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In the final few days, Jesus knew that that he was going to be crucified. It was a lonely time because those closest to him did not know his fate and, when he needed them most, they deserted him. As the Roman soldiers marched him away, the disciples scattered and Peter even denied knowing him. But it wasn't just the actual abandonment of his friends but the perceived abandonment by God that intensified Jesus' loneliness. "My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?" The final moments of Christ on the cross ache with abandonment and loneliness and in The Good Friday Meditation, the Rev Lucy Winkett explores these feelings in a 21st century context in conversations with a new mother, a 92 year old woman and a man whose faith has been challenged by his struggle with self-hatred and addiction. Young mothers can feel isolated as they seek to come to terms with their new responsibilities and say goodbye to their old, independent life. Elderly people often struggle to come to terms with being alone as friends and partners die and children move away. But what about the rest of us struggling with jobs, families and finances? How is it that despite success, wealth and relationships we can feel lonely in the crowd? Lucy Winkett investigates different types of loneliness and challenges our perceptions of what it means to be alone and asks if this necessarily leads to loneliness.



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