just stand in the light for a little bit; let’s laugh for therapy's sake and roll with whatever crazy, zany hijinks the universe wants to throw at us. This episode is all about why finding the light in the dark is essential to our personal well-being. It’s time to talk comedy. Humor is healing. This is the anthem of my guest Susan Stewart. Susan is a...


Laura Egland on having her car repo'd, finally feeling safe enough to break down, and not knowing if it's ok to be funny right now

“Life is fascinating; people are even more so.” My friend Laura Egland couldn’t have started this podcast with anything more fitting. As I record this interview, Laura and I are sitting in her cozy home in Fargo, North Dakota. Life is happening right here, right now including some rambunctious mews and hijinks from Laura’s new kitty. Since I am allll about life being real, sometimes it’s really messy and filled with a bit of kitten noise! Laura and I are two peas in a pod. We’ve only...


Ashley Beaudin on disrupting shame around our imperfections, sexting, and having her bottom teeth pulled at a men’s shelter

Opening up to others is one of the hardest things to do. When we do practice vulnerability, what happens is an authentic connection with another human being that is wonderfully sweet. But...knowing the rewards of honesty is still not enough sometimes for us to break the ice. It’s helpful when there is someone else to pave the way and that’s one of the many reasons why I love Ashley Beaudin. I reached out to Ashley early on in the formation of this podcast, and I’ve been excited to have...


Dyana Valentine on Dreaming for a Living, Unrelenting Grief, and Defining Relationships on Your Own Terms

Dyana Valentine is a positively f a s c i n a t i n g human being. I mean...this lady DREAMS for a living AND she's just a really really kind + generous person (she sent me a thank you card before I had a chance to send her a thank you for being a Going There guest). We spend some time talking about how she dreams for people but then we dive deep into Dyana's immense grief over the death of her father. As we were talking I found myself feeling jealous of Dyana's relationship with her dad....


Thais Sky on Healing from Binge Eating, the Worthiness Wound, and Defining the Word “Broken”

Healing work is hard. And exhausting. And oh so worth it. You've heard me say that before and now today's guest, Thais Sky, is saying it as well. As women, we are strong and powerful creatures made even more powerful when tackling the tough wounds and I feel like no one understands that better than Thais. Thais is a straight-talking truthteller and I found myself nodding along vigorously as Thais dives right into healing traumas and the worthiness wound and even helps me redefine the...


s1 ep9: Sally Hope on feeling extremes, losing her dad, and feeling abandoned

Real life is rarely pretty, but that rocks. Let’s celebrate life in all its many forms, without the sugar coating. We all get broken down at one point or another. Our wild hearts are broken, and yet Sally Hope encourages us all to rise strong out of the broken places. Through her coaching, writing, and online teaching, Sally gives us a glimpse into our darker sides, while also equipping us to make it through to the light. From her difficult childhood, the too-soon death of her father, and...


s1 ep8: Emelia Symington Fedy on Radical Inconvenience, Hating Being a Mother, and Shitting the Bed

Life is hard. Welcome back to the safest place for life to be hard. On this podcast, I want to dare to discuss topics that are a little taboo or a bit uncomfortable. The payoff? Light! When we enter the darkness, light shines through brighter than before. That is why I am so happy to have Emelia Symington Fedy here with me today. Emelia dives headfirst into the difficult stuff of life because she believes in the hope and healing that comes forth when we do. I am delighted to share her...


s1 ep7: Me Riffing on Loneliness and My Podcast Journey Thus Far

Today's solo riff is around loneliness. Every single goddamn time I talk about loneliness, I hear, "me too...me too...me too...thank you for talking about the taboo.". And it kills me because loneliness is such a silent killer and WE ALL KNOW IT. If we know it then why are so many of us lonely? Why? Because being an adult can be hard. Making friends as an adult can be even harder. Putting yourself out there for rejection? Um...friendship is just one more opportunity for someone to hurt...


s1, ep6: Marie Poulin on Growing Up with a Borderline Personality Parent and Finding Healing Through the Meisner Technique

Becoming comfortable and confident in who you are is not just about who you are today. Sometimes, it takes us looking into the hard parts of our past to see how it has shaped us. My guest this week is Marie Poulin, a designer and digital strategist who tends to focus on helping other people reach their full potential. Once Marie began to turn that personal development onto herself, she discovered a key to her past that changed everything. Growing up with a parent suffering from Borderline...


s1, ep5: Jesse Kahat: How her family celebrated her mother - KNOWING she was going to die soon and the pearls Jesse received

When tragedy strikes, your world shifts. Everything you thought was unimportant before has taken on a new shape and color. Certain parts of your world come into sharp focus, and we cling to what we know and what we remember to help us recover and heal. There is no grief like losing a loved one, but despite that loss, we can still honor their memory and treasure their wisdom. My guest today is Jesse Kahat, who two years ago lost her Mother to a battle with terminal cancer. After...


s1 ep4: Rita Chand on Weight, How Much She Didn't Know She Needed Her Mother's Apology, and Putting The Diet Industry Out Of Business

In the pursuit of physical health, we often neglect to work out our confidence muscles. Have you ever found yourself frustrated with the numbers on the scale, and asked, “Why can’t I just be happy?” Where are the warmth and the self-love that all of these “healthy” people seem to radiate? Have you ever stopped a moment to wonder if there is pain behind the smile? How lucky we are, then, to have a person like Rita Chand here on this earth. I’ve never met anyone who exudes warmth, kindness,...


s1 ep3: Shelley Rezai on Her Mother's Addiction, Death, and Influences on Her Art

Oftentimes, people have trouble letting out the pain they have inside so they learn to channel the emotions into other ways..sometimes healthy and other times not so healthy. Thankfully, my friend Shelley decided to channel her pain into something almost other-worldly. Shelley Rezai is an amazing painter who lets grief flow from her fingertips to paint exquisite artwork that makes you feel...really, truly feel. Peaceful, tranquil, a healing deep breath... In this episode, Shelley and I...


s1 ep2: Natalie Vartanian on Her Father's Suicide, Intimacy, and Feeling Unlovable

Today's conversation features the extra(and I do mean extra)ordinary Natalie Vartanian. Natalie is an experienced speaker, life coach and writer about relationships, intimacy, and sex and I knew we'd have no problems going deep fast. Plus? She's sexy as hell...amiright?! Natalie opens up about her father's suicide and lifelong impacts including struggling with intimacy and feeling unlovable. She goes deep and raw - opening up about her heartbreaks and fears, and shares her own unique way...


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