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Episode 7 - Witches, Apologetics, and Simulation, Oh My!

Grab the popcorn, heathens! We’re taking a look at one of the finest pieces of cinema that has graced the silver screen: God’s Not Dead 2. After catching up with our favorite teenage witch and her new life as an evangelist, we start a new weekly segment called “The Impossibility of Atheism,” where we respond to Inspired Walk’s “10 Questions An Atheist Can’t Answer.” We also swallow a red pill and follow a rabbit down the deep hole of the Simulation Argument. Hold on to your butts....

Duration: 00:59:37

Episode 6 - Dave's Tower of Babble

On this week’s episode, God tries his hand at photography but forgets the Rule of Thirds, Dave Daubenmire leaves the ministry to pursue his dream as a film critic, and Rosemary seems to have popped out a few more babies.

Duration: 01:22:22

Episode 5 - Babies 4 Satan

Rachel and Cody infiltrate the Illuminati during a masonic open house, Dave Daubenmire holds a blood drive for Satan, Reducetarians are the latest to feel the vegful wrath of the Vegans, and Millennials lose religion like it's a middle-class job.

Duration: 01:16:37

Episode 4 - Sexy, Sexy Star Wars

Rachel and Cody sit down to discuss bathroom etiquette and Lance Wallnau's Star Wars fantasies. Things get a little heavy when the conversation turns to "13 Reasons Why" and how the media is outraged at its portrayal of teenage depression and suicide.

Duration: 01:16:44

Episode 3 - Christ Cuisine

While Rachel and Cody differ on whether or not religion deserves a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, they unanimously agree that sexually assaulting is not a good characteristic, no matter what a Utah judge says. They also get a little hangry when Jim Bakker starts talking about his buckets.

Duration: 01:29:09

Episode 2 - Robots After Dark

On this episode, Rachel and Cody discuss the series finale of Girls. They then take a deep dive into the technological singularity and what artificial intelligence could mean for sex and the afterlife.

Duration: 01:28:31