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"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.

"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.
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"Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, chucks the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub and tucks you in for a safe, sound, good night's sleep.




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Still Pulling An All Nighter

I'm sitting here in my big, manly, black leather poppa chair in my living room ...and it's so comfortable. Not at all like the hard chairs and harsh fluorescent lights I remember from when I was doing the all night shows at WBZ and WNEW and WNBC. There were good things and bad things about being on the air all night. One of the bad things was there weren't many people listening, but one of the good things was that the people who were listening were really listening. It wasn't just some kind...

Duration: 00:15:01

Angels Again

Angela is a special lady. My Lady Wonder Wench and I have known her for a long time. I call her "Angels." She has a problem with the beast right now. She can use whatever prayers and/or positive power thoughts you can send her. Today's podcast will give you an idea of the funny way we met. "Angels" is a good, tough, Brooklyn lady. If anybody can beat the beast, it's Angels. Please help. She's special.

Duration: 00:16:30

Bunches Of Hunches

I'm guessing that just from the sound of my voice, you can tell where I'm recording this podcast. That's not a hunch, it's a guess. Because I've given you lots of hints over the years. There's a difference between a hunch and a guess. A guess has a lot of figuring out involved. A hunch just hits you. If I thought I had a shot at having my Lady Wonder Wench join me for a night of passion all those years ago based on the fact that she was smiling at me lot, twiddling with her hair, and...

Duration: 00:18:53

Exceptional Beats Perfect

I am sitting here in my exceptionally comfortable and manly black leather poppa chair in my living room. It now has a small streaky spot on the left arm rest where I spilled a little coffee a few mornings ago. So it is now exceptional as opposed to perfect. It's like lots of you who are listening to this podcast right now...many of you are also exceptional, but you're not perfect. And that's good. Because nobody is perfect, and you are not a nobody.

Duration: 00:14:22

My Lust Lion

I am once again sitting here in my big, manly, black leather poppa chair in my living room, and let me tell you it's a lot more comfortable than the seat at gate D15 at Philadelphia airport where I was stuck a few weeks ago because of another cancelled flight. I told you a few podcasts back that the airlines are screaming for pilots because 96% of American pilots are guys, and in the last 30 years, young guys have had a 52% drop in testosterone which as you know is a key ingredient in...

Duration: 00:15:54

Wind Your Watch

Please keep this podcast around for the next time you get so OUTRAGED that you're tempted to do something you'll regret. "Wind your watch" Mike said...between clenched teeth. Mike was my first flight instructor all those decades ago. His teeth were clenched because I had the plane stalled. It was pointed straight down and it was starting to spin, and I was reaching like a mad man for buttons and switches and pulling on levers...instead of THINKING. Mike was teaching me a pilot saying that...

Duration: 00:20:50

Getting Over Growing Up

I am sitting here in my big, manly, comfortable black leather poppa chair in my living room...enjoying the fact that I have gotten over GROWING UP. That's a surprising statement from a guy who spent most of his life fooling around on the radio. So what made me say it? I figured out a little test for how you can tell you're getting over growing up today, and I passed it. Here's what I mean. Can I open my own peanut butter jars? Yes. Do I really understand how my car is going to get through...

Duration: 00:16:47

Too Sexy For Studies

No, no, no, no. I do not believe this report from Harvard University. I'm trying hard not to fall out of my big, manly, black leather poppa chair while I'm laughing from reading this thing. This report says "Posting views on Facebook and other social media sites delivers a powerful reward to the brain similar to the pleasure from food and sex." No, no, no guys...that may be true...but only if you have food and sex while you're wearing your fully buttoned up, tight fitting white lab coat....

Duration: 00:15:31

Lower Reptillian Brain

My lower reptilian brain just went on maximum overload red alert, sitting here in my big, manly, black leather poppa chair in my living room. Actually my fanny is sitting here in the chair, it was my brain that just exploded. That happens fairly frequently when I watch the day's news on TV. It's the kicker stories at the end of the newscasts that get to me. Riots, threats of nuclear war, and another politician caught where his hand shouldn't be...maybe in a financial cookie jar, or on a...

Duration: 00:17:13

Sex and Your Airline Flight

My flight out of Philly just got cancelled, and I think the cancellation was caused by Sex. They claim it's due to mechanical problems, but I think the reason just might be sex. Lots of flights these days are cancelled because of sex. It has nothing to do with something going on in the bathroom of the pilot's lounge between the hunky pilot and a sexy flight attendant. It has to do with testosterone...or the lack of it. Testosterone is a key ingredient for guy-hood. And I think that might...

