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A discussion of all things that concern the Nerd. Star Wars, Star Trek, Movie Reviews, Polls, Conventions, Video Games, Tech news, Google voice destroys the classics, Top 5 lists, Sci-Fi Radio Theater.




Star Trek: Beyond

Jeremy, Jordan, and Connor sit down and review the latest movie in the Kelvin Timeline.

Duration: 00:55:00

GN 54: Benebatch Cumberjinks

Brian & Jeremy welcome fellow nerd and Star Trek Wars co host Connor to the cast. The trio discuss tv and movie news from the SDCC. They then reveal their Top 5 list this week, provided by Connor, the top … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:13:57

GN 53: The Anals of History

Brian & Jeremy welcome fellow nerd JT to the cast. The trio discuss recent tv and movie news. They then reveal their Top 5 list this week, provided by JT, the top 5 guilty pleasures of the music world. Also … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:58:34

GN 52: Man Mothma

The Gone Nerdin Podcast relaunches with original hosts Brian & Jeremy. In the premiere episode the two discuss why they have returned, recent Star Wars and Star Trek news, Game of Thrones ratings, Batman V. Superman: Rated R Edition, New … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:42:03

GN: 57 Ghouls Gulch and STARS

The Gone Nerdin’ and S.T.A.R.S. group recorded with the Ghouls Gulch haunted house crew at Ghouls Gulch, which is really haunted. We recorded with the crew in their make-up room, where the entire time something lurked in the closet. The … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:22:27

GN 54: 3 Dimensional Tee-Tahs

The crew discusses a new high tech bra, the STARS crew gives an update on the growing population of zombies in Manitou, and we embrace our nerd culture. Ghouls Gulch is open for all of your scare needs, and check … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:21:01

GN 53: Redux Orvilcopter

The crew discusses their top 5 most anticipated video game releases for 2015. A Cat Copter…What??, Grassy charging stations and Colorado Springs S.T.A.R.S.

Duration: 02:06:09

GN 52: Deflowering Filth Cradle

Gone Nerdin’s crew expands, and brings on some awesome crew members of the Colorado Springs S.T.A.R.S group. The team discusses E3, Dark Matter, Evil Dead, and S.T.A.R.S. Welcome Tamarcus, A.K.A. ghost and Steve, A.K.A., Major Caretaker to the team. Send … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:47:37

GN 51: Corporal Shenanigans

We’re baaack! So what have we accomplished in the last month since we’ve spoken? Well, Brian got a job promotion, Jeremy received a $25 Gift certificate to Chili’s for winning a dance off at a company meeting, and Gina got … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:06:13

GN 50: It’s Palpa-Time!

It’s the 50th Gigantic, ludacris, expanded 50th Episode Spectacularrrrrrr!! We pay A Tribute to Mr. Leonard Nimoy. American Horror Story gets a title and lead actress. Spidey roofies the Marvel Universe. Brand new Trailer review. Top 5 Spock TV Episodes … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:55:08

GN 49: Midi-chlorian Mouthwash

The Phantom Menace is here! In part 1 of a 12 part series leading up to The Force Awakens, Jeremy, Gina, & Brian delve deep into the first half of Star Wars: Episode One. Google voice destroys the opening Phantom … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:38:22

GN 48: Drive-By Wiping

Which movie star is flabby & leaking? Scrap it! 3 new corrections from the corrections dept, New Game of Thrones trailer, Wet Hot American Summer & Ghostbusters casting, and we discuss 3 big movie trailers! Apple & Samsung news, Star … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:55:46

GN 47: Murder, She Warped

Grey Goo in your iPotty? Corrections Dept takes Brian to task on Krampus. Is the X-Files returning? Twin Peaks starts casting and Trek 3 gets a new writer! Spoilerific review of The Hobbit: Battle of the 5 Armies (13:58-23 min). … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:17:16

GN 46: New Kid on Krampus

Merry Krampus naughty children! We start off with 2 more corrections from the Corrections Department this week. Surprise, surprise, both of which correct things Jeremy said. The gang discuss who received the nerdiest X-mas present this year, brief non spoilery … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:50:11

GN 45: The Game of Porcelain Thrones

It’s X-mas time again! New Star Wars trading cards are out, as are character names from The Force Awakens! The gang talks the Walking Dead Mid-Season finale. Gotham, worth watching? Orci is out as the Star Trek 3 director, and … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:18:37

GN 44: Forrest Ghost

The Force Awakens, as has our fondness for Star Wars! The Force Awakens Teaser trailer has arrived and we discuss and dissect the amazing new trailer scene by scene. There are other news as well believe it or not. The … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:21:54

GN 43: Batman v. Superman’s Colon

Brian’s back! Yes, after a long and failed trip around the world, Gone Nerdin’s own Brian returns to the podcast! Brian, Jeremy, and Gina discuss Marvel’s 3rd Phase, American horror Story, Terminator:Genes..er, Genysy…Umm….The next Terminator movie. Oh, and many a … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:59:12

GN 42: Abuse-ticon

Transformers: Age of Extinction sucks. This plus huge Twin Peaks news, Shatner back for Trek 3, Horror movies on Netflix, Nasa News, The Hateful 8, New releases, Top 5 childhood cartoons, Efails & much much more!

Duration: 01:02:21

GN 41: M Night Shyamalan’s The Earth Movie, Featuring Will Smith

Does Star Trek: Insurrection deserve 9 mins of radio time? No, but Jeremy does it anyways.Lionel harvey drops by to give us “The Rest of the Fiction”. In the news segment, we discuss every plot point and rumor about Star … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:55:04

GN 40: Ram Jam!

What was meant as a short discussion on the recent Ghostbusters 3 news, the panel immediately erupted into a 15 min debate on who should play what character in the next He-Man movie. This weeks Top 5 is controversial. Loyalties … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:04:02

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