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November 12 2017 - Audio

This Sunday at GNF: Go back to a time when you were about to start something new; something that created some angst and apprehension. It's one thing to launch into something new with all your ‘ducks in a row’, it's another to begin with a serious handicap or disability. Imagine having to continue parenting without your eyesight. Scary, eh? Israel was about to start something new despite numerous disadvantages. They were going in blind. They had to trust that when God led everything would...


October 29 2017 - Audio

We are told that Jesus cast 7 demons from Mary Magdalene. In essence she was a crazy lady; the lady we shy away from or avoid eye contact with; the lady sitting on the sidewalk talking to herself. Today we’d say she has a psychiatric diagnosis of some sort. What ever else has been said of Mary she was definitely considered to be unclean, a sinner, a person to be avoided and even shunned. She ended up being part of a very enterprising group of women who everyone knew were providing...


Mary and Martha, A feeler and a doer Oct 22 2017 - Audio

This Morning... We will take a look at Christ’s relationship with two very different sisters, Mary and Martha. One values service and doing while the other seems more content to just be with people. One seems more concerned with fairness and justice while the other is quicker to surrender herself. Yet Jesus loved them both. Many scholars believe that he was very close to the two sisters and their brother Lazarus, that he visited there often and found, so to speak, a second home there. Some...


Parables: Small Stories, Big Ideas - Audio

We continue our summer series, Parables: Small Stories, Big Ideas. The story of our focus today is the Parable of the Laborers. Many people think that this story is about fairness but in truth Jesus is addressing the fact that his hearers are not really hearing what he is telling them. Picture it.....God came to earth and told stories to people about HIS KINGDOM and all they could think about was their own lives. What is amazing is that God did not leave them in their foolishness, he was,...


Parables: Small Stories, Big Ideas - Audio

We are exited to begin our new series for the summer with our new pastor, Kasey V. starting us off today. Kasey will share his thoughts with us on "The Sower" from the book of Mark. We'll continue learning about stories Jesus told right through August including a fun 'Stories & Songs' Sunday in late July. So listen up and see what you can learn this summer from the best story teller of all.


‘Invited Into The Mystery:Part Two - Audio

We celebrate risen Christ together! As we continue along #e lines of thought of last week, we are invited to believe in the mystery of the crucified and resurrected Christ. That belief will bring a clarity and joy to our lives. Join us as we hear from our regular speaker, Roger S on this Easter morning!


Rahab - Your God is God - Audio

This morning we continue our series on faith with special guest speaker, Pastor Kasey V. Kasey is a pastoral candidate visiting GNF this weekend with his wife, Liz. Today, with Kasey, we will take a closer look at Rahab the prostitute, "your God is God". We will look at both the belief and the actions or deeds that such belief encourages and promotes.


The Faith Of Abraham - Audio

We continue our series on Faith with our regular guest speaker, Roger S. Today we ll learn, from the story of Abraham, more about what an obedient faith looks like and what it requires. An obedient faith displays readiness and requires complete trust. An obedient faith also displays patience and requires a heavenly focus.


Jesus: The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Audio

While Jesus is the greatest gift given to God’s people, there are difficulties in receiving Him as our gift. The first involves accepting the Bible as being historical and Jesus as being God incarnate. The second involves our prideful expectation that similar to that of the first century Jews, God would send a deliverer who would save us from the sin of our world. Instead, Jesus comes to save us from our sin. When we by faith believe in what the New Testament says of Him and with humility...