Duration: 00:17:57

Figuring Things Out

I'm sitting here in my big, manly, comfortable black leather poppa chair in my living room, trying to figure things out. Things like "Why is everybody always taking selfies these days?" Could it be that it's because nobody else is interested? What would be a completely safe security question? How about "What is the meaning of life?" If we're not supposed to have midnight snacks, how come a light comes on when you open the refrigerator door? Why should we want to save the planet? How about...

Duration: 00:13:29

Wassup Lawn Tractor & Piano Man

What happened when "Lawn Tractor Man" met "Piano Man"? Something happened. This podcast was done years ago. But it was by far the most downloaded podcast of all TODAY, and there are 558 podcasts in all. It has a story in it about NYC Police Detective Bill McGroaraty, who was a friend of mine until the bad guys got him. And there's a story about some chest thumping, sweat stained pride in having the fastest lawn tractor on the block. And there's also a story about two pilots and a woman...a...

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I am sitting here in my big, comfortable, manly black leather poppa chair in my living room, reading a newspaper. A NEWSPAPER. Do you remember reading a NEWSPAPER? And it's published by the AARP! I guess that explains why when I fill out an on line form it takes forever to scroll down to my birth year. And why I sometimes think 1997 was ten years ago. I have good memories from 1997. My phone plugged into the wall in 1997. And I used the dial up method of getting on the internet. It took a...

Duration: 00:16:03

Fortune Cookie Words

I like fortune cookie words. Break some words apart, like a fortune cookie, and sometimes you find interesting messages inside. The word "Politics" is a good example. Break it apart and you find "poli" which means many and "ticks" which refers to annoying little blood sucking bugs. Do politics ever annoy a bunch of little bugs crawling around on you...drinking your blood? I like sitting here in my big, comfortable, manly, black leather poppa chair in my living room, breaking...

Duration: 00:14:13

The Royal Order Of The Purple Shaft

Back in the day when there were daily duck and cover drills, when we practiced putting our school desks between us and thermo-nuclear distruction, there was a group of friends who called themselves, "The Royal Order Of The Purple Shaft." I was a charter member, along with John, Jerry, Frank, and Leo. We have all lost touch over the years. But a time warp ZAP! happened this week. John's daughter Jane sent me an email, and I think at least part of the Royal Order shall ride the shaft again....

Duration: 00:14:39

Who Do You Trust?

Who do you trust? I'm sitting here in my big, manly, comfortable black leather poppa chair in my living room, looking at one person in my life who I can trust, completely. My Lady Wonder Wench. She's in her pink bathrobe, with her left leg tucked up under her butt, and she's sticking out her tongue a little while she's squinting through a magnifying glass at a cross stitch pattern she's working on. I'm a lucky guy in lots of ways. There are several other friends and relatives in my life...

Duration: 00:15:32

You Can't Do Nothing

This just in from a big tourist company: "What vacationers want to do most on vacation is nothing." That's not big news to those of us who are members of the Louie Louie Generation. But...remember that Big Louie...the head guy of the Louie Louie Generation says in my book Staying Happy Healthy And Hot, available at Amazon dot com...shameless plug...Big Louie always says, "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want to do." And as usual, he's right. But not for the reason you...

Duration: 00:16:37

Non-Judgment Day

I like sitting by the window when my Lady and I go to Applebees for our regular Friday night dinner out. The window shade was down this Friday, so I pulled it back up so my Lady and I could watch the world outside spin around. We like to do that, because we like to watch the other people arriving for their Friday night dinners out. Are they holding hands? What's he doing with a girl as pretty as she is? Oh please don't bring that screaming kid in here. We had just started guessing what a...

Duration: 00:14:31

Shocked I Tell You

Sacred excrement. I knew this was going to happen eventually. But it knocked me right out of my big, manly, comfortable black leather poppa chair in my living room anyway. This just in...seriously: "A Vancouver Buildings Council has blocked the lease of a restaurant property to the fish-and-chips chain "Moby Dick" on the grounds that "Dick" is an offensive word. The restaurant chain says the name has "Literary significance" and does not refer to male genitalia. Dick is not an offensive...

Duration: 00:15:11

Gettiing Back In Whack

I Just came back from a quick trip to our favorite diner with my Lady Wonder Wench. It's in a college town nearby. I couldn't figure out what was going on. Out of 13 couples we saw, only one couple was holding hands. That seemed very much out of whack. My mind often jumps from one thing to another, so I started wondering what is this whack some of us are so often out of. And I got one answer when I sat down here in my big, manly, comfortable black leather poppa chair in my living room and...

Duration: 00:20:47

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