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Make Life Golden NowGolden Life Living with Charise functions with a mission to empower, enlighten, and engage through encouraging and uplifting our listening audience while dealing with the realities of our world and our lives.

Make Life Golden Now Golden Life Living with Charise functions with a mission to empower, enlighten, and engage through encouraging and uplifting our listening audience while dealing with the realities of our world and our lives.

Make Life Golden Now Golden Life Living with Charise functions with a mission to empower, enlighten, and engage through encouraging and uplifting our listening audience while dealing with the realities of our world and our lives.
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Make Life Golden Now Golden Life Living with Charise functions with a mission to empower, enlighten, and engage through encouraging and uplifting our listening audience while dealing with the realities of our world and our lives.






From Tragedies to Triumphant with Cynthia A. Jones

Cynthia A. Jones has been inspiring people to strive to reach their full potential as she speaks at conferences, retreats and workshops, all while inclining her audiences to grow into their own greatness. She uses her speaking abilities to provoke others to become more resilient and innovative by equipping them at every level to have meaningful impact. Ms. Jones gives practical and adaptable ways to succeed by redefining ordinary and moving into the EXTRAORDINARY! . She attended Rutgers...


The Will to Live with Jennifer Harshman

Born to a teenage drug user, survivor of multiple abortion attempts, and 19 years of abuse including sex trafficking, today’s guest is now a married homeschooling mother of three, a writing and publishing coach and editor who has read more than seventeen thousand five hundred books. She attributes her success to her stubborn refusal to die and voracious appetite for learning, to some of the books she’s read, and to the good people she’s met all along the way. Meet Jennifer Harshman,...


Eat What You Want, Stop When You Want with Sora Vernikoff

Today there are 45 million Americans who are planning to go on a diet or are on a diet and have no peace with food. These unhappy dieters might lose their weight in the short run but in reality 97% of those folks will regain all their weight and more within the three years that follow their dieted weight-loss. Sora Vernikoff is a No Diet, Weight-Loss Coach who healed herself of compulsive overeating and has helped hundreds of unhappy dieters do the very same thing. Sora teaches her program...


From Bankruptcy to Sexy Boss wsg Heather Ann Havenwood

Heather Havenwood – CEO of Havenwood Worldwide LLC and Chief Sexy boss says you have to give yourself permission to succeed and to fail because it is in the same action. Learning to win in business is learning how to fail fast. She will discuss how she came to pursue the path of entrepreneurship.Also, find out more about her book, Sexy Boss. Gain some insight about the power of failure and how you can reframe your thought pattern about it to tap into success. Plus so much more...


Magnify Your Essence with Carolyn Wilson

Our lives are impacted by things that are outside of ourselves (people or circumstances). Carolyn defines what is essence and offers ways in which to get back to your core and expand beyond what you thought was possible. She will also enlighten us on how to combat fear. Carolyn Wilson, the Fearless Magnified Educator, is a survivor of Sexual Child Abuse and Domestic Violence who has not let her circumstances dictate or define her life. She helps women to identify their own barriers,...


Communicating Consciously with Mary Shores

Your words shape your life. Choosing to use powerful tools like gratitude, affirmations, and more can guide you to living a happier and more successful life. Mary shares the science to back up her claims of the power your words have.


Preventing Home Violence, A Different Approach with Sabrina Osso

Golden Life Living wih Charise is present topics during Domestic Violence Awareness month to educate and inform. Guest, Sabrina Osso of Osso Safe LLC joins us to discuss why the prevention of home violence must be in the hands of the institutions of society and NOT the victim.


Domestic Violence Awareness

Today, we are discussing domestic violence as the month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. I am going to provide the definition of domestic violence, take you through my personal journey of leaving and process of healing, and share ways you can offer assistance and still be a friend or confidante to a loved one or friend that is experiencing domestic violence.


