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The Good Day, Sir! Show is a weekly technology and software development podcast, with a strong focus on the Salesforce platform.

The Good Day, Sir! Show is a weekly technology and software development podcast, with a strong focus on the Salesforce platform.
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The Good Day, Sir! Show is a weekly technology and software development podcast, with a strong focus on the Salesforce platform.




152: Two Rebrandings Behind

In this episode, we discuss building configurable integration software, Salesforce's Q3 results, and a switch statement coming to Apex in the near future thanks to recent updates to the Apex Compiler. ApexSharpApexSharp - GitHubApex Switch StatementSalesforce keeps rolling with another monster quarter, as it sets $20 billion revenue goalEnterprise Messaging Platform EventsSalesforce Announces Record Third Quarter Revenue, Raises Full Year Fiscal 2018 Revenue Guidance

Duration: 01:29:50

151: Ironic Sweater

In this episode, we discuss Einstein Analytics and SAQL, Marc Benioff's interview on the topic of equal pay, Salesforce's 2017 Invester Day, and the Dreamforce 2017 Developer Keynote. SAQL OverviewJava StringUtils - defaultStringBenioff on equality: 'We're at a precipice'The Richest 1% Now Own More Than 50% of the World’s WealthMicrosoft's Soaring Growth In The Cloud Makes Marc Benioff's Digs Seem Silly: Check These StatsTop 10 Insights From Salesforce's 2017 Investor DaySalesforce for...

Duration: 01:33:58

150: The Coder Spectrum

In this episode, we discuss various topics streaming out of the Dreamforce 2017 conference. Dreamforce 2018London's CallingTexas Dreamin' 2018

Duration: 01:23:04

149: Unexpected Chili

In this episode, we discuss avoiding social media, progressive web apps, deployment and unit testing, and end-to-end testing vs. unit testing. How I cured my tech fatigue by ditching feedsA Seat at the Table - It Leadership in the Age of AgilityImprove Your Application By Running Fewer TestsThe Testing Renaissance

Duration: 01:43:30

148: My Code

In this episode, we discuss refactoring, global search, the Salesforce Success Community being rebranded to the Trailblazer Community, and Skuid's upcoming Millau Release. Say Hello to the Trailblazer CommunitySkuid MillauUsing Zoom for Agile Software DevelopmentZoomBlueJeansAnnouncing Success Cloud Keynote: Revealing Our Secret for Your Success

Duration: 01:04:47

147: Sniffy Sniff

In this episode, we discuss issues with deploying metadata that has been significantly refactored, Apex getting listed on the TIOBE index, the controversy around the NPM CEO, caution for those traveling to California, and questions from the Good Day, Sir! Community. TIOBE Index for October 2017Repeated ToC violations by an authority figure went unaddressed. TSC members left. Node has been forked:NPM CEO: "If you are not a white dude and have things to say about JavaScript testing, please...

Duration: 01:20:15

146: Nodehana!

In this episode, we discuss Google Clips, primary key (PK) chunking, the coming software apocalypse, and answer questions from the Good Day, Sir! Community. Data Chunking Techniques for Massive OrgsThe Coming Software ApocalypseThe Google Clips Camera Puts Ai Behind the LensPodcast : Processing Large Data Volumes using PK Chunking & Hyperbatch with Daniel PeterSurf Force 2017, a secluded retreat

Duration: 01:42:13

145: Uber Poo

In this episode, we discuss buying a new Apple iPhone and changes to Siri search, Marc Benioff's birthday and being awarded by Variety, Equifax CEO resigning, ProsperWorks raising $53 million to compete with, and answer questions from the Good Day, Sir! Slack Community. Apple Drops Bing Search Engine Results for Siri and Spotlight in Favor of GooglePriyanka Chopra, Octavia Spencer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Patty Jenkins, Kelly Clarkson to Be Honored at Variety’s Power of WomenA...

Duration: 01:41:17

144: Losing Width

In this episode, we discuss SAP suing AB InBev, Equifax's data breach, having a beginner's mind, the recent Apple device announcements, server-side vs. client-side development, and dealing with large projects. Using Salesforce to access SAP? Pour yourself a stiff drinkEquifax’s Historic Hack May Have Exposed Almost Half of U.S.Apache Struts Statement on Equifax Security BreachSlack Raises $250 Million; Tops $5 Billion ValuationNew Apple File System Coming in macOS High Sierra Won't Work...

