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A Podcast consisting of 4 guys on a mythical journey to discover the pinnacle of movie experiences -- the good bad movie!

A Podcast consisting of 4 guys on a mythical journey to discover the pinnacle of movie experiences -- the good bad movie!
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A Podcast consisting of 4 guys on a mythical journey to discover the pinnacle of movie experiences -- the good bad movie!




Good Bad Movies: The Madness Awakens

Audio of the trailer advertising Good Bad Movies' return in 2017, created because John was jobless and very bored.. Video is also here:


Episode 47: From Paris With Love

This week, we discuss From Paris With Love. It's not a good movie folks. On a lighter note, they investigate and discuss what the female suicide bomber in the film might receive upon arrival to heaven. Spoiler alert - it's not 72 virgins. They also discuss their favourite bad movie lines and blame James for this terrible pick.


Episode 46: Life (2017)

This week, the gang watch an expensive knock-off of Alien. Tim joins to discuss the film, and before long James is forced to defend his position on The Fifth Element whilst being attacked for appearing to enjoy it. James also has an idea about meeting up with Brisbane listeners - but we shoot that down too.


Episode 45: Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas (Eggnog Edition)

It's the festive season, so the gang watch one of the worst Christmas movies ever made with the help of some Eggnog. Things get weird quicker than usual this time around as many strange sexual things are discussed - such as whether James would ever bang a Dinosaur in heaven. Our dashing podcast heroes eventually uncover the true meaning of Christmas thanks to Kirk Cameron - turns out everything is Jesus, we should buy material things, and Santa murdered non-believers. Merry Christmas!


Episode 44: Knightriders & Justice League

This week we discuss an obscure movie from 1981 called Knightriders that Hamish chose having only seen the trailer. A debate ensues as to whether its any good (it's not), and then Hammy tells the group about the new DCEU™ sequel team-up movie, Justice League™. Other hysterically bad movies are discussed, such as The Berlin Syndrome, and The Circle -- a genre-defining movie about a social media company cult.


Episode 42: The Mummy (2017)

The gang discuss the reboot and expanded universe setup of the remake of The Mummy. But this time it has Tom Cruise instead of Brendan Fraser and this time it's a pile of turd. They discuss the fast paced, 16% on rotten tomatoes acclaimed thrill ride and marvel at its well defined characters (Tom Cruise as Tom Cruise, plus Jennifer), frightening villain (2 eyeballed woman with tattoos) and breathtaking actions scenes (plane crash, forgot the rest).


Episode 41: The Punisher & Punisher: War Zone

The gang discuss The Punisher with Tom Jane, and Punisher - War Zone with that other guy, plus Newman / Nedry. They also discuss Spiderman Homecoming, Baby Driver, and an awkward cinema experience.


Breath Of The King

Hamish breathing. Put this on loop if you need help getting to sleep at night.


Episode 40: Judge Dredd & Dredd

This week, Frosty forgets after 2.5 years how to record audio. The gang discuss the Dredd movies and it turns out Hamish is almost sexually aroused by his enjoyment of Judge Dredd and Sylvester Stallone. They discuss their 'endless re-watch' movies, Hamish's high school friday nights, crazy people they see out in the real world, and Hamish's love for the art-house film Possession (1981).


La La Land Review

For an application to the ABC radio station Triple J, James reviewed La La Land.


Episode 39: Collateral Beauty

This week, the gang discuss one of the most bizarre movies in existence: a psychological thriller in disguise as a Christmas movie called Collateral Beauty. We also discuss how awful Iron Fist and Black Sails are, and how great the Fargo TV series is. Hamish also reveals the two reasons he was able to watch an entire series of Two Broke Girls.


Episode 38: The Resident Evil Series (Part 3)

WEESA FREEEEE! The final 2 movies of the """saga""" are finally here to conclude the epic """story""". Energy levels are fairly low as the gang once again try to piece everything together. The result is like a puzzle that has all the wrong sized pieces, yet you're still compelled to try and solve it.


Episode 36: The Resident Evil Series (Part 1)

The first of our Resident Evil series watch, a.k.a. four dudes try to understand just what Umbrella Corporation is trying to accomplish. We discuss the snooze fest that is the first movie, and the slightly-better-with-a-more-batshit-plot-and-more-naked-Alice second film. Conversations veer off into the sher-shlock that was Sherlock series 4, ragequiting Doctor Who, and a rather frank conversation about Blockbuster Video movie rentals that is in no way a metaphor for torrenting.


Episode 35: (R.I.P Hamish Edition) - xXx Trilogy

In this episode, we dissect the seminal xXx films starring Vin Diesel as Vin Diesel, and Samuel L. Jackson as himself. We break the films apart in painstaking detail without the help of Hamish, whom we assume has unfortunately passed on from this world as he was completely unreachable and offline on Steam. We also get hyped for the upcoming Diesel Wars™, which will see all of Vin Diesel's characters united and then cross over with the Avengers™ - welcoming all of our favourite heroes to...


Episode 34: Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance & 2016 Wrap-up

This week, the gang takes a look at the seminal 2011 picture, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. They take a look back at 2016 - the laughs, the tears, the memes, a reality star becoming the US president. But of course the films of 2016 are discussed too - the highs and the lows. The films that we loved, and then the films of DC. Rogue One is discussed, before things get a little real and Frosty starts discussing his real-life goals. What a loser. We wrap 2016 up in a nice bow, right before...


Episode 33: Gods of Egypt & Now You See Me 2

Finally all back in one place at once, we went back to our roots and got drunk in front of the TV! We watching a mass of golden CGI in Gods of Egypt and then the sequel to our beloved "Good Bad" movie - Now You See Me 2!


Episode 32: Hollow Man

This week, the gang watch a really really really terrible film where Kevin Bacon turns invisible, becomes slightly more of a douche bag and sexually assaults his neighbour. The group struggle to comprehend such an abomination, and soon move on to discuss more interesting topics - like Hamish's drug trip where he thought he was in 5 different dimensions.


Episode 31: Gods Not Dead (1 & 2)

This week we are joined by our friend Tim to discuss the most expensive religious propaganda movies ever made. We discover just how evil atheists and other religions are, plus we learn that science fully supports the existence of God, and even Jesus! We've had it wrong this entire time. Even an ex LA Homicide Detective thinks so! We also get to listen to the sweet and soothing sounds of Tim eating his dinner.


Episode 30: Ghostbusters & Stranger Things

Finally, the wait is over. We're back after sickness, overseas trips and poor planning! We discuss Ghostbusters, Stranger Things, the fact that our last episode was before Pokemon GO (BPoGo), and beard maintenance.


Episode 29: Independence Day Resurgence

WE'RE BAAAAACK! This week, we finally have an excuse to only talk about why we love Independence Day, and what we thought of the (much anticipated) sequel. Does it hold up to the first? Is Roland Emmerich a hack? Yes. Yes he is. We also delve into what we thought of the 6th season of Game of Thrones, but mainly come off as book snobs who hate the changes made in the show.


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