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Each episode we have a chat with a person or an organisation that is using digital for social good.




US Election Special with Jason Wojciechowski

Over the last 12 years, each US election cycle has attracted digital’s best and brightest to push the digital envelope of political communications and campaigning. With many going on to form start-ups and influencing wider digital practice, once the cycle finishes. A few days before the US Presidential election, I spoke to Jason Wojciechowski, the Creative Director, CoreLab, about some of the emerging trends that have come out of the 2016 US Presidential election cycle, and what charities,...

Duration: 00:41:23

Andy Meikle from

In the final part of my series with the team at JustGiving, I talk to Andy Meikle, Head of People, on JustGiving’s approach to recruitment, culture and organisational structure, and how that helps them achieve their organisational goals. Andy and discuss how they find the right people for JustGiving, the essential skills that they look for and how they attract great talent in a very competitive digital skills market. We also explore the decisions on how to layout the offices, reflected the...

Duration: 00:24:37