The New Love Triangle with Allen Vaysberg

The New Love Triangle is a life changer! Short enough to be read in one sitting this book is a powerhouse for facilitating lifelong transformation. Bestselling author Allen Vaysberg is authentic and funny while masterfully weaving in concepts with practical application making it easy to add love to every part of life. You'll come away with a new perspective and simple action steps for loving yourself, others, and your day! Allen Vaysberg is a Recalibration Expert and creator of the...


Gratitude, Abundance, and Passion wsg Terra Bruns

Are there times when you experience gaps in your life. Gaps where you may feel disconnected or even a void? Today our topic is ‘Gratitude, Abundance & Passion.’ Terra Bruns, personal coach and speaker of G.A.P. Consulting joins us to help us fill in the gaps we encounter throughout our lives through invoking gratitude, abundance, and passion in our lives.


Changing the Relationship Between Work and Wellness, Forever with Paul Michaels

Today, our topic is Changing the Relationship Between Work and Wellness, Forever. Our guest, Paul Michaels, founder of Life Hacker Diet joins us to offer some great tips and advice on some quick wins for adding movement into our lives and even some hacks for changing up the foods we consume. You do not want to miss this show as Paul is creating a webpage specifically for the Golden Life Living audience chockfull of the great information he shares with us today. Plus, you can learn more...


The Balancing Act with Victoria Boston

Life can become a circus sometimes and we are the unicycle act. We discuss how to juggle the various areas of responsibilities in our lives while maintaining our balance. Victoria Boston, transformational leader, author, speaker, coach joins us to discuss rules of engagement, offer us advice about guilt, our expectations, and what others expect of us. We also discuss her book 3 Slow Nickels in which proceeds from the book are donated to a non-profit organization.


Going from Bullied to Beautifully Bold with Maya Claridge

Maya Claridge joins Golden Life Living with Charise to discuss how she put herself first and activated self-love in Going from Bullied to Beautifully Bold. She launched the Bullied to Bold anti-hate campaign as a direct result of her experience with bullying for almost three years in middle school. She will inspire you with her message.


Learning to Master ADD/ADHD

For the month of February, Golden Life Living with Charise is focusing on self-love. Each guest featured this month had to make the decision to employ self-love first to deal and manage struggles with ADHD, mental health, and bullying. Today, Missy Hoods joins us to discuss learning to master ADD/ADHD.


Break Through Fear Barriers

Dave Daley is the straight-talking authority on leadership, personal development, and breaking through fear barriers.



We continue our discussions to help you rev up your goals for the new year. Alison Kero joins us to discuss how for most Americans clutter is something we battle every single day. It is a part of our culture and we are told that the person with the, “most things wins,” but to what advantage? How are we actually winning by accumulating so much stuff? Alison talks to us about how to take control over our physical, emotional and spiritual clutter by starting with the physical clutter first...


The Food-Mood Connection

Gina Van Luven joins us to discuss the Food-Mood Connection: How to Improve Your Mood with Food and her upcoming book, Nutrition for Success. Gina says, “Many people do not realize how greatly food impacts their mood and behavior. Depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, anger, as well as joy, calmness, happiness, and many other emotions are directly affected by the food we eat. With the heavy consumption of processed foods over the past 50 years or so, people have become detached from what...


Holding Space

Do you know what it means to Hold Space? Many people don’t, though most people have done it at least a handful of times in their lives. Others may have a special talent for holding space, but don’t even realize that’s what they are doing since the term is not in popular use yet. Amanda Dobra Hope joins us to discuss her book, Holding Space.


Happy & Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Golden Life Living with Charise is talking Domestic Violence during the month of October. Author, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and relationship expert, Alexis Nicole White, joins us to discuss her book, The Covered, as well as the face of emotional abuse and five key rules for modern day relationships.


Love Fraud

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and Golden Life Living is dedicating each weekly broadcast to this subject matter. Today, our topic is Warning Signs That Your Partner Is a Sociopath. Guest, Donna Andersen states "when it comes to relationships, everyone has issues, but some people have more than issues—they have personalityL disorders." She explains how to spot the true problem partner.