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It is personality talk radio with the focus on health, wealth and home.

It is personality talk radio with the focus on health, wealth and home.
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Radio America


It is personality talk radio with the focus on health, wealth and home.






Dr. Ken Kronhaus - Dr. Ken's Favorite Drug to Prescribe

Dr. Ken Kronhaus reveals new information from research on E-Cigarettes that indicate they could promote a greater risk of a nicotine habit and even Cancer. Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken discuss the many healing benefits of Mindful Meditation, and a new alternative to Chemotherapy for treating Lung Cancer. You might be surprised to learn Dr. Ken's favorite drug to prescribe. And finally, are you confused about the Medicare subparts A, B, C and D? Dr. Ken and Doug make them clear.


Dr. Jack Stockwell - The Most Dangerous Meal of The Day

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell may surprise you by revealing the most dangerous meal of the day, and why. How do doctors feel about prescribing drugs for themselves, or family members? Learn how much alternative medicine has been edging out traditional medicine, in the past two decades. Next, Dr. Jack explains the difference between pre-biotics, pro-biotics and anti-biotics. Finally, the facts about when your baby starts developing bad bacteria and...


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - A New Way To Predict Your Risk Of Cancer

Dr. Ken Kronhaus explains to host Doug Stephan the differences between the many types of doctors. Did you know there are new guidelines for diagnosing Type 2 Diabetes? Next we learn yet another new drawback to being a heavy drinker. Can you guess what is the most expensive age to be alive? New studies show that Tylenol can be just as effective as Opioids at relieving pain. Dr. Ken reveals a new way to predict your risk of getting Cancer. Learn what Super Bugs are and how to beat them. Did...


Dr. Jack Stockwell - Healing By Holding Hands!

Dr.Jack Stockwell explains to Host Doug Stephan where depression originates in the body, and why Tamiflu is extremely dangerous for you. A new study shows that E-Cigarettes produces a number of Cancerous toxins in teens and may double your risks of Heart Attack. Do you know how much your Zip Code can predict your longevity? Find out about the mysterious healing powers in holding hands. Learn the effects that avocados, strawberries, kelp and pumpkin seeds can...


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - Now, Poultry & Red Meat Heart Healthy Diet

Did you know that a woman's body shape, like an apple, can increase Heart Attack rick? Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus cover that, and a new study that shows that standing at your desk may not be as healthy for you, as once thought. One in fourteen women smokes during pregnancy, and there are serious risks. Dr. Ken proclaims that with modern treatments, Congenital Heart Disease may no longer be a death sentence. Learn all about Varicose Veins and how to deal them. There is a Heart...


Dr. Jack Stockwell - Glyphosate Poisoning May Be Killing You

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell discuss the "Placebo Effect" and how it plays into the current Flu Epidemic, which continues to take more lives every day. Then, the three ways that The Flu kills, are explained. Are you suffering from Calcium Starvation, and how do you know if you are? Learn how easy it is to cure yourself and strengthen your Immune System. There are new guidelines, just out, for Depression Screening. Finally, learn about Glyphosate...


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - The Best Diet To Lose Weight

Dr. Ken Kronhaus tells host Doug Stephan about a new risk discovered with the over-the-counter supplement Kratom. What is Kratom and what does it do? Alcohol is good for dementia and alcohol is bad for dementia? Learn the facts. Are you getting enough sleep? New studies show that the right amount of sleep is a critical factor in heart failure. Does exercise bore you? Learn a simple tip to make it much more enjoyable. Dr. Ken reveals the best diet for losing weight.


Dr. Jack Stockwell - Can Household Cleaning Products Cause Cancer?

Dr. Jack Stockwell and host Doug Stephan discuss why fruits are necessary to be included in your daily diet. Next, a new study shows proof that there is a link between processed foods and Cancer. Another new study indicates that household cleaning products could be as harmful to your lungs as smoking. Learn about a 106-year-old barber, who still loves going to work every day, and why he has lived so long. Finally, do you know what ingredients go into Flu...



Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus go over results of a new study that shows 40% of Cancers today are Obesity-related. Do you know the possible consequences of mixing Energy Drinks with Alcohol? New studies show that losing one's sense of smell at an early age may not be good for your mortality. Clinical Trials, good option or bad option? Hospital visits could give you fungal infections. Learn what you need to know. Another new study shows that women who take "The Pill" actually lower...


Dr. Jack Stockwell - WARNING! Pregnant Women Should Not Get Flu Vaccine

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell invite Dr. Michael Murray to discuss the health of the GUT. Dr. Murray is one of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine. He has published over 30 books and is the Chief Science Officer of ENZYMEDICA Learn how widespread the problems of the GUT are, what the symptoms are that contribute to GUT issues, and how you can treat them. What about the old...