Duration: 02:08:53

143: How to Train Your Dragon

In this episode, we discuss Salesforce's elusive research division, live coding interviews, and the Lightning Theme coming to Visualforce pages in Winter '18. How to Talk to Your DatabaseAutomatic Lightning Styles for VisualforceSalesforce Winter '18 Release Notes

Duration: 01:01:26

142: Uniquely Annoying

In this episode, we discuss Target moving away from AWS, low code platforms, and answer questions from the Good Day, Sir! Community. Target is plotting a big move away from AWS as Amazon takes over retailThis Week in Numbers: Lots of Low Code Vendors Have Already Been RejectedIlluminated IDE 2Welkin Suite IDE

Duration: 01:29:26

141: Bearded Irish

In this episode, we discuss's Q2 financial results over some tasty brews. Salesforce Announces Record Q2 Earnings, Surpasses $10B Run Rate Milestone Faster Than Any Enterprise Software Company in History

Duration: 01:11:38

140: Happy Clappy

In this episode, we discuss migrating emails into enhanced email, Service Cloud, Salesforce security, managed packages, the Workbench outage, Mavensmate IDE, and answer questions from the Good Day, Sir! Community. Salesforce's second-largest business just hired its fourth new leader in four years as growth slowsSalesforce “red team” members present tool at Defcon, get SSL Certificate is expired (14-Aug-2017)

Duration: 01:35:37

139: Fat Packages

In this episode, we discuss podcasting, managed packages, lightning component development, flows, and agile projects with fellow podcaster and co-host of the Code Coverage podcast, Steven Herod. Code Coverage PodcastTwitter: Steven Herod

Duration: 01:45:18

138: The Training Wheels Are Off

In this episode, our guest Shaun Holmes shares with us what to expect at SurfForce '17 - The community event with a twist. We also discuss some frustrations with how Process Builder and code interact. Surfforce '17Twitter: Shaun Holmes

Duration: 01:26:55

137: In the Milieu

In this episode, we discuss creepy loyalty programs, Google Glass 2.0, Oracle and SAP clouds, Windows Azure Docker containers, developer surveys, and's new podcast titled Blazing Trails. Just look at our cloud sales, beams profit-sapped SAPReview: Windows Server containers are new and strangeThe State of Developer Ecosystem in 2017Ionic Survey - Big PictureWATBlazing Trails

Duration: 01:42:15

136: Be a Human Person

In this episode, we continue to discuss various points of view around the future of developing on the platform, the need for a package management system, and some more details about the upcoming Surfforce conference. The Pop-Up Employer: Build a Team, Do the Job, Say GoodbyeSurfforce.coSurfforce Keynote Speaker - ANN O’DEA

Duration: 01:41:14

135: Some Wisdom in the Rambling

In this episode, we discuss Jeremy's experiences after attending TrailheaDX and explore various points of view on the future of working with the platform. Five Reasons Why You Should Hire an Old ProgrammerAccidentally destroyed production database on first day of a job...Nasdaq Triggers Market-Wide Circuit-Breaker As AMZN "Crashes" 87% After-Hours

Duration: 01:28:23

134: The Crazy Factor

In this episode, Jeremy is joined by Chuck Liddell to discuss their experience at Trailheadx, Packaging 2, using scratch orgs for the admin/developer workflow, platform events, and Chuck's new integration product, Valence. TrailheaDXTrailheaDX '17 Videos

Duration: 01:21:20

133: API Reach Around

In this episode, we discuss losing our listing on iTunes, Matsusaka beef, issues deploying metadata with updated managed packages, unit tests that snowball in complexity, the Apex Metadata API, and plans for the upcoming TrailheaDX Salesforce Developer Conference. Matsusaka beefJapanese Wagyu Beef Returns for a Limited Time to Capa Restaurant at Four Seasons Resort OrlandoIntroducing the Apex Metadata APITrailheaDX - Salesforce Developer Conference

Duration: 00:59:30

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