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Gold Soundz is a podcast about music, hosted by New Zealanders Gareth Meade and James McKnight. Each episode is released fortnightly and follows a loose theme.




Episode 14 - Don't Call It A Comeback

Gold Soundz is back and talking about comebacks! Gareth and James discuss two important bands in their life -Weezer and Blur - that have staged returns. But were these returns welcome? And is ours for that matter?

Duration: 00:39:52

Episode 13 - Outrage

This week, James and Gareth attempt to navigate the murky waters of internet outrage. There are a lot of musicians out there making stupid decisions (intentionally and unintentionally) and there isn't any getting away with it thanks to the ever-watching gaze of social media. Whether you're Jack White, Morrissey, Madonna or some intern over at NPR, as soon as you slip up, someone will be there to take you down. Join us, as we try to make sense of it all and throw in our 2 cents for good...

Duration: 00:53:10

Episode 12 - 2005

Remember James' flippant comment from last episode about whether or not we'd still be listening to those albums in 10 years? No? Well we based this whole episode on it anyway! Joined as always by Gareth, the duo head back in time to relive their early 20's and the music that soundtracked that wonderful time. Turns out there is a lot of music from that time that is ripe for rediscovery. So jump aboard the Gold Soundz time machine and relive the days of indie rock and incessant hype....

Episode 10 - Best And Worst Gigs

James and Gareth have been to their fair share of live shows, so they have a good idea of what makes one great and what makes one, well, less great. As they discuss their favourite and least favourite gigs, they also look into what it was that made those shows truly unique or truly awful. From Dylan to Springsteen, Radiohead to Fleet Foxes, find out how they rate as live performers. Playlist: Rihanna - Jump The Men - Another Night Wanda Jackson - Riot In Cell Block #9 Fleet Foxes - Oliver...

Episode 8 - Guilty Pleasures

It's confession time, as Gareth and James talk about some terrible songs they can't help but love. After discussing whether or not they believe in guilty pleasures, things get heated in a conversation about John Farnham. But all is forgiven when Ginuwine and Ol' Dirty Bastard make an appearance. It's a roller coaster ride of soft rock, power ballads, hip hop and pop. So join us for Gold Soundz episode 8! Playlist: Busta Rhymes - Do The Bus A Bus Cam'ron and A-Trak - Dipshits Hall & Oates -...