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - Add Ten to Twenty Years to Your Life

Dr. Ken Kronhaus tells host Doug Stephan that the latest results of testing cell phone radiation on lab rats is totally inconclusive for humans. But, they both offer good advice so that you don't have to play the risk game. If you enjoy hot tea, listen-up for new concerns. How does being bilingual help you delay the effects of Alzheimer’s? Dr. Ken offers 7 tips for increasing your endorphins. Want to prolong your life by 10 to 20 years? Dr. Ken has a formula. Finally, did you know that the...


Dr. Jack Stockwell - Can Water Pre-Loading Help You Lose Weight?

Dr. Jack Stockwell explains to Host Doug Stephan, why your health is all about the microbes. Learn what it means to be treated by a Certified NUCCA Chiropractor. Find out how to know if you're mal-nourished. You might be surprised. The truth about drinking water before meals to lose weight, and should it be warm or cold? You'll want to learn how to keep from getting Malaria, if you're planning on traveling overseas. How well is your DNA a predictor of your...


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - What Are The Downsides of Having a C-section?

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus discuss heart attack risks, resulting from catching the Flu. Should you take Tamiflu? Next, the risks involved with having a C-section and how your diet can affect Colon Cancer. Do you know the relationship between Mental Stress and Heart Disease? Then, a study that says women who breastfeed longer may be less susceptible to Type 2 Diabetes. Finally, the truth about Male Fertility and men who ride motorcycles.


Dr. Jack Stockwell - Foods To Eat To Keep From Getting The Flu

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell discuss Processed Carbs and the negative effects they can have on your body. Learn the truth about why you should be skeptical of recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Next, they talk about the foods you should be consuming to strengthen your Immune System, and avoid catching the Flu. Dr. Jack follows with everything you need to know about Parkinson’s Disease. And finally, we learn from The Stroke...


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - Sniffing Your Partner Can Be Beneficial To Your Health

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus offer a simple tip that will make your next airline flight a lot more enjoyable. Next, news that some un-protected exposure to direct sunlight can be beneficial, and how much. Learn why Sudden Infant Death is on the rise, and how to prevent it. New information shows that your partner's body fragrance can help keep you healthier. Is it possible to father a child at 57? Why not? Finally, did you know that a lousy credit score can be a predictor of heart...


Dr. Jack Stockwell - The Perfect Brain Food

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell help you learn the truth about the feeling that Thyroid problems may be more prone to affect women than men. They take a look at the reasons why people's blood pressure may suddenly increase to unsafe numbers. Dr. Jack warns that Statin Drugs may be harmful to you, and why. Finally, we learn what may be the most perfect brain food.


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - Five Things That Will Keep You Happier In 2018

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Krohnaus offer your "must-do" list to avoid catching The Flu. Learn about the link between Dementia and Exercise. There's news about pre-natal vitamin usage and what you need to know about Baby Fat. Dr. Doug (not really a doctor) reveals his lemon water diet, and how much he lost. Beware of Romaine Lettuce, there's a new strain of E.Coli. Dr. Ken shares the Five Things That Will Keep You Happier in 2018 and how to better your next...


Dr. Jack Stockwell - Simple Remedies Your Doctor Won't Tell You

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell discuss why we're so sluggish this time of year, and what can we do about it? Is the virus you have actually an animal? Learn the difference between a Virus and Bacteria, and why is bedrest such an important treatment? Dr. Jack discusses the tricks of treating Sciatica and offers some remedies that your doctor won't tell you. The TRUTH about what Carbohydrates are doing to us.


Dr. Ken Kronhaus - Protecting Yourself From A Cold

Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus discuss how to keep from catching a cold. Next, a look at what are the greatest risks to a woman's good health. There's good news about MRIs and people with Pacemakers and implant Defibrillators. Then, new evidence shows more pregnant women are smoking Marijuana. Did you know that exercising can help with Parkinson’s Disease and walking can help prevent memory loss. Finally, Dr. Ken lets you in on his personal New Year’s Resolutions and his favorite...


Dr. Jack Stockwell - Soy Products Should Carry A Warning Label

Do you know the differences between The Cold, Allergies and The Flu? Host Doug Stephan and Dr Jack Stockwell make it simple for you. Did you also know why it takes 10 to 14 days to get over a Cold? The CDC guidelines for children in 1986 required that children be vaccinated for 4 diseases. Guess what the number is today? And finally, learn why Soy Protein should carry a warning label